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  1. Its great to see the upgrade to stealth, as well as the party AI. This leaves me hopeful that you might still upgrade the enemy AI. Will enemies remain in stealth and backstab? Please add more variability to enemy actions in general; give them counters for common player tactics. That will make the game more challenging and fun.
  2. I liked the extra descriptions, they gave me something to read while I waited for the voiced dialogue to end. I eventually just turned off voice sound all together though, I like the game better without it.
  3. I agree with you here. Usually within an hour or two you'll know whether a game is for you. Watching a video on youtube might even be enough for someone to make a decision, but to then start making a bunch of nitpicky gripes when you haven't even experienced it for yourself just makes you look like an attention-whore. I haven't bought the game yet, so I actually appreciate hearing some criticism, but judgements from others who haven't played it are worthless. edit; I wouldn't have bothered responding to this half-troll post if the person in question hadn't 'liked' it.
  4. I always start my games on the setting above normal. Ironman modes can be fun sometimes, but they limit experimentation too much for me. I like to take on overwhelming odds from time to time, and I'd rather not ruin my entire playthrough if things don't work out.
  5. The less voiceover the better. Reading is fundamental.
  6. All of these things are operating costs associated with developing a game. They were paid for through Kickstarter. Getting all the money up front is the whole point of the program. Now assuming they've managed their money properly and were able to predict these costs reasonably accurately, all sales from this point forward should be mostly profit. Staff bonuses and things are hardly a concern if they're predicated on sales, seeing as no sales means no bonuses. Are people against them doing another Kickstarter? As long as PoE turns out to be as good as it looks, I would have no qualms about backing more games from Obsidian. I'm more concerned with their newfound entanglements with MMO's, the moneypits of game development.
  7. Rather than making certain classes less interactive, I'd prefer that the companion AI is decent enough to be competent without a lot of 'interference'. They won't operate at peak efficiency, but they should be good enough to play through on the easier settings. That way someone with a more laid back playstyle can be happy, yet players like me who actually enjoy RTwP party based tactical combat can have fun with all of the members of our party, instead of just half of them. When I said I thought the shield bonuses were pretty bad, I didn't necessarily mean that they aren't strong enough. More like they aren't very inspired. I think they should have more tactical use. For instance, say a shield user can block barbarians and rogues from rushing past him within a certain distance. Then you could line up three warriors with shields and have a viable shield wall. Or at least make them more resistant to ranged attacks. Or reduce chance to be critted unless flanked. There are a bunch of ways to make it more interesting. edit: I don't want to make it sound like I'm all negative btw. One thing I really like is the multi-weapon specializations. That's awesome.
  8. I'm a little disappointed that warriors are "low maintenance". I'd think being on the frontline would require extra attention, not less. I understand that some classes need to be easier to play I guess, but I was hoping you'd make them more fun to play. Also, the shield bonuses are pretty bad, I really hope you guys have time to add fighting styles and make them more interesting. On the positive side, barbarians sound very cool. I'm not so sure about the obscured stamina/health bar. Do other status effects mess with the UI? If not, its kind of strange.
  9. Got Papers Please during the GOG sale. I spent the first couple of hours figuring it out. I used to work in a parking hut many years ago, and it really brought me back. "Why am I playing this?" I asked myself. Told my wife about the 'horrible game' I bought, and she laughed at me. "It sounds like you're playing a job, why would anyone do that?" She asked. I said, "I don't know, I told you it was horrible." I spent 3 more hours playing it today.
  10. I like the idea. Even if a certain NPC has "good" stats, he's not necessarily built the way you'd want him to be to complement your party. The characters may be preconfigured, but that doesn't mean you couldn't be given the option to change around their feats and things when they first join your group.
  11. I've always loved how in the Fallout games, you can get an entire town to go hostile if a citizen gets hit by a misfired bullet. I like exploiting this by putting neutral NPC's in the crossfire and getting my enemies to accidentally shoot them. Nothing like an army of pimps and prostitutes fighting for you in New Reno. In Fallout 3/NV, I really enjoy finding NPC patrols/merchants on the roads, then running ahead and luring groups of hostiles into them. I like these kinds of AI mechanics and wish other games used them more.
  12. The best Kickstarter rewards I've seen have come from the people doing Kingdom Come: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1294225970/kingdom-come-deliverance/posts/749535 I generally think of all those "collectibles" as a bunch of cheap junk, but that stuff is awesome.
  13. I want this game to be challenging from beginning to end, discounting overpowered builds/gear on normal difficulty. I want this game to be challenging, even with optimal builds/gear on the hardest difficulty. I don't really care how Obsidian achieves that, I just wish that they would.
  14. Huh, well I guess I don't remember Mega Man that well. I don't think I played one after the NES.
  15. I agree with you on the graphics. They don't look that great, and the combo stuff is annoying. Healthbars, huh? That isn't the Megaman I remember. One hit and you're throwing the controller across the room. That's the Megaman I remember.
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