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  1. well a reputation system could keep track of events in the game a rather complex reputation system in fallout new Vegas you could have reputation all over ok world is rather small for some. i became high lvl pretty fast 2 things play in to this, also the more end game content there is the better like you not juts fulfilling 1 main story you are just a hero or a evil baron but prestige have a say
  2. I like your new avatar okkoko, but could you rephrase this so I actually understand what you are saying? i thought about it im sure for a kickstarter game PE is well founded im sure stronghold was a mile stone in the kickstart goals so ho w much money did they need for reaching this milestone 4,5 mill usd here is a link http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/64350-update-63-stronghold/ might add it it could be spoiling us
  3. well if you have a story what happen in PE just to give the world more life idear?
  4. so you say that two well esteemed Noble merchant Houses hold territory around my Own lands well will see on how i can help them out and courses some Lawful trading knowing what could happen a trade hub hidden traps like one thing is know-en both Guilds deal in informations,? not even enough said ?
  5. as to many things the Dev did tell us that building game world around characters perspective like that designing each character levels get me to thing a stronghold is close to that
  6. well i cant im *Dream if even i try seer an ate-mp of doing so whyle it my dream of soemting done good real crazy but behaves also a like well lets just say . what would you do if you had one opsion in the game with many to say the least one other thing im a vegitarian well that said lets contenu events ermm ups now i lost it again
  7. how will the upgrading be done of the stronghold? while in nwn 2 i never got the feeling of a keep being build other by magical means all i had to do to progress the building process was to leave the map and return and pay up some more gold.. now when building my stronghold in PE will i see workers and mages levitating stones to?
  8. ohhh so you all want to hear a love story , yelled the bard up laud from the taven stage the crowd yelled yes and yhee lets hear it and ther where also a small applause. the bard began his story .. well this is a story about a fair maiden her name Lady Clhestis wunderbaum hollow and her secret lover the lone ranger a forest dwarf his name was thestos the mighty Woodberry stumper, a night while they where alone in the moonshine starlight shadows the lady asked her dwarfed fellow ,so tell me how much wood can you get i you see i need it for,he broke her of silencing her with hes appendix finger darling, he whispered in her ear i have wood in miles far an wide enough for you to have a full house.. .well the bard was later beaten to death..
  9. As we all know it underneath the lands of Eternity, hmmm even better young one let me take this cheese wheel and cut it open and inside you see by magical means lots of tunnels and holes. the ancient lore adventures and heroes have fund suggest that in fact these holes and tunnels are home to the Dark hordes borrowing deeper and deeper down to the dark. and we all know what is at the bottomless pit awaiting tho who comes on a viset an evil so heinous so bestial in nature that even the gods fear them for if the evil of the bottomless pit will walk on the world again all mortals will crap in their pants.. now go out and play with your friends my child
  10. i do like to see shape shifter but i like some shape shifter reactivity like like you could costimiec you own forms dependent on you knowledge in shape shifting so you could come to look weary unnatural or natural what you like but ones selected you shape shifting shape u cant redo it but you shape shifter form could become powerful the more you invest in them
  11. Turd of glory .. this is a story about high and wide about tall yes unimportant a life full of meaning and still just sleeping a turd this story is about a smelly one yes long and with the help of firm anus ringing elongated in to a long brute goo stinking substance of well suited yes strong as my disgust is mounting of its assistance still it is needed and now is resting under the toilet pits watery grave and now all that is needed is flushing out this impressive piece coming from over the toilet seat..
  12. Soul devourer can look like many things one can have taken the shap as a giant Spider other giant scorpions and all most all the time it look like an insect just in giant form the size of a horse its got different shades of collores dark red pitch black dark yellow but allways a special thing all Soul devourers have is white agonizing faces on their skin like the souls they already have are not there of free accord abilities : Drains Soul Weakness : if it is killed all the Drained soul it have is rewarded to the ones slaying it Fire vulnerability take 25% more damage from fire attacks the more filled with soul the Soul devourer is the less vunable it gets to fire attack each 1000 points of soul energy 5 % less vulnerability to fire.. bite damage 1d6 each 2000 soul energy Armor 1 % damage reduction each 1000 soul energy
  13. there where some impossible quest in sky-rim like the master spell quest i could not find the locations well with the help of puzzling words to find out where to go to then her where other simple one where you just had to go forward i remember one expansion i was acturly all over ewry inc of a map just to find out all about it lol
  14. Well i just imaging right now how much coffee beers chips junk-food power-trip PE going to give me to my ordinary life when its out what about you ? :D
  15. The mighty Heroin where swinging her two-hander left and right up and down to cut trough the thick scales of the scucubi the sorceress no-this and imaging the difficulty wilding such a mighty weapon enormous as it was it cut deep in to the daemons scale heide a thought court her playful mind Elera our heroin and Jhehela the sorceress with the daemon had a bloody threesome later on when our heroes had time for them self they both would joyful laugh about how they ended the daemons unlife
  16. YEP .look like there is going to be a lot and i mean a lot of stabbing. it allways strikes me how much love developer of game like this puts in to different kind of swords you can stab in to digital life forms.. lets play stabbing ;D
  17. He is just posting some suggestions, no need to be so critical I like the concept of waking up in brothel as then the chance of PE including some sort Romance implementation is more likely But for me Planescape has done the whole " who are you and what is your purpose on this earth" to a level it would be difficult to surpass I would prefer to know who I am but I have this nuanced epic quest that forces you to make hard choices with consequences yes my hope are that EP will be an epic tale to . it was like Dev from many corps had an experimenting faze first it was wery old style course programming was rather new back then . then came something new like the classic 3d games BG 1 and 2 the first rts Fallout 1 and 2 even the adventure games had a good run then they just stop making them kind of games isomatrix course the ones who had the money wanted new stuff .serious look at nwn 2 nice game but 3d was not good enough to make stylish art like in EP the best they even forgot to put in a tail on thief-lings had to come later in like course of the hole 3D was new on market .. but it look like the DEV want back to the good old times and now with better grafix this just a gift for humanity
  18. the intro could be like this... You a young farm boy shepherding sheep's at night to protect them from wolfs or other kind of beast you look at the night sky at the stars while playing a lute Suddenly you see a falling star in the shadowy night right after followed by others of it kind one of the star fall ne'er you behind a hill you walk up to it the star is glowing in pulses and an explosion bright white light a sudden darkness is embracing your mind you fall down listening to the unsettling sounds of crying i wish i would not die is you last thought just before darkness takes to mind
  19. i was thinkin more the line of how inventory is managed .like a wizard have a good idea about how to manage wand an scroll inventory and a warrior weapon and armor lets say a wizard got inventory slots for scrolls 4 exstr scrolls each lvl behaves a rogue got lock pick slots wizard got spell component slots rogue got secret weapon slots and secret pockets like i always fund it puzzling that if you just had enough strength you could carry around wit a small car in you inventory and still fight wery well
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