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  1. I would have preferred it if the rates stayed the same outside of combat, and the athletics skill only lowered fatigue gain in combat. Would have simply made more sense in my opinion and gone a long way to increase immersion. No matter how fit you are, you're not gonna go two days straight without sleep and be any good in a fight.
  2. My main character and two companions are permanently blinded it seems. I'm pretty sure they got it at some point in Cliaban Rilag and I have since traveled to the stronghold and rested. That's when I realized the status effect wasn't going away. Is there a fix coming for this? Or is my best bet to reload an earlier save (and hope I don't lose too many hours)? Or is it simply a UI big with no actual effect on the characters? I looked around but couldn't see any actual negative stat effects, but I only took a quick look mind you.
  3. I absolutely love the music. Especially the track in Defiance Bay. Great work.
  4. If there has to be a Kickstarter, I vote more Pillars. But I'd rather they fund it themselves or find a publisher that lets then do their thing. Not that I wouldn't want to donate again (I wouldn't think twice) but because I would prefer avoiding the downsides of crowdfunding for their next project.
  5. That sucks. Sensuki was the dude who spent a ****load of time betaing PoE and if he walked away that doesn't look too good, Or it looks like he would never have been happy with the game from the start. I've been lurking the forums since the beta was released and while I think he did a great job finding bugs, I rarely agreed with the changes he pushed for mechanic-wise. That he doesn't even give the game a chance before modding the **** out of it and then leaves it completely out of frustration only tells me he made his mind up a long time ago.
  6. I think that can be part of the fun though. In real life you can never be sure that what you say comes across as intended, and you can never known what kind of reputation you build for yourself through your actions. Everyone has a different way of perceiving things.
  7. I have them off, along with personality traits. I don't want to metagame but simply decide on a character and go with it. I pick the conversation options that feel relevant for that character.
  8. I hated pre-buffing and I'm glad to see it gone. With it, you'd have to expect when a challenging fight would happen, since they would be balanced around you buffing your party. And it would force you into trial and error situations, where you always have to feel a fight out to know what buffs you need.
  9. It gives you the freedom to stealth past enemies completely if you want to. Which is the whole essence of a good rpg - the freedom to play it your way without feeling gimped. Every mechanic in the game isn't meant to help you metagame it.
  10. The game is great, I wish I could have donated more and gotten a physical copy. And it certainly makes for a promising future for Obsidian and gaming in general. If it's one thing I've learned about gaming, music and film over the years it's to trust my gut, find out for myself wether I'll like something or not and pretty much not read much into what people post online and avoid reviews in general. Oh, and I wonder how many people get confused about this poll. You ask one question in the thread title, then kinda turn it around in the poll. I for one almost clicked one of the "yes" options before I took a closer look
  11. I've had Aloth die a few times in a fight now because an enemy archer seems to be able to see him and shoot him through walls. He is at very low health when the fight starts, so the archer goes for him right away. And even when I leave him way at the back, and moving him into another room, the results are the same. Not sure if this particular fight is bugged (it's against a few Skaen cultists in the temple below Dyrford Village) or if this is intended behavior. I haven't seen this happen before, but I haven't actually been in a situation where I try to leave someone out of harms way before either. I tried attaching a screenshot for reference, but it doesn't seem to work (it's under the 1mb size limit).
  12. I like the system as it is. Sure, individual stealth would be great, but I don't particularly miss it. I can still send one guy out to scout ahead. Doesn't matter if the rest of the group goes into sneak mode too. And I don't mind moving slowly when scouting. I mainly use fast mode when back-tracking or scouting out an area I already explored for hidden objects. No one is forcing you to play in fast mode. Not Obsidian's fault you're impatient
  13. I think the majority of fans were busy playing the game and not getting worked up over something that doesn't affect them in the slightest. But if you have actual hard numbers, go ahead and post them. And I certainly am not "siding" with that person. I appreciate Obsidian being mature and thoughtful about the whole thing. And I doubt Obsidian are "siding" with anyone, they're making a decision on what content they want in their game. Which is completely within their right.
