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  1. Beirut ~ La Llorona new double EP out today
  2. I went into jury duty once and even got selected. We heard opening arguments and went out to lunch, when we came back they had plea bargained the case and we were dismissed. Kind of anti-climatic but the day did yield some fruit as the judge had a rather pronounced speech impediment. Between him and the defense attorney with his thick Jamaican accent the whole day had a very surreal tint to it.
  3. Neutral Milk Hotel ~ Song Against Sex
  4. you should do a version of Taint Misbehaving

  5. The Rural Alberta Advantage ~ The Deathbridge in Lethbridge
  6. alas, I remember when I used to run into you from time to time on the internetz. Oh well, I'll just eat these fresh baked cookies and think of you

  7. The Beaver Boyz ~ Shrimp & White Wine
  8. Beirut ~ A Sunday Smile
  9. don't do it, thats a band of wankers
  10. I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness ~ According To Plan I really like this song, a little on the 80's side but not in a bad way.
  11. sucks, I liked Blagojevich, sure he was a democrat but he was clearly a conservative at heart.
  12. My father always said never trust a man made of gas. No you GleepGlop you're one of the good ones.

  13. The Rural Alberta Advantage ~ Frank AB
  14. I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness ~ The Ghost checking out a newish band, they've already failed in trying to wrestle the prize for most cumbersome band name from ..And You Will Know Us By The Trail of the Dead, we'll see if their music is any better
  15. well, I talk to Ron all the time as he ask me for pointers on how to bird dog women and then kick them to the curb. Same applies here, get them drunk and talking about themselves and then let things go their natural course.
  16. do you have diabetes? Anyway I felt guilty all day. Last night I was at a friends B-Day party and this girl I went to high school with was there. Unfortunately despite be a really cool girl and super nice person she was sort of my groups punching bag. So I spent a couple of hours letting her vent to me about all the terrible things I did and participated in and was witness to and I manage to feel genuine shame. It wasn't like that was all we talked about, she went into alot of aspects of her life, as did I, but I really came out of the whole deal feeling like she has alot of emotional baggage. I am only responsible for a small part of it, but it doesn't minimalism my culpability. I spent a lot of my childhood and some of my adolescence daydreaming specifically about helping people like her and always doing whats right, and here my first chance out of the gate and I just go with the flow and pile on. I know the dynamics of things were more complex then I can remember, but I still fell like crap. The advice I've gotten has been pretty much let her know how bad I feel, apologize and move on, but I guess I believe that I need to sorta feel what I should have back then.
  17. Spoon ~ Back to the Life
  18. Laozi

    Who am I?

    It's what you do that defines you
  19. Thelonious Monk ~ Ba-lue Bolivar Ba-lue-are
  20. I know the feeling Okkervil River ~ The Latest Toughts
  21. Pavement ~ Zurich is Stained
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