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  1. True, but the player really wouldn't have to worry about that background stuff. That's just important for balancing and overall feel. In actual practice it would simply be I have X wound(s), is it enough to make me want to Rest and use up some of my rations and lose whatever resting bonus I currently have or are they minor enough to just ignore and let them heal on their own or deal with when something more serious happens. The current system doesn't really offer any nuance to it. Every character and every injury results in a 25% drop in health and other decently annoying penalty, no matt
  2. I would be in favor of the Overkill system. I've suggested creating a two tiered Injury system between Minor and Serious Injuries. Though with your proposal of self healing wounds the idea of Minor, Medium and Mortal is also a good idea. One issue with the Injury system that a few posters have brought up in the other threads is that it's universal and doesn't account for character class or type. You could argue that it does with regards to combat and the likelihood of said character getting knocked out in the first place, but that's pretty tenuous already and more importantly it ignores th
  3. Same, I don't mind it that much out in the open, but what is very jarring is when you spot enemies that are behind solid objects. This happens a bunch in the Poko Kahara ruins, where you'll spot enemies in a room adjacent to the one you're in but in terms of actual layout there's a solid wall between you and them and it is quite a ways away from you on foot.
  4. It's even worse considering that it's also visually emphasizing "wound equality" among all builds and classes. Doesn't matter if you're building a battle-hardened, scarred Coastal Aumaua or planning on roleplaying a support class-oriented Orlan who's never been in the thick of battle directly - both will go down when it hits that imaginary fourth red light. I think this is a good instance where having different degrees of severity to Injuries would be beneficial. Certain Classes/Sub-classes could have bonuses to Injuries allowing them to acquire more Injuries or further reducing the
  5. I have tried to visualize this, as it's easier to get a wider view: I think it's important to keep in mind that Pen-AR does affect not only our dps, but also the survivability of our "tanks". I've added a quick v2. But still thinking of all the pros and cons. Here how it looks: Btw, if you are interested in PoE1 situation (although there we could get a much lower PEN minus DR situations): This is very useful, thanks. Looking at the current setup and alternative takes on it I think a mix of the current stepped dmg variation and gradual variation would b
  6. I think the new system is a step in the right direction, but certainly in need of tuning and changes. The old Health/Endurance system worked, but it wasn't ever something I thought was a very good system. It was rather inelegant. Simplifying health to fixed conditions rather than a very large numerical scale makes more sense and is far easier to understand for your average player. I think it's also a potentially more accurate approximation of what it's trying to represent, ie the overall physical condition of your character. That said the Injury system needs more nuance and granularity to
  7. I have to say I like the new system but it could use some more depth and granularity to it. I'm in favor of having two tiers of wounds based on damage dealt to you as others have mentioned. Break them up into two types: Serious and Minor. Serious are how they currently work. If you get knocked out by a powerful attack you'll get a Serious Wound, lose 1/4 of you health and the 4th results in death. But if you get knocked out by a weak attack you only get a Minor Wound. These have a smaller penalty and carry no Health reduction on their own, but do in pairs, and require twice as many to get per
  8. I haven't seen these reported elsewhere so just in case I've noticed a few issues with the Quicksave/load system. 1. When entering a new zone the F8/Quickload feature does not work and an error message saying a Quicksave could not be found displays. The file still exists in the normal Save/Load menus, but not via F8. Quickload does work though if you return to the zone where the Quicksave was created or if you Quicksave again and don't move into a new zone. 2. Quickloading during battles can often sometimes resulted in the normal loading transition to be skipped, with a fraction of a s
  9. I noticed if I attack the good people of Tikawara the Mataru Warriors and a few of the major named NPCs, like Himuihi, will start to attack themselves. Most of the population will cower in fear but those brave souls who should be looking to attack me instead attack themselves till death in most cases. Sometimes they'll engage me once they see met at a distance like they should, but other times if they are in the midst of murdering themselves they won't engage me until I am within a meter of them and even though they do engage me they'll sometimes still only do damage to themselves. A few times
  10. Upon loading an autosave created when entering the Beach location near Tikawara my animal companion is duplicated. The duplicate animal is not selectable, controllable or anything, but will follow my character and take part in combat along with the normal companion. The duplicate does no persist when loading into a new zone. Screenshot, ouput log and autosave in question attached: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bebpg6t2zkjk26o/Companion%20Duplication.zip?dl=0 Edit: I was able to recreate this by going back to an earlier save and re-entering the Beach area. Upon entering the Beach the firs
  11. I think a mixed approach may be best. In DAO the slower animations were quite odd and unnatural for larger weapons. Swinging a giant two handed sword in real life isn't some slow process, it takes a bit to build momentum but once that's done that sword is really cruising, not languishing through the air the whole time like you're in slow-mo. But it is a viable way to handle balancing without using arbitrary wait times between attacks like PoE does. To mitigate that unnatural aspect of slowed animations it might be worthwhile to then just employ both methods to reduce the weirdness of both
  12. I'm not really put off by the lack of Talents as they were in PoE on paper, though I've yet to experience it in action, but if they were to reintroduce them in some fashion I think I would prefer something a bit more substantial and meaningful for Deadfire. I understand the desire for more numerous and smaller incremental augmentations that can help reshape and make single class characters, especially, more unique, but I'd personally prefer something akin to FO1/2 Perks. A more infrequent choice that carries a more substantial impact on your character. Such infrequency can potentially all
  13. I collected a bunch of custom portraits early on just cause I like option but now that I'm set playing an Orlan I'm stuck with whatever portraits the game comes with since there really aren't any suitable alternatives out there, and from what I've seen none of them really light my fire. They're not bad by any means, they're all quite good, but none of them stick out to me as my character.
  14. Thanks for the input. I'm leaning a lot more towards the reduced CON to bump up PER and RES and so Interrupting Blows looks a lot better. As does Coordinated Positioning over Adept Evasion. 2x per encounter means that could be really useful for putting my Rogue into position to get those Flanking bonuses and getting next to ally targets to really bring the pain. And since I should be focusing on not getting hit it's a bit silly to have a Passive that's only useful in that scenario. At least with Coordinated Positioning I can potentially use that to get away from an unwanted attacker as well as
  15. I haven't actually played the beta, but I've been watching a lot of vids and scouring the wikia and I came up with what I'd like to play. Hearth Orlan Dual Wielding Rogue: Armed with two Stilettos for fast attacks that bypass DR, along with a Pistol for opening combat with major Dmg. Attributes: Might: 17 Con: 9(4?) Dex: 18 Per: 16(18?) Int: 3 Res: 15(18?) Talents: Vulnerable Attack: +5 DR bypass on top of the +3 from the Stilettos makes for decent DR bypass. Also results in -20% Melee Attack Speed which should be negligible. Two Weapon Style: +20% Melee Attack Speed, wh
  16. Talents on Even levels and Abilities on Odd levels. So 6 of each since the level cap is 12. But apparently some Talents can be gained via quest and NPC interactions, so you'll likely end up with more than 6. As for Skill points I think you gain 6 every level.
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