  14. "Social Justice" began as the name of an anti-semite publication in the 1920s US. Coming from a family with no shortage of Jewish ancestors, I can say my life would be a lot better without it. Yeah,,, I think you need to look a bit farther back. And I doubt the term SJWs suggests they're readers of that particular publication.
  15. I'm not sure wether to laugh or cry when I see people using the "SJW" acronym. For one, it only shows how fast people are to grab on to propaganda. Secondly, it makes me wonder if they ever consider how much ****tier their lives would be without this horrible horrible concept known as social justice.
  16. Great job and big thanks, Obsidian. Glad you resolved things with the backer content.
  17. How petty can you guys be? Obviously Obsidian had a problem with the memorial themselves, or they wouldn't have removed it. It's completely within their right to do so. Nowhere at any time have they promised backers of any certain level of donation would get to put something in their game they themselves didn't want there. Saying you'll go out of your way to undermine Obsidian in the future over something as trivial as this only shows how utterly bitter and vile a person can be. People who get hateful towards others for taking offense to something they can't themselves relate to is beyond revolting.
  18. Of course, reporting bugs is important. But this isn't even the right section of the forums for doing so. And most of what I have seen here over the past days has been people pointing out what should have been in the game, how mechanics in the game suck and simply in general offering their opinion and pieces of fact that everyone should embrace. It's easy to forget some praise and positive feedback every once in a while.
  19. As is usually the case I have tons of positive things to say, but I'm trying to focus on playing. The forums only make me depressed. But I've considered doing pretty much what you did here, and go into detail about all the awesome things this game has to offer. I just hope the devs realize there are a great number of us who actually LOVE the game and don't pick it apart for flaws.
  20. I would prefer to keep it to low and mid levels, to be honest. Granted, I don't know how higher levels in PoE would look. But one of the many reasons I'd take BG1 over BG2 any day of the week is because of the high levels. Combat often boiled down to a rock-papers-scissor match between mages. And everything tried to out-epic the previous epic thing.
  21. People have come to expect their games to be buggy because 8/10 of their games ship buggy. The buggiest game I've played before this one was Fallout:NV. I've played over a hundred games since then easy. It's okay for games to have a few bugs. Even a major one at launch. Whatever. But this game has at least five game brea- wait. let's not say game breaking. Even though they are game breaking, people tend to say things in response like 'well, it's not really game breaking cuz you can still play even though your missing an entire category of stats". Let's call them critical. At LEAST FIVE very critical bugs. Five...unacceptable. Obsidian deserves their reputation as a buggy developer. I love obsidian and to reiterate OMG I LOVE THIS GAME TO DEATH!! but I hope the bugs in this game compact and cause people to criticize them even more for shipping buggy games. It's the only way they will start taking it seriously. They know their reputation and they STILL ship a game like this? COME ON! Well, since we're using anecdotes, I have had close to zero bugs with PoE. And most of the bugs people suffered in F:NV came with the package from Bethesda. There's one huge studio that let a laughable amount of bugs through with their releases, without earning the repution. Hell, the Gamebryo save system has been buggy since Oblivion, through Fallout 3 and again in F:NV. Not Obsidian's fault. Like I said, you will find more bugs where you look hard for them. And people look hard for bugs in Obsidian's games and will continue to do so. And there are reasons for that. But I for one am giving them a chance instead of crying "MOST BUGGY GAME EVER, HOW COULD OBSIDIAN DO THIS" as soon as I see a bug.
  22. Obsidian has released some very buggy games and there are certainly reasons behind that, but I think it's pretty unfair how people now more or less expect their games to be buggy and will actively search for them. There are other much bigger developers that get away with loads of bugs, small and big, all the time. In time, they will hopefully stop being so heavily scrutinized.
  23. I also play a chanter without summons. She's a great off-tank, wielding a staff for looks and for reach. I was worried I would be forced into a ranged role but I find the chanter to be great up close. Easily my favorite class out of the ones I've seen.
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