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  1. I finally had some real time to experience PE. I always believed in this team, but what the PE team delivered is stupendous! The writing is so much like reading a very well written book. (Attention storytellers this is a great platform for the future of story telling, history or biographies.) The game play melds with the story and the game mechanics so well, that at times I could not tell the difference, it's as if I was actually creating a unique storyline, that adds to the main plot and somehow incorporates itself to subsequent play through (with other characters created by the e
  2. I have been too busy to play enough to give an in-depth and constructive first impression. However, I have been jumping in from time-to-time since beta started and I have to say "in my opinion" things are improving greatly. I now know this game will be without doubt the game we all wished for. The most noticeable improvement to me has been the similarity to Ice Wind Dale 2 (combat and voice acting, among other details). I love that my druid shape shifter is in game and I can actually play it now. I wish it had a bit more options, maybe even the option to shape shift into different shapes, bot
  3. I must say I am not surprised that the PE team is delivering quality and experience, I can’t help but notice a sense of pride or perhaps legacy in this work. Simply “magical”. Thank you for caring about the little things. They matter… Such is my first impression with this update I felt compelled to play Icewind dale 2 again after a long time of not doing so. I still love Ice Wind Dale 2, the dark forest, the dragon, the music! I await the finished fruit of your labor with admiration and excitement. … Such a child I have become lately! Thank you!
  4. Good point, but there is always a way for us gamers... Thinks>>> Have my companions make up for the no multi-classing. Obsidian will come up with something to keep us interested in making different character builds I am sure. They never disappoint.
  5. I am so pleased that shape shifting made it into the game! Even more that the idea of hybrid shape shifting also made it in the game! A few questions from someone who loves to play shape shifters… 1. Will we be allowed to cast spells when shifted? 2. How long will we be allowed to be shifted? 3. Will buff spells and abilities remain when changing shapes or when shifted for the first time? 4. If items will not merge when shifted what will make shape shifting unique? The abilities+ buffs or will it just be for role playing? 5. Will there be any shapes that are ranged in nature, for example like
  6. Will we be able to copy and past in these fields from and to the computer clipboard?
  7. I was unaware of this till today. I had signed up a while back and filled out the survey. I did not realize I was to post here as well. So... My title is: "TarponCrest of the Obsidian Order". Thanks.
  8. Thank you! Just saw it pinned. (hope it was not there all along *shrugs*)
  9. Greetings fellow members. I am not sure if this is the proper place for this question, but if there is a proper place for this please let me know and I will ask there... I became a member of the Obsidian Order sometime back and was wondering if there is a different forum dedicated to such topic or if this is it? I wanted to find out more of what such title stands for and make sure I stay informed within the Order. (If it differs from this existing forum). Also, I see that some members have their Obsidian Order name above the badges. How do I get mine to display on there as well? Thank you.
  10. Thank you for the update and all the great work you do on behalf of us fan's . One question though. Will the "abilities" be static to that class? or Will we be able to pick and choose what we want as we level up? I ask because you mentioned that it can be used by any class, but catered to the classes discussed above. So I understand that other classes can use them but will they be required (automatic) when leveling for the class intended? I like that many of the abilities are dependent of the characters way of playing to recharge or make the ability viable. In other-words, to make my sne
  11. I'm not sure if you saw it but a long time ago on these very boards the developers unveiled their crafting mechanics (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/64048-update-58-crafting-with-tim-cain/). One of these mechanics was a durability system which involved weapons and armor degrading over time. The response was not favorable, a truly epic thread resulted and the final outcome was the developers opted to remove said mechanic due to the overwhelmingly negative reaction. Long story short: there's no way that PoE is going to have any kind of durability system. Thank you for the link I had not s
  12. I love the immediate nostalgic feeling the interface gives me (IceWind Dale 2 and Baldur’s Gate 2). Thank you! I “studied/obsessed” over the character detail sheet, represented in this update. I can see that much of what was discussed in the forum over time has been taken into consideration, and I am very pleased to see that. All the statistics give some of us the information we need in order make the role playing experience that much more immersive. It did occur to me (slightly off topic), that it would be nice if we could see a statistics sheet with equipment on and maybe one or two possib
  13. Best wishes to everyone! May the new year bring memorable RPG moments to all. Thank you team Obsidian!
  14. Think time capsule. Something you would like players tomorrow and in the far future to read, reminisce on, solve, etc…
  15. As long as the team does not get overwhelmed attempting to deliver so many things in a set timeline (rushed)… I am all for backing your efforts to make this dream even better. “People + Expectations = No Solutions”.
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