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  1. I encountered the same problem with some additional Xaurip-like creatures later in the game (output log below). Updating my drivers does not seem to have solved the issue. output_log.txt
  2. Description: Upon killing a Xaurip High Priest, the game freezes and ultimately crashes to desktop. I have experienced this bug outside Poko Kahara and with the Lord Admiral Imp's party in Queen's Berth. I don't think other types of Xaurips trigger the crash. As an experiment, I killed only the leftmost Xaurip champion (or maybe it was a skirmisher) outside Poko Kahara but left the rest of the pod alone. The game did not crash. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: (1) Find one of these two Xaurip parties; (2) Kill the high priests. EDIT: WELP, it might be more complicated than that. After reprodu
  3. Fighter works well because you get extra survivability and accuracy (and more, if you go devoted). Paladin also has complementary abilities.
  4. I finished a run of Beta 4 last night. My general thoughts: + Combat Speed Slider: the interface is fiddly, but this is a god-send. The slowest setting makes the action much more legible for me. It's almost like playing a semi-turn based game like Grandia or something. I imagine the faster settings are just as much a relief for people who hate waiting for things to happen. + Graphics/performance: this is a beautiful-looking game. I can't wait to see more of the world. + Single-class buffs: the extra ability point makes a world of difference. In other builds, multiclassing was more
  5. It depends what the ability progression looks like at higher levels. For the levels we see in the beta, this seems workable to me. The abilities you get at level 7/8 aren't that much more powerful, and the actives are still limited by your power source or spell allotment and the fact that many of them have lower-level pre-reqs. It might not take many tweaks to ensure that a character who takes, say, the full 2 abilities at Power Level 3 is not strictly worse than a character who holds off and doubles up on the "better" abilities at power level 4. But in the end it's probably easier to cont
  6. +1 I'm on classic. The titan itself is not an issue. He spends the entire fight blinded and exposed and stripped of armor and deflection. But then four blights spawn and wipe my party within seconds. On my second try, I did maneuver my characters away from the blights, but not nearly far enough, it seems. Guess I'll have to try this kiting plan.
  7. I am interested in the idea of characters building up empower during combat, with Resolve affecting the rate of growth. If you start at zero, then you limit the potential for alpha strike problems and get off per-rest, which is a bit of an awkward fit for a game that has broadly embraced a per encounter design.
  8. Well, I have to admit I hadn't considered those downsides to resolve reducing hostile durations. I'm persuaded that, at the very least, it's not something worth trying to implement in the month leading up to launch. I've needed to remind myself that even though POE1 Resolve was a dump stat for many characters, that just wasn't a big problem for the game. Not only was POE still fun, but I think if you polled the community about the game as a whole, buffing resolve would not have been a top five request. Which is not to say I wouldn't be excited about a Resolve solution. But a simple reversi
  9. One suggestion someone made on another site was to have Resolve decrease the duration of afflictions. I like it because it's simple, on-theme, and attractive to all classes. I don't know whether it would run into any of the same issues that made the concentration-related change unworkable. Nor did I follow previous Resolve discussions closely enough to know whether this idea was already raised and problems were identified. Another idea I had was for Resolve to mitigate the effects of injuries, but I'm skeptical that would help the stat if (as seems likely) the game ends up in a place where
  10. I don't know how to evaluate the ship encounters until I know how they fit into the broader sailing system. The updates Josh has discussed (removing the full sail/half sail distinction, tweaking jibe, adding options to flee or "close to board") all seem like positive steps. But supposing you actually want to try trading volleys, it doesn't seem like the framework supports fun, tactical battles. It needs another dimension or two. Maybe that comes in when you can actually select cannons and crew members. Idk. I can see a bit of the FTL influence in how you order crew members to report to differe
  11. The appeal is that it has some of the better party-based combat this side of Divinity: Original Sin. But then I generally prefer TB to RTwP.
  12. I wonder about this. The penetration and proficiency mechanics both seem designed with the idea that players would comfortably switch between weapons, but if it turns out many players don't like pausing to check penetration for each party member and each enemy and/or don't like switching from a preferred weapon, then those mechanics become something of a dead weight. Going back to the change from DR to pen, I believe Josh said that POE players found DR mushy or unclear about what damage types were appropriate. But what if they just didn't like reviewing the numbers? Penetration may be a little
  13. Best + Improved reactivity: even in this relatively small area of the game, there are a wide range of dialogue options based on race, origin, class, and skills. This is tremendously encouraging. + AI scripting: I admit that this was not a priority for me during the crowdfunding campaign, but it's a very cool feature, and I've enjoyed my experiments with it. I can't wait for someone to send me improvements on my garbage scripts. + Subclasses: these are fun, and I appreciate Obsidian giving multiple options for every class. Worst - Rules communication: Taking a step back, the
  14. Again. I simply beg to differ. And has nothing to do with my point. A Minsc or Dorn is a much easier, straight forward build in BG. It isn't impossible in PoE, but it is a more complex issue. Joe It isn't complex at all, you pump 3 stats and ignore the rest in either case. You are literally complaining about having options here as opposed to your knowledge you acquired in D&D. No it is not that simple because of how PoE has balanced out the dynamics of the stats, never mind you can't _just_ pump all three stats enough to get to a Dorn or Minsc character. First you h
  15. Like you, I don't really go in for the serious number crunching. I'm glad others do. Because if they and Obsidian can get the subtler elements to the point where they don't imbalance the game for casual players (on every difficulty level), then I'm basically fine with it all staying inaccessible to me. A dagger can secretly be better than a sword for X build as long as I, the naive player who looks at the rules and (reasonably) thinks a sword is a good fit for X, can pick one up and feel like it's powerful and works as intended.
