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  1. VO is only as good as the writing. Sure some people just don't like it, that's fine everyone has preferences, but for most people if you're skipping through voiced dialogue before it's done it's likely because of one or more of three reasons: the VO is not good, the content is not good or the prose is not good. Good VO adds greater character, nuance and emotion to a conversation. It can be as compelling and useful as any other audio/visual technique to help enrich the experience and introduce additional layers to an interaction or event. When a game has good VO I love to just sit back and
  2. It would be a very strong selling point if they could say everything was voiced, but it is a pretty substantial investment. Kind of hope the positive reception over D:OS2 being fully voiced pushed Obsidian to do the same. That said I would be thrilled if everything but Tasks and random dialogues were fully voiced; all companion/sidekick dialogue, all main and side quest dialogue. That alone would be a huge improvement.
  3. I now expect story book sex scenes that feature woodcut art and skill checks. So... No more constitution dumping? Nobody likes a two pump chump. Nah in that case better hope you buffed your Alchemy or Slight of Hand at least...
  4. I now expect story book sex scenes that feature woodcut art and skill checks.
  5. You gotta do what you gotta do. One month isn't a huge amount of time, but likely time enough to square away some nagging issues with balance and bugs. If that means getting another Beta out to field player feedback great, but if not I'm fine with them just spending the time doing things internally and just providing us with some streams.
  6. I generally hate actual crafting systems where you can actually craft weapons and armor, along with enhancements, as they tend to just ruin itemization and real unique items and they usually become huge distractions with little real payoff for the rest of the game. I vastly prefer upgrade/enhancement systems. PoE was on the right track in this regard but the execution left a lot to be desired. I have to say I rather liked Tyranny's crafting system due to its simplicity of material requirements even if it lacked the ability further enhance and augment items like PoE did with Lashings, Slay
  7. It could be that but not likely. That Book Cipher is simply ignoring the letters and using the numbers to pull the corresponding word from the Bestiary Text. So the 6th word in the Imp text is They. And the 6th and 2nd words in the Rathun bestiary text are Pillagers Rathun. And so on.
  8. Honestly can't see a single difference in the Maia Rua portrait. Pallegina is totally different from the actual Deadfire portrait but kind of feels more inline with her PoE portrait. I could take it or leave it. Xoti and Ydwin are crazy glammed up and distracting though.
  9. A good point, but I think this also entirely depends on the approach that is taken. Depending on that Empower could need a boost or a nerf. Right now players will have what 5 or 6 Per-Rest Empowers by end game. If you can balance it so that the average player by end game gets 1-2 Combat Generated Empowers per average encounter and then power gamers who really build a character around RES getting maybe 3 or 4, if they're lucky, that's not a huge difference as right now all it takes is a simple rest to get back to max Empowers. Same for stocking rules, do you put a cap on Combat Generated Empowe
  10. Ideally it would balanced so that there is no standing Empower pool that is per rest. It would simply reset at end of every engagement and start over at the start of the next. If they were to keep the current Empower system in some form in addition to a bonus Empower that charges up in combat then that should be a separate resource to prevent that kind of gaming the system. Simplest way would be to just embed the timer in the current Empower slot, have a background color that slowly fills up the frame and when fully charged changes the color of the Empower star to something else, mayb
  11. For the countdown to Empower idea why not make it a two factor calculation. Start with a baseline of 25 seconds from start of combat at Power Level 1, Resolve 10. For each point of Resolve under/over 10 you add/subtract from the baseline by a flat .5 seconds and then for each Power Level over 1 you apply a further 5% reduction. So ((25 - RES) x (1-PL%)) = Final Countdown. This way even at 40 RES and PL 9 you'd still have 6 seconds between the start of combat and gaining your first Empower, at baseline 30 it would be 9 seconds. Heck even at a baseline of 20 seconds there would sti
  12. Well, combined with expanding the Injury system so that Minor Injuries could be acquired relatively frequently through normal combat via Crits would certainly provide ample reason to rest, while also hopefully making it so that resting is seen more as a more strategic action rather than a reflexive one when an Injury is acquired as it kind of is right now. Personally I'd also be in favor of no inherent Empower charges, just built up when in combat. At most I'd say give one every 10 levels. So at level 20 players would have 3 inherently, recouped by resting. Then have the normal Empower ch
  13. I think thematically this makes a lot of sense, my only concern would be is this too complicated. I think you can reach a certain point where Attributes have too many effects, and while quite complimentary, it might become overwhelming both when selecting them and when trying to evaluate their impact for players to juggle the pros and cons in their minds. I think this definitely toes the line between intuitive and too much. That's partly why I've only focused on RES in relation to expanding the Injuries. But I would certainly like to see it in practice to tell for sure. How the UI and info
  14. Wholeheartedly agree on that. I think ultimately it becomes of an issue of implementation for a lot of these suggested mechanics, as the implications they introduce can be complicated and far reaching, which ultimately makes them unrealistic. RES influencing Inspiration/Affliction could work, sounds good, but the time do get it right might be more than they have at the moment and/or the lift to do it right might mean changing up too many other systems which is no good. I think that's the biggest hurdle for my pet approach of expanding the Injury system and linking RES to that. I thi
  15. It really shouldn't be. It was reported by Josh (and it is true in beta) that conversation checks refering to attributes are fairly rare. Game tends to checks skills (athletics, deplomacy, bluff, intimidation etc.) more often now. Poor, poor Resolve. Can't say that's a bad change at all.
