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  1. i kind of see all aspect of a character as his/her intelligence.. well about the stat INT it strikes me that that being weary dumb you would not even know how to walk around or eat
  2. hello i was just wondering what currency the 4 mill is in in $ ? if in $ or in eru hell both would be prety dam much kick-starting would it ? a rpg kick-started with that much money WOW! cant wait to buy it .. what about making it come up on steam for prebuying ..would it help develop the game ?
  3. yes be not alarmed my guess is PE will have a lot of deepness both with skills and other activities
  4. i wounder how the chunking making looks in PE in bg1 it look like thy exsploded
  5. well first. how long have the game been in production.. pretty dam long time
  6. i imaging you are talking about my avatar in that chase thanks a lot i painted it my self some time ago for making something funny for face-book
  7. i know English is not my best. but i have newer been good at spelling correctly. i use the auto-corrector in the browser guess my brain is not build for it
  8. But its totally realistic if its an Orlan, amirite? not the mention a dragon is not the most powerful thing slay d by a hafling as i remember a hafling a special one in a dragon lance book killed a GOD! backstabbing the GOD in his foot with something that lookt like a butter-knife lol
  9. The Graphic in Pe look amazingly similar to lots of the 3d street art you can fine around the world . do i get it right its a 2d isoma game ,right ? but the Character them self is 3d?. game like engine like the infinity engine when it came out fascinated me i remember how i thought about the chess game in star-wars. but what about your thoughts if i may ask btw i only have good input from checking out PE did not even know it existed before last night jul the 22 2013 just hope i live long enough for rpg like em to play enough of them.. i allways dream t about a game like BG2 or IWD2 Just spanning a hole world not just a part of it ..your thoughts your story about such as thees games ? ty for your time who ever you are
  10. in nwn2 i believe duelist would get more attack powers like a sub stat of sort but intelligence is many things in rpg everyone have intelligence rpg in it self is a great show off of intelligence
  11. oh i just thought of something els like different races who where more adept in stats like Elfs more wise more agile would have it ezy to level up them aspect in their adventuring then lets say constitution afflicted Attribute or Brute force. oh and sry about my bad spelling
  12. well i want it to impact in a way that so that i will not spent 100 houres just to do the traning of skill and atribute and then im at max
  13. i like to see a 50/50 leveling of atributes some points to level up a specific atrribute you can get each 3rd lvl . while atributes can allso be level up like a wizard who is using magic and other intelegent /soul based skill. would slowly grasp more of that parth of his desteny then a warrior the training of abilityscore would go diffrent ways ofcoures depending on what you do. all made in a manor that you can only get like 10 to 30 procent of a stat point from using skills each level, so that we player dont use like 100 houres of game play just to level up stats. you could allso make quest that would open op a window for traning skills and atribute.. other then that i usely been cheating with stats so making it in a way wher you just think nah it more fun to pplay it then cheat it would be nice
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