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  1. Everything is Small Black lately.
  2. Laozi


    A.A. Bondy ~ I Can See the Pines are Dancing thanx again Drabek, he's become one of my all time favs
  3. Laozi


    Bob Dylan - Mississippi off the Bootleg vol. 8 I believe. This song is amazing.
  4. It seems that the more I read about the state of education in America the more charter schools make sense. Putting the money set aside for each kid in the hands of the parents does have inherent problems, but much less so than the current system. Unfortunately the lobby of Teacher's Unions, text book suppliers like McGraw/Hill, the private busing companies seems to be way too powerful for any widespread change now matter how much the system is in crisis. Standardize testing is a detriment to both the student and the educator and simply is an attempt at a blanket solution for a system made up independent school districts. The fact that the quality of education you receive in America is directly related to the amount of property tax in your district really makes the way that the standardized testing system works completely backwards.
  5. I'm trying to go full on retard here

  6. you live on in my heart and when I'm gassy

  7. Laozi


    Anchor Steam has a really nice porter
  8. Laozi


    Strange I can't remember a time I was buying beer in Texas whether it be in a bar/pub or at the store that Lone Star was not an option. Lone Star is like the official I'm going to drink a lot of cheap beer tonight and piss on Bud/Miller/Coors. I've always subscribed to the drink a sixer of relatively good beer and finish the night with a twelve pack of Lone Star method.
  9. has anyone talked about the Catholics yet, now talk about having success with rape and murder
  10. Laozi


    Only one man would dare give me the raspberry.......Lone Star
  11. cats are funny

  12. ....how many is a thousand-brazillion?
  13. I've gotten a week off for holiday so I'm enjoy swimming and sleeping in till nearly 9:00am for a few days. Been trying to get some of my writings in order and have been really put out by how I leave almost everything half-finished. If the me now could only get his hands on me then.......
  14. Laozi


    I'm about half way done with Shogun which has been truly good fun but I'm also super excited to start Devil in the White City by Erik Larson
  15. Laozi


    Blackhawks look pretty blah so far, I suspect that will be the case for 20 games or so
  16. Kick-Ass There was a lot more that I liked about this movie than I didn't. Aaron Johnson seems to be an extremely likable type guy. I think they probably did about as good a job as they could with Hit Girl, the fact that they even tried is somewhat encouraging.
  17. Last night I saw Sonic Youth at ACLfest, pretty sweet. I also saw The Black Keys, Beach House, Spoon, and some other people. Hadn't been to anything like that in almost five years, generally don't like going to huge concerts. The crush of people, the expensive beer, the constant smell of really good pot being smoked everywhere, young people completely intoxicated with self. It was a huge bang. The best part was it's freeness and total "hand of fate" play. Went into work that morning and a lady asked me if I could do anything with the two tickets as she was hitting the door. I met up with a friend afterwards and away the day took us.
  18. Follow your dreams and you will see Anything you want you can achieve Time to begin, fly like the wind Breakin down these walls you will be free All right gonna be all right doodoodoodootoodootoodoodoodoo
  19. I thought for sure I'd be the first to visit in 2010

  20. A Hawk and A Hacksaw ~ God Bless the Ottoman Empire
  21. Oh say, say, say

    Wait, they don’t love you like I love you; wait, they don’t love you like I love you

  22. yeah, it's tween metal brought to you by Johnny Batwingz and his crew. Lets get out to the lobby. Yeah Yeah Yeahs ~ maps kind of recommitted to my total crush on Karen O "Weezer an Impromptu Performance"? Do they complain about how tough primary school was right on the spot or what?
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