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  1. I'm doing pretty good, can't complain, we definitely should catch up soon

  2. Silversun Pickups ~ Lazy Eye I have to admit to hearing this song while playing Rock Band II with a friend of mine. I definitely lose some Punk Points on this one, but it doesn't really matter, I never checked to see if they ever officially converted all Punk Points to Indie Points or if that was all talk. I had been saving up for years to get this cool, black leather jacket, but the indie one only comes in two sizes too small and has that cut that really only works if you have that half-asses, teal-green krustie looking thing going, the one without all the misguided ideals. Kind of like Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland brand kitsch krusties, complete with colors too bright and barely opposable spindly limps. But instead of growning up on the street and in squats these kids grow up literally in a firestorm of 2nd hand nostalgia that gives a sensation of looking back into the past through someone else's glasses. For a long time I saw Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 's apocalyptic vision of the future as extremely far-fetched, but now I can see it taking root all around me. As for the song, it was really easy to like after my friend and I rawked it on R.B. It actually took me awhile to figure out that the bassist wasn't the lead singer of this band. No knock on them but if I hadn't paid some attention during their video who knows how long I might have gone on thinking the same. Then one day someone says something about how the guy sounds or whatever and I'm all "huh?" and then there's that weird moment, god help me if it happens to be some hipster. So, don't fall into that trap, correctly identify the gender of any band you even casually listen to.
  3. Okkervil River ~ Black Maybe my favorite sonmg of their's, but I've heard they have a new album out
  4. Sherlock Holmes there was about equal parts good and bad in this film, probably would have been better off if Guy Richie made the movie as an original franchise. It seemed like it would have been easy to dump the obligatory Holmes shtick and switched it out with say Max Dugan Rereturns Much Laterâ„¢
  5. Radio 4 ~ Save Your City
  6. Saw Adventureland. It was predictable, but a good film never the less. I liked that it actually had an ending as a lot of these 20-something coming of age films tend to try to use these uncertain, you fill in the blanks endings.
  7. Descendents ~ Hope Radio 4 ~ Struggle Both peachy and keen
  8. Its a case of two fairly gross people who no one should care about. A 'roidrager and his used gym sock
  9. The Rapture ~ House of Jealous Lovers Rawking n sh1t
  10. Modest Mouse ~ Parting Of The Sensory
  11. Bloc Party ~ One Month Off
  12. Hey man, I'm all for North Korea. Their children's hands are as small as anyone's and as capable of the type of quality stitching I demand in my consumer goods.
  13. Correct. The correct statement is that all progressive revolutions are right, ergo the fact that they are drenched in blood is irrelevant. The worker's state is the most progressive of all ideals, therefore all the blood shed in its processes is irrelevant. Also the complete lack of toilet paper should be ignored as well
  14. What was the name of that little Indonesian dude who listened to all that bad music and never knew what he was talking about?
  15. Gary Oldman is a hell of a guitar player
  16. http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/seoultrain/ Check, Checkit
  17. And this: and every summer is a hot token to the cold, cold take of lust. and every autumn singes with the business of sadness.
  18. Does it have something to do with being German? I bet that has something to do with it
  19. NOFX ~ Whats the Matter With Kids Today?
  20. Are you gonna bark all day little doggie, or are you gonna bite?
  21. eh, its not really that simple, like the majority of fans I'm a little tired of Farve's spiel. He seems to need more attention than your average musical theater major. In any case its pretty likely that being dependent on a player who is 40+ to man the most important position on the team will backfire for Minny.
  22. I don't know why but it makes me laugh and laugh
  23. Metallica or Aerosmith, easy R E M ~ End of the World
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