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  1. Uh, no, that's not how that works. Recovery time in real-time means that some units attack more frequently than others. This is not the case in turn-based mode, meaning that any units who would previously have had a high recovery time that would've permitted the other side to attack multiple times before they attacked once is put onto an even playing field with units that previously outspeeded them by a significant margin. This is common sense dude, it's not hard to figure out. In turn-based, as compared to real-time, slow characters are essentially getting attacks for free because they a
  2. Which is why I said "as". Dumping dexterity has next to no impact on combat at all, arenas and ranges are too small for the pitiful loss in stride (someone with 4 Dex can still move 11m, lol) to make any difference and Initiative is only situationally useful. Resolve is a lot more useful because having longer status effects on you makes a marked difference in combat, and Deflection is the best defense in most situations. I'm not saying it isn't a dump stat, but that's more because increasing the other stats provides more benefits than keeping your Resolve up. Moreover, it's the only real dump
  3. I don't know what game you're playing, but Deadfire is an extremely balanced game in RTWP, and your examples do not in any way prove otherwise. Resolve may be a dump stat, but it's nowhere near as severe a dump stat as Dexterity (which you can dump completely with no consequence) or even itself (both attributes which are reliant on duration are worse, not to mention that low defenses don't mean as much because you aren't being attacked nearly as much) in Turn-Based Mode. And well... that's the only substantive point you made to that effect so there's not much else to argue against. Regard
  4. Honestly, I think the better idea would've been to make the combat system CTB-based rather than Initiative-based, because Pillars gameplay style would've far more directly adapted to such a system. Pillars mechanics were never designed around every person getting one action per round like in this tabletop-inspired Initiative system, each action is supposed to have a certain speed and incur a certain level of recovery time. You can do this in a CTB, so the effects of Pillars attributes wouldn't have to change and they would all be directly scalable in the same way they were in real-time. Higher
  5. While I can't compare to how it was before, as this patch was the first time I played it, it's just not very good. That's not to say it isn't enjoyable, it benefits from many of the strengths that Pillars of Eternity II already has as a game, but it also undermines many of those strengths with the mechanical approach it decided to take. The attribute system is way more rigid than a Pillars attribute system should be, focusing the system around min-maxing alike to other games. You're almost completely limited to one action per turn (since there's no AP system or ability to trade your movement f
  6. Well I'm still not entirely sure how it works, but because duration is measured by rounds, the "ability duration" aspect of Int only seems to be effective if you can hit the break point to make an effect last another round (which takes about 20+ for most abilities). It doesn't seem to be able to make an ability last partially into the next round from what I can tell, and so anyone who doesn't use a lot of AOEs doesn't really need it.
  7. I'll be back the day after tomorrow to respond to the whole (places to be), but for these two points in particular... Literally all you need to do is read my initial reply, wherin I very specifically note multiple examples of both of these things.
  8. Why would I be anything but consistent on what I believe to be true? And why would I do anything less than call people out for unreasonable, dishonest, untrue, immature, and otherwise silly behavior? I prefer discussion which is intellectually honest, with a clear division established between personal preference and objective analysis. I find it distasteful when people either conflate the two or pretend their opinion should be treated like the latter despite being infested by the former, and otherwise express that they feel the world should conform to their taste irregardless of the perspectiv
  9. That's a nice wall of lies you've got there, I'm not going to dignify it with a response.
  10. Personal opinion? Every substantive point I put up there is backed by a significant amount of evidence, which I just divulged when asked about the topic. Also, it's a little rich for you to use "personal opinion" as a criticism when you think YOUR personal opinion should shape the kind of games an entire studio makes, rather than what brings them financial success (you literally just said that POE should die as a series rather than be recontextualized into a more popular format, can't really buy you as an actual fan at that point). And you never tried to have a conversation in the first place
  11. Um, the only thing I went on a "tirade" on was your advancement of total misinformation about a game you fundamentally do not understand. I don't care whether you like or dislike the game, but your post was factually inaccurate and based on total ignorance of the topic you were talking about. This isn't about "controlling the narrative", it's about intellectual honesty. If you don't want to be criticized, don't say things which are obviously wrong to anyone who actually knows what they're talking about. And I'll write a "wall" whenever what you say is substantive enough to justify it.
  12. That's another element to the mechanic which I'm very glad you brought up. My arguments have mostly been focused on why it's an unsatisfying system for the target, but it's also a very irritating system for the attacker. You should try that penetration overhaul I mentioned, it scales underpen more slowly.
  13. It OBJECTIVELY makes armor LESS important in several situations (that's like... the entire problem), it actually DOESN'T make the player use a variety of weapons (only ALLOWS it, which is a very important distinction), as I've already pointed out it has almost nothing to do with the degradation introduced by Abydon's Challenge, and as far as making designing encounters "better"... what is that even supposed to mean? Are you saying you think it makes encounter design easier for the developers or something? If so, sure, that's an opinion that at least makes sense (though I shouldn't have to make
  14. All of the top most popular strategy games are turn-based. XCOM, Fire Emblem, Civilization, etc. In addition ever since the CRPG revival, the most financially successful game (Divinity Original Sin) is turn-based, and it has had two entries to prove the endurance of that formula (not to mention continues to sell like hotcakes,). More importantly, if Obsidian didn't also believe it to be a financially successful formula (and they have access to a lot more consumer data than any of us filthy casual analysts ever would), it wouldn't be a post-launch addition in Deadfire. There's also ju
  15. But you have yet to name a single substantive reason why Pen makes the game that way, wheras I've contributed several reasons why it doesn't. And that is unsurprising because as I've already said, Penetration is not responsible for the excellence of POE2's combat. It certainly doesn't make it more "dynamic". In fact, it does exactly the opposite. It makes the combat more predictable and readable, which is exactly what the mechanic was created to do. And while it isn't exactly DR, the penetration overhaul I've already referenced multiple times already shifts things back towards a DR-like system
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