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  1. Great write up and I agree with pretty much all your suggestions and sentiments. I feel like they're on the right track, but there are a few elements that need to be rethought and tweaked a good deal, while most others just need to find that proper balance, which isn't any small task either. I think one of the issues is that the interconnectedness of so much of the combat means that "fixing" or tweaking one area can have large ripple effects elsewhere. Reduce recovery on one area or stats of one weapon set and all of a sudden you've broken or nerfect something other there. So I hope they've al
  2. Thanks for the calculator, though I just realized my Nalpazca/Berserker is extremely redundant as Frenzy and Bloodlust suppress Coral Snuff, Potion of Deftness and Swift Strikes. So that's kind of waste. Why not simply reduce each stacked bonuses rather than suppress them outright? Frenzy and Bloodlust would stay at full bonus of +25% & +20% Action Speed respectively, but then divide Potion of Deftness by 2, Coral Snuff by 3 and Swift Strikes by 4 based on largest to smallest bonus. And once Potion of Deftness expires it shifts so Coral Snuff/2 and and Swift Strikes/3. Or some kin
  3. Silver lining for me at least, the current state of things might force me to actually learn to fully incorporate and utilize consumables and niche buffs in my play style, as I currently ignore 80% of it and my general course of action when finding myself in a tough fight is to brute force it with changing my tactics, ability use and enemy priority rather than using any kind of consumable or the like to make up for party deficiencies. I also hope changes to bombs and traps also give me cause to do use those more and to an actual meaningful effect. Purposefully building a Nalpazca type chara
  4. So am I correct to take away from this that in the main game we might expect Spell times to be diminished greatly based on gear and other buffs we have applied and then the opposite based on whatever Debuffs we or our enemies get hit with? So I should be looking to get Aloth and Xoti hooked on Coral Snuff?
  5. That's one thing I definitely disagree with. I do not like classless systems much at all, at least when it comes to party based games. FO 1/2 I love, but elsewhere like DOS not so much. You lose out on things when you go classes as everything has to work together. You're not going to get class types like Chanter or Cipher or Ranger and Druid and the like, at least not at all to the degree and depth you see here. Classless is a fundamentally different kind of system, to me it's like saying the game should be TB and not RTwP. If they want to explore that in a different game, sure that's
  6. Great write up and mostly I agree with your assessments. A few areas I want to highlight and expand on though. Overworld map is a mixed bag for me. I like the idea of it but I do not like the execution. Mostly in regards to the movement. I personally would have preferred something closer to what Tyranny did but more robust. The character icon and ship icons just look cheap and the way you control movement and how it looks feels bad. I know they're trying to recreate an actual table top feel with models, but it's just not there. Maybe try and make it a bit more like a pirate map version
  7. A Mage Slayer really should procc with more than just melee, ranged weapons at least. *I'm hoping* Yeah being able to open combat with dual pistols or the like to get a hit on any out of range magic user would be nice. It did feel wrong to have my character not use pistols in a high seas setting. Also looking at things Sabre/War Hammer actually looks to be the better combo than Hatchet/War Hammer, I lose out on +3 deflection by dropping the Hatchet, but my dmg output is a lot stronger with the Sabre.
  8. I've toyed with a number of builds throughout the Beta, mostly before the update, but the two I had the most fun with and completed all the content were: Rogue(Streetfighter)xBarbarian(Mage Slayer) - Crits for days - a bit squishy at times, but smart use of heals/second wind kept me alive the whole time and killing everything Monk(Nalpazka)xBarbarian(Mage Slayer) - coked out on Coral Snuff made this a crazy fast build who could hold their own, quite good but not as great as the other I know Mage Slayer is not well thought of but it served me quite well in the Beta due to Lagufaeth bei
  9. Kind of went nuts the other night messing with this and made around two dozen of mock ups just to see how easily I could get different portraits to work with this. Results were pretty good. Only a few just flat out did not work or required a lot more time than I was willing to put in. Would definitely go back and spend more time refining and touching up any I might end up using in the game just to make sure they're absolutely perfect, but overall these all turned out quite well. For most of these it took me way more time resizing and saving the image files of those I tested in game to the
  10. Having a bear of time with this portrait due to the background and super wispy hair. Been forever since I cropped and edited images in PS so I'm butchering it in the attempt. Original: Fullsize: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/7d/77/77/7d77777dbc27247bdb08800d202dbfe7.jpg My edits:
  11. Lack of physical space might very well be the biggest issue, yes. So how do we solve this? Increase the range of engagement for Unbroken/Shieldbearers? That would solve the issue of not just being unable to hold all those engagements, but also enemies just walking around the fighter with ease. Any downsides to that, besides it looking silly? Side note, I'm curious what your reason for being so vehemently against taunts is? If everything was exactly the same, but they just threw taunts on top of it, would that be acceptable? Please elaborate if not. A way to make use of all those engageme
  12. Those were fantastic. They could make for some interesting high level abilities for Singe Class Characters. Implementation is quite tough though give the whole multi-class/sub-class and character created party members aspect of the game. Way way more options and factors compared to Tyranny.
