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  1. Rod Ram its been awhile since you've been here

  2. quartz doesn't burn, rust doesn't harm

  3. I can't think of it at the moment, but the Germans have a word for that EDIT: got it, schadenfreude
  4. And it was under his watch that Americans broadened their focus of simply exploiting each other to exploiting the rest of the entire world. And props for Taks in bringing another Texan into the argument
  5. it is flawed, but the remedy is that it should not be a legally recognized institution, which would remove the debate completely. taks Right, being committed to something shouldn't entitle you to any benefits from the government, whether it be a party, a person, or a religion. These things come with their own inherent benefits, the delusion that your opinion matter, the delusion that you're part of something bigger then yourself, and the delusion that you'll get laid often. So I don't see why Deadly Lampshade shouldn't be able to marry whomever he wants no matter how unappealing the rest of us find the idea.
  6. How about proving that swearing on the Bible is what actually corrupts the politicians?
  7. I submit to you, G G Allin whose sole mission was to bring the element of danger back to Rock-n-Roll. Attending his show was somewhat like being in the first couple of rows at Sea World when the big whale does flips and whatnot only with blood and feces.
  8. I don't believe anyone should be allowed to marry, its a flawed institution.
  9. I think probably anyone who was 17-28 was a little worried about Bush reinstating the draft. IIRC mostly it was housewives getting worked up about the ideas that their babies could be taken away, not necessarily one particular group of housewives affiliated with one of the two major parties.
  10. Yeah, I'd say throwing for 375 yrds. and 3 TDs is a pretty nice game. McNabb will be back next year, it seems likely that as long as Reid is there Donovan will be. The Philly offensive line, specifically at tackle, really looked old at times in this game. Both tackles are free agents and likely have played their last games as Eagles, I wonder if the same is true for Brian Dawkins. It will be a long offseason, but there are a few bright spots. Desean Jackson and Brent Celeck both made big strides during the year and the Iggles have two 1st round picks in a very deep draft.
  11. Boards of Canada ~ Amo Bishop Roden almost too super-awesome
  12. Travellers and Magician Really nice flick, extra L and all. This is my first experience with anything from the Kingdom of Bhutan and it was great. This film has real intelligent cinematography and does a good job of moving between the old and the new.
  13. Boards of Canada ~ An Eagle In Your Mind
  14. Jawbreaker ~ Do You Still Hate Me?
  15. Okkervil River ~ Another Radio Song
  16. Well, here we are with the NFC Championship tomorrow. This is a tough game to pick, every week I've been picking Philly to win and they haven't let me down, conversely I've also picked Arizona to lose and they have proven me wrong, something has to give. People like to talk about how much Jim Johnson likes to blitz when they talk about how tough the Philly defense is, but that's not really the case at all. Sure he likes to bring the horses on third and long, but most every team likes to do that. You don't give the receivers enough time to get far enough into their routes and as long as you trust your team to tackle in space it's solid scheming. What Johnson is really good at is forcing you into a position where he can exploit your weaknesses, for Arizona that's pass protection. Philly will likely drop a lot of defenders back into coverage and force Warner to sit and wait for Fitzgerald and Bolden to come open. If the Philly D-Line can get a good pass rush then their DBs should have a lot of opportunities to make plays on the ball. On the other side of things Arizona has benefited from playing against two teams that primarily get their offense from two sources, the running game and one speedy receiver. Both Atlanta and Carolina were classic offenses in an NFL sense and are not much like what they'll see tomorrow. Philly likes to spread it around and make you cover the whole field. Even if Arizona can take away the running game the way they did the first two weeks, the Eagles offensive line won't collapse from having to do a lot of pass blocking. Philly will dime and dunk and try to establish their version of ball control football. Philly wins 30 - 17
  17. Elliott Smith ~ Alameda
  18. Sword fights? Like after you're done peeing? That's silly. Edited by SteveThaiBinh to remove derogatory language.
  19. Interpol ~ A Time To Be So Small
  20. hmmm, two head shots this guy must have been pretty good at Halo 3
  21. Les Savy Fav ~ No Sleeves
  22. Nice games yesterday. The Philly/NY tilt was everything it should have been, a battle between two disciplined teams. Both offensive lines played well and both defenses did a good of forcing the offenses to do thing other then what they're comfortable with. The fact that McNabb doesn't rely on one guy to make the passing game go was the big difference in this game. Bunkley and Gocong, two guys who are usually up and down during the course of the game, both turned in rock solid efforts. Those two forth down stops are already a part of playoff history. This is the best Eagles defense, coincidentally, since they were beaten in St. Louis by the Warner led Rams. I
  23. Modest Mouse ~ Karma's Payment
  24. this game was more about Jake Delomme being an assclown then Warner's greatness.
  25. Baltimore wins the battle of the douchebag franchises, too many missteps for Tenn. Say what you will about Kerry Collins and how he manages the game, the Titans lack any sort of dynamic with him at QB.
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