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  1. Ya I never really played it much as far as the missions, but it was really fun in squirmish mode
  2. Ya I hear he has an armored colostomy bag, thats also used as a melee weapon :ph34r:
  3. Maybe an Enchani, but I guess who knows if they have changed thing since then
  4. I'm pretty sure he'd have to be somone besides a mandalorian, the armor just isn't right
  5. I always liked IG-88 I'm not sure why he just seemed realy cool, but Bezelbot was funny as all hell
  6. People are still arguing with Nur? I guess he still believes "For God and the Expanded Universe. All Hail Stackpole."
  7. As someone who saw Empire SB in the theater, I was too young to see ANH, there is no comparison too the first three movies, never had anything even remotely been done in the like, and really very few things afterwards are even notable. As for the prequel, never have I been so bitterly dissappointed in my life. I'm on this site so you can guess that I'm a huge KotOR fan. So First 3 Kotor prequels redone originals
  8. Sad sad, I'm afraid Nur Ab Sal has fallen to the darkside.
  9. Got away from my box for a second there, Oh ya and like KotorFanatic said, it would be tough especially for a person who never picked up a EU novel or comic to play a Star Wars game w/o the main villians having the Mantle of Darth, and BTW Lucas didn't say that this Darth Bane was the first to have the Mantle some other author did.
  10. Well the only thing I can agree with here is that the "Darth" title usage was a pretty bad slip. But as I said before the "EU" consist of so many so-so authors printing so many stories at different time periods that somethings were bound to happen. At the sametime this game isn't just for people quote the EU like its "the word" its also for the casual starwars fan and the RPG gamer. I think Bio did a pretty good job of providing just enough history without letting the story getting bogged down.
  11. I understand your grief but everything must be coherent in SW and if TOTJ was earlier bioewaree should respect its vision of star wars.... BECOUSE George Lucas himself decided about these contradictions. And these are the movies. And KOTOR is just another game made NOT by Lucas but by some uneducated canadian lackeys. Not to mention that TOTJ was created also by Lucas. Are you so lazy that you didn't read previous posts in this thread? How many times do I have to tell that TOTJ is more official that most of EU novels? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nar Ab Sal you seem to have a vested interest in if the video games follow the "EU". Do you own stock in one of the publishing companies or did you daddy write one of the books or something?
  12. Ya based mostly on the point that its fictional and we're not talking about WWII facts. I mean if the "EU" was the Star Wars Bible, then that book "The Courtship Of Princess Leia" would be like gods word, and that book totally suxs. I for one like Lore as much as the next person, but it wasn't like any of this stuff came from the pen of George Lucas.
  13. I think it probaly goes something like this: Two sith were hiding out in an underground bunker watching evertyhing on a moniter. They come out and They rule as two Kings. Saying how the voices inside them are telling them to blow up cityhall................why? Because everyone is rock'um sock'um robots Atleast thats what I heard. Nur Ab Sal seems like a facist ass btw
  14. I hope that there is a pretty healthy amount of references to what happened in KOTOR 1 in the new game. I really could care less about what happen to characters like mission and Juhani, but there are definitely some things I would like to know about Bastila and even Carth depending on LS or DS choices. I realize that some things are just going to be open ended because they can't specifically ask you every action you performed, but who knows how far they get into it.
  15. I had always heard that George Lucas wanted the Books to be sort of alternative universeish from the movie, thus the distinctions of "movie" and "EU". To be terrible honust I have read alot of the "EU" books, but after awhile was just left with a poor taste for it. The storyline is do dominated by Stackpole and other "somwhat acomplished" writers. In the end it is like forgotten realms, a couple of good writters surronded by mediocrity, and the big problem for starwars post ROTJ writting is that a writer is given too much scope to deal with and can't just write about a small group i.e. Salvatore and his dark elves in other words "EU" sucks for the most part
  16. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who couldn't play the game on the darkside. I guess I'm finnally going to try and do it, condsidering I've had this game since the first day it came out and never played it DS I need to practice being evil for KOTOR2 :angry:
  17. I always understood that the Sith we saw in Kotor where of Revan's ilk, and not some pree existing "dark Brotherhood". I do agree with the Galactic conspiracy theory, but I mean, why else make another game that doesn't have anything to do with the first, except for the same good guys and the same bad guys. Usually video designers are pretty good story tellers.
  18. I tired of all this talk, lets do it, lets kill a human. <_<
  19. I didn't really know much about KOTOR when it first came out, I've pretty much been disappointed with every "you can be a Jedi" game so I had no reason to really learn much about the game. KOTOR2 is shaping up to be pretty much everything you could want in a sequel, except maybe being larger, but I guess theres always KOTOR3
  20. Exactly Adria, I remember when I first bought KOTOR1 I played for 24-30hrs. while only taking a couple of hrs. break I hadn't done that since Final Fantasy VII came out. KOTOR is hands down my favorite game of all time
  21. I'd like to see coreilla in the game, I mean so many of the galaxies badasses are from there.
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