  13. Fair points. I definitely thought of that exact issue with regards to Block and Slash, as well as the fact that enemies show ability icons when they're about to use them, but I think if worked out right it could be a decent high risk, high reward ability for one of the Martial classes, which I think the game is lacking and could use more of. Similar to To the Death and Ring of Pain in that regard. Alternatively said Taunts could work so that they only effect enemies already engaged rather than pulling enemies into engagement. Aw, shucks. I like this a lot. Gives you that one
  14. Reading through various threads there seems to be a general feeling that several classes, if not most, are lacking in active and/or passive choices. And there's already a huge thread in regards to the loss and distribution of PoE's generic talent pool to only certain classes in Deadfire. Which Obsidian already plans to partially address in the next update with extending some of those back to everyone in the Proficiency menu. And it looks likes like Josh posted earlier today on Twitter that the next update will also remove spell restrictions for Priests and give them an extra bonus spell p
  15. I feel like giving front line classes some Taunt like and similar abilities would help with the engagement issue and with some of their rather paltry active ability trees. Fighter could get something like a Taunt cone AoE against Will that causes effect enemies to engage them, then for the next ~10 seconds they get a 50% dmg bonus to disengagement attacks. And/Or a single target Challenge that when successful locks target in engagement with the fighter for ~15 seconds or something like that. Paladin's could also have a modal like Zealous Aura that offers X% increase in maintaining engageme
  16. yet another brick in the anti-gun hegemony I feel like guns should do crush damage. Those giant lead balls pancake and mess stuff up big time. They're not exactly modern rifled bullets with jackets. Even if it's only like 50-75% dmg. You get hit with that wearing plate armor and you're going to have a mighty huge crater in that thing even if it doesn't fully penetrate.
  17. I have to say I dislike both bonuses to Culture and Job. I'd rather just get to choose to distribute both points. Like I get why a Job has associated skills, but I still don't like it as it almost always clashes with what I had want my character to be like so I feel like I'm wasting skill points then.
  18. Yeah I had this happen to me once on one of my earlier playthroughs. It looked like the resting menu kept the same foods that I had use before but despite still having those foods in my inventory and them appearing in a few character's slots they did not get healed.
  19. If I'm not mistaken the floor traps in Poko Kahara requires Perception 15 on the first floor and Perception 16 on the second floor to detect them. I think there's some magic traps in a hallway as well which require even higher Perception to detect, but none of my characters had higher than 16, so not sure what the requirement for those are. I feel like having points in Mechanics should also contribute to detection as well. Like every 2 or 3 points of Mechanics is equivalent to an extra point in Perception only for the purposes of detecting Traps. As currently the Perception requirements s
  20. Such a system would preserve the free-form character building of the first game through the "talent layer" without really touching the multiclassing system; multiclassing would then be an additional way to specialize your character, rather than a replacement for the prior game's freeform character building. The limited number of additional talents would also reduce the balance implications -- you're talking four non-weapon talents total over the life of your character, significantly fewer than in the first game. Edit: I should probably note that each individual class retains a lot of spe
  21. Josh prefer armor being about reducing damage received instead of being part of the total defense calculation (going by Fallout New Vegas and now POE). Although, technically they could just have a -/+XX% received damage of type Y on the armor and not bother with either AR vs Penetration or DR calculations. It's not a bad goal and one I'd normally be in favor of, but at this point it's starting to feel like maybe it's more trouble than it's worth. DR "worked" in PoE, but as Josh stated too many people incorrectly made assumptions based on DR ratings as it's not always a one to one situation
  22. What would be the major draw back to simply not having Penetration/Armor Rating or Damage Reduction from PoE and simply just having everything be controlled by Accuracy vs Defense? Armors could still have single digit ARs but behind the scenes that number would represent a fixed bonus to defense against the accuracy of an attack, rather than a check on the damage itself being dealt. So your Acc vs "Defense type X" + AR. You'd still be able to have dmg type based ARs like Crushing, Slashing, Piercing, Freezing, Burning, Shocking and Corrosion. But the final effect would always just be
  23. It's even worse considering that it's also visually emphasizing "wound equality" among all builds and classes. Doesn't matter if you're building a battle-hardened, scarred Coastal Aumaua or planning on roleplaying a support class-oriented Orlan who's never been in the thick of battle directly - both will go down when it hits that imaginary fourth red light. I think this is a good instance where having different degrees of severity to Injuries would be beneficial. Certain Classes/Sub-classes could have bonuses to Injuries allowing them to acquire more Injuries or further reducing the
  24. I'm kind of surprised Obsidian isn't employing an actual bug tracking website of some kind. I've seen some Early Access games in the past use them and they were quite nice at sorting things out and offering easy searching of already submitted bugs and being able to add comments or just escalate them to show how widespread the issue is. The Forum isn't terrible, but it's going to get pretty messy and redundant as time goes on.
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