  16. I think the challenge of optimizing a build in POE is partly a byproduct of something POE does well -- the attributes are (generally) useful for any character and so a huge variety of builds are "good" in the sense of being viable. I also think you may be overrating how straightforward optimizing was in the IE games. If you're a first-time player with no detailed knowledge of the game mechanics, how do you know what amount of DEX is "good enough" for a fighter? How do you know how far you can drop your mage's CON? (never mind advanced questions like "when should you dual class?"). I'm not
  17. I think Deadfire's combat is, on the whole, more accessible for new players, but it's a small difference because the changes are a mixed bag and the game does not make a dent in the biggest obstacle -- communicating information to players. I'll start with the streamlining choices that seem to have worked. Five-person parties are clearer and easier to manage without sacrificing too much tactical depth. Getting rid of per-rest abilities probably is helpful for people not schooled in vancian casting. Dropping the health/endurance split is simpler (even if I liked that mechanic). And inspirati
  18. I'm not wild about the modals. POE weapons already have distinguishing properties (e.g., base damage, damage type, speed, interrupt, and bonuses like reach, split damage, better crits, etc.). And those are plenty for the player to consider when picking weapons for a particular build. You don't really want an additional layer of, "does this have a good modal or not?" Which is probably part of the reason why many modals seem low-value. But the fact that they're low-value and common also makes them feel insubstantial as a way of defining your character. I guess the upside is that there's less of
  19. I think you are underrating Beguiler a bit. Whisper of Treason is very powerful for a 10 focus ability. You can open just about every battle in the beta by charming one of the enemies (an effect that will last well well beyond the decisive phase of the fight). It's cheap enough to charm two enemies and still gain enough focus to unleash mental binding or mindblades (if you're into that sort of thing). Sluggish focus gain matters less when all a character needs to do is spam 10- or 20-focus abilities. Granted, this build is a one-trick pony. Fights with resistant enemies (or ones that can s
  20. I have no strong feelings about this, but the suggestion makes sense, so if other people do feel strongly about it, I'm all for them getting their way. I agree with this. I sort of share this intuition that background fits with sex and race as, well, background biographical information before you get to the sharp end of character creation, but because background choice does give an attribute bonus, I think it helps to know what those attributes are and what they do first. So I'm fine with the current arrangement. I may be singing a different tune when I h
  21. I think playing specific characters' functions (whether visualized as a card or not) is an odd fit for naval combat, which tends to de-emphasize individual heroics. That doesn't mean you couldn't make a fun system out it. And there are obvious advantages to sailors having unique traits. Finding and recruiting them becomes a pleasure rather than the rote task of pulling the next person off the menu and training him/her up. But I think the benefits you see in a card-like system (quick but tactical; dynamic; makes individual crew members more interesting) are achievable within the current framew
  22. You don't need a card-based system to improve on the knife-throwing game (ship combat is already better than knife throwing and still has plenty of room for improvement within the text-based approach). And I don't think cards would be on theme for how Deadfire handles physical events involving your characters. It's really hard to judge Obsidian's concept for naval combat without seeing how it fits into the full game. If it's a neat extra thing you can do (or not do), then I think they're reasonably close to a good system. If, however, encounters are a regular part of exploring or you need
  23. At the risk of bringing the truly trivial into the this thread, I continue to be baffled by the qualifier icons in dialogue. Why put the player through the extra work of hovering over the icon to learn that a dove is benevolent and not diplomacy, a scroll is diplomacy and not history, and this type of head means insight while that kind of head means intelligence? Maybe there's a technical or aesthetic reason I'm missing. It's not a big deal -- if it bugs me so much, I can turn off the dialogue tags and embrace role-playing. But it strikes me as a weird change to a convention (just spelling out
  24. The pace actually feels good to me now (I sense I'm a bit of an outlier here). Recovery times were closer to "okay, I see that you are in recovery, and I can turn my attention elsewhere for a moment" than "foot-tapping while I wait for you to please god swing your sword again." EDIT: As you can probably guess, I'm a slow mode person. So I would be more than happy with a tradeoff that involved reduced recovery for the return of slow mode.
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