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  1. okey here is my endings they are all done to bits the knight who fight the dragon and get the hole kingdom the dragon that terrorize the kingdom a troll is slain by an unknown hero and there by saves a hole village a holyman have gotten mad and is kidnapings holy kittens and nons how will the people react
  2. well they could make a exspansion that at some event be it magical apocolyptic or a vampire get lucky and lvl drain you so u have to lvl up cours the vampire tok like 10 lvl away from you
  3. well most of the intriguing happen in the mind and from taking a step back at some point. like the is a conclave of mage priest who is trying to keep a way of creating a artifact secret for if it was made it would change the world
  4. could make rules like how to grab power in the main city if you have power i mean power like heroes dos well people in political power seets seems to want to contact you like if superman existed which world leader would not want to have a picture taken with you well and then one point wich make it more interesting its a fantasy sitting gives a lot of things
  5. charity like the poor got to look less and less ragtag-get the more you have donated ?
  6. think da 2 was more about making it all look good and get hand held controllers on the xbox to work
  7. hmm no not ecactly they did actuly manage to make intruieq in games like dragon age origen
  8. intrigues like in game of throns / bogia the tudores /rome
  9. all hail the mighty king! its more color full then that especially in a fantasy world like the empero is mandated by the Dragon concil of the 12 dragon and they have in fact been removing emperors in the past well why ther in ancient time was an empire of men who tryed to hunt down the dragons but the dragons won
  10. what about chult while you becoming a big hero others will stat belive in you now sins its a magical world ther might be soul linkz channeling specials in to you and you loyal followers
  11. well i dont know but sometimes movies get an emotion in me about holding tears back im almost parelized well its just thinking about that its undecipherable
  12. well just imaging it how nice it would be if some of the lore around mystical object like the well of souls throne of gods and the migbituswhale sound that is said to give youth back to serve for a time the gods will in matters dire to the virginity of the world well we see them randomly quiring artifacts randomly spawn in the world?
  13. well for me BG 1 and 2 at that time felt like i had a lot of freedom and the interactivity with character builds other game like might and magic did well too but for me i felt a responsibility for some of the NPCs i also remember other dnd pc games i liked like dark-sun where you stated out as slaves in a gladiator pit .personally what i like in most games is the adventures story and the routines of the games npc
  14. Eternity Chronicles volume 1.. is my hopes promise of more to come
  15. i like to be able to complete the game and then still have something to do with it with iron man difficulty you run in to only a fixed character set up will work or not at all .. might be im not so smart
  16. Hello all well i thought long about it and i fund a story forming and come to be i decided here it comes is about a kings or a lords dreams or their sons or daughters but i guess is its, could have happen in the world of Project Eternity? well! marvelous i say! once i was a king of frogs a realm full of quaking like a rotten trumpet. then in front of my crown was blunt a queen of shyness pointy ears pony tail two twigs in hair but her crown i wanted a rare compound to share ultimate goals are always there :) . but then she was to be queen of frogs realms here ... had to tell her the kingdom secret and i had lots to tell her here goes what i told. hags and jacks slag and mad i see you the key she knew what it meant and i was content
  17. do not forget the tearful happy endings in some of the quest would be one of my top 10 wishes like some quest should end so happily that i cant stop crying hahaha
  18. just a tiny grediens from me hope your all good and well . i also got a request from a orlan friend of me its goes as this. COM-ONE GUYS AND GIRLS MORE STORIES possibly great adventures mysteries and monsters and a 4th component or not your choice
  19. So.? so what? exactly so what it is you are trying to tell me that right now them secound i use on thes word i say some on els read or uhmmm that i writ to you some one els well read it up even sevaral time befor thinking nah.. naaaah.. cant be or can it ? he climses it like thie just at the moment i pull of that cursed sword you say ? well i allso fund some text with other referrals let me read them up to you sir bonggo nothise the text in his hand and started reading them up hello sir bonggo what is it that you need.well what i need ? me whos title SIr and the rare legendary name bonggo I! I! sirs or sirs sword dancers of moon-shadow speak i can it all all of it.. silence a speech like that and then the silence what of it ...text endswhat a great story i say! yelled the Captain
  20. bards can and should utalize their bardic music abilities in combat like i can just see how i hammer at my foes with my magic electric guitar comon give me the fire and a fire ball or a ball of a magic blaster skills and all while your bard is playing his guitar
  21. yes i get the picture i think but hmm eater it is brilliant or o/ v \o look closely at this picture the /\ being for number 1, an o being Zero so in truth there is written 01 v 10 INFACT the link google show up with containing there INN! 01 ---> moves to be like 10*10*10*10=10000 bits of information may i say ding ding!
  22. been some nice final hours ewry thing in place and suddenly..suddenly. suddenly im experienced in what could be the best pc r . p . g game GAME! and to day things zed up what a suprize later to day i try see if i can find my self a dragon not that it matters the elfs lord told you this ? the bingo bango mastor hat been overhearing the new gm so they are making a new rpg ,,what rullz what cultures ?universal etiquette ? swift wind tell us all again how the battle with the dragon troll worked out
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