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  1. I also felt like the combat speed was too fast. I don't like having to quickly pause the game in a split second in order to react to a new debuf or enemy action, that makes the game twitchy instead of tactical.
  2. Se each one of these grants +1 to an attribute, which you can simply adjust for in the previous screen of the character creation flow. E.G. I want my char to be from the White that Wends, which grants +1 perception, which I don't need, so I just press back, set my perception to 9 (which will be 10 after I select my culture), and move my attribute point to whichever attribute I happen to need. I never liked culture bonuses because they force me to make a decision between my stats and bonuses and the dialog I will get when playing the game. The system in deadfire solves this problem,
  3. Whoa. I quite like this new tier system. Might be less confusing than before, given that now we can at least have a chart explaining each one and their relationship with each other. I am looking forward to seeing how it plays, and curious about "inspirations" for each attribute as well.
  4. I, unfortunately, don't have repro steps. Sorry. After seeing this one of my companions was stuck in a casting animation until I reloaded, but seems like that is another side effect of the PostAttackMessage routine, rather than the root cause. Also, I have a save file, but I haven't been able to repro even from that save. My screenshot keeps failing to upload, but you can see it here: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/872998703449423192/9DB727653A70C9385696EF11899D7EEA01B307C6/
  5. Sorry for the noise, devs, but why do you need this? Can't this be done using some sort of static analysis on your string resources using a linter? I mean, the fact that those strings are numbered leads me to think you already have unique resource IDs for them. Or is it maybe because you have no way of finding out which string resources are visible in beta content vs unreleased features? If so...then is the purpose of this thread just to prioritize the writing of those? If so, isn't that also solvable using analytics, like, logging string not found events and upload them in batches? W
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