  16. From a RPing standpoint as well Resolve still was one of the most important stats when it came to Dialogue in PoE, with the most checks out of all Attributes and I think often some of the highest. And I'm willing to bet the same will likely hold true in Deadfire. I still favor my Injury expansion idea, but at this stage in the game it's likely far too large a change to properly implement and test in such a short amount of time. As well as implications I haven't thought of at all that might kill it. Which is probably true for a lot of these other suggestions. I think right now the best thin
  17. I like this in theory as it seems the most fitting for Resolve in a RPing sense, but I'm not sure it would work out in the end. Practically speaking affecting the bonus/malus of Inspirations/Afflictions appears problematic. How do you scale an Attribute to effect a +/-5 in X Attribute effect with an single point increment that scales from 3-20? You can't scale it one to one and while you could scale every other or more points that would make in between points in Resolve feel wasted, even if it also affected duration. Affecting the duration is easy and seems most practical/reasonable, but t
  18. I really don't like the Resolve/Empower idea as well as it basically offers the player nothing actionable or substantive to interact and engage with. It's a thing that exists out there and that may or may not trigger to their benefit or detriment with little influence from them and very little impact on the rest of the game. It doesn't add any real depth or nuance to combat and the overall experience, it simply exists to try and bolster Resolve as an Attribute which lacks purpose and to try to improve the Empower mechanic, which it doesn't actually have anything to do with. As I've posted in t
  19. This feels like a very gimmicky random chance that has very little interesting gameplay implications or mechanics for players to really influence or interact with in on any meaningful level as a last ditch effort to make Empower and Resolve have some kind of weight and relevance in the game. Pulling what I posted in one of the other dozen Resolve threads: I would prefer to instead revamp the Injury system and have Resolve directly impact that to add more depth and Risk/Reward to it as a staple of combat. Have two degrees of Injuries: Major and Minor. Major would function as the current
  20. I still would like to see Injuries changed up a bit with then Resolve playing into that. Have two degrees of Injuries: Major and Minor. Major would function as the current injuries do now, but the only change would be they can only be healed by staying at an Inn, not just resting with food. Acquire 4 of them and you die. Then you would have Minor injuries which inflict smaller penalties. You would be able to acquire 8 of them before perma death. They could be healed via resting/food, but the big difference is that Minor Injuries could be acquired via normal combat, and not just from Knocko
  21. I've been enjoying the beta quite a bit since it came out. It felt off at first but since then I've gotten used to it and familiar with it's flow and mechanics and on top of the tweaks to things I've found it to be very satisfying to play and I'm now mostly positive about the changes and direction of things, but there's still a lot that can and needs to be done before release. I think there is still a good deal of balancing/tweaking that still needs to be done, better transparency and communication of abilities and systems and some potential additional support systems that may be needed to
  22. I think the simplest and most straightforward solution to this stacking issue is to just let everything stack. Keep the current framework of all Passives and the Highest Active buff stacks but then simply apply a fraction of the remaining active bonuses. Either by average or individual fractions of each based on rank of highest to lowest. So: 2nd Highest divide by 2 3rd Highest divide by 3 etc etc The rules as they are right now are "clear" enough on paper, Highest Active and any Passives stack, but in practice the UI when leveling up and selecting abilities as well as the diplay o
  23. I'm fine with it. It's a more elegant way of presenting these requirements with a mild degree of familiarization required upfront. I think once you are a few hours into the game proper it won't be that confusing. Just messing in the Beta and doing my best to skip over the dialogue I've come to recognize more than a few at a glance without needing the tooltip to reference it.
  24. I'm fine with the current recovery of weapons as there are a lot of means to counteract that in the builds I've been playing, but I know that's not the case of every class and every build type. And even for the build I've been messing with there could be more ways to mitigate that if not for the Stacking rules. I think keeping the relative baseline speed of combat as is would be fine if they then made the use of Modals, Passives, Drugs, Potions, Buffs, etc more integral to the experience and strategy of the game to overcome that, which it somewhat feels is the intention. But as it stands
  25. Weapon Proficiencies/Modals are kind of bonkers in their current state. We will have a total of 8 of them by lvl 19, save for Devoted. That's beyond excessive given the current setup we have, not even taking into account the actual usefulness of the Modals themselves which is quite dubious and potential stacking conflicts. I feel like it would be way more beneficial if each Proficiency had Ranks to it rather than being a one off. Each rank could improve the effectiveness of the Modal it provides, the current Modals could stay as they are for Rank 1, but each subsequent Rank would decrease the
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