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  1. I just had the same bug happen again. I'm in the Beast of Winter DLC temple fighting some Pilgrim Hierophants when they cast Form of the Helpless Beast on my main character. After combat was over, my main character had no weapons, no armor, and combat only buffs/debuffs stayed active. Its clear that polymorph is bugged. Like last time, I'll restart. Now that Obsidian has Microsoft's backing, I wish you would think about supporting this game again.
  2. I don't really agree. Looting a high level ship after boarding will get you at least 2k more gold. A top tier bounty reward is only worth 5k. Operating costs, upgrades, and repairs for ship combat cost money too. I've sunk every enemy ship in the sea, and it hasn't made the most impact for me. OTOH, selling loot is hugely profitable. Very early on, clothes are worth more than weapons. I tend to clear a few islands and dungeons before I turn anything in. My first big haul around level 8 included 10 exceptional greatswords, I made over 60k. My last big sale at level 17 netted over 170k, I b
  3. I don't know the exact amount, but you do get noticeably more loot from boarding. It's the difference between filling maybe 1/2 of the visible loot inventory and having to scroll down to see everything. Plus, you can get cannons - I've looted 3 Vailian Hullbreakers and a lot of lesser ones. But the way to become rich in PoE2 is to be a traveling greatsword salesman. They're everywhere. I've saturated the market so badly in Neketaka that I saw an old lady opening her mail with an exceptional greatsword.
  4. I wholeheartedly agree with all of your points on crafting, but the section above deserves to be framed. Grinding 500 pairs of useless leather pants is poison. I don't care if boar leather is slightly pinker and dragon hide has that greenish tinge. I want Avowed to be mysterious, complex, and deeeeeeep. If it must be a TES game*, please make it Morrowind. * I don't particularly want a TES game, and it won't be one without thousands of mods.
  5. Good questions, sorry I can't answer most of them. From observation, the pool of fighters who appear on deck is drawn from the active party, the non-party companions, and the active ship's crew. Early on, I'd see 2 or 3 ship's crew fight alongside my party, but after every companion was recruited, I rarely see any ship's crew anymore. I've only used the sloop, so I'd guess that more crew will fight on the bigger ships. I can confirm that the more enemy crew you injure before you board, the fewer you'll have to fight. If you get their active crew to zero, they'll be left with their captain
  6. Yeah, the repetitive tilesets have a lot to do with it. It made everything so drab. But also to go from the hay day of 2d video game art, when it was really being mastered, to the eye sore that was early 3d was jarring. I sort of feel bad for dog piling on NWN; it wasn't any one game, it was the whole industry. But to go from BG2 to that? I was so disappointed
  7. This is a pretty good review, I share a lot of the same gaming tastes and experiences. I'll start with how I disagree. I appreciate the quality of the writing in Deadfire, both the exposition and the dialogue. I vastly prefer a little voiceover to all voiceover. All voiceover severely limits the writers' abilities to add content throughout development. Also, I think the ship to ship combat is fantastic. It was cool that knowing my port from my starboard actually helped, and that moment when I thought, "Hey, I wonder if I can do a 180 (jibe) like in 'Master and Commander' and fire from the
  8. Oh man, I loved Interplay. Such SPECIAL games. Eh, fair enough. I consider them all classics, but its probably in the Eye of the Beholder. I'll see myself out.
  9. Fallout 1 & 2, Jagged Alliance, Planescape Torment, Arcanum, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, Mount and Blade. Most of these flopped at release, none were big hits, and all of them became cult hits and have spawned sequels or franchises. Usually, too late to keep the developer from going under, but still...
  10. I agree with you, and I'm sure this impacts early sales. I waited over a year to play PoE1 even though I was a backer and owned it at release. I don't want to deal with all of the bugs, missing features, and balancing pains. I'm sure this also killed Wasteland 2's reception. Major features were still being added for at least a year after release. The most dedicated fans end up becoming angry and cynical after months of playing the betas and initial releases, experiencing all of the bugs and nerfs. By the time the game is up to standards, half of them are actively working against it.
  11. Oh yeah, good point. The range is short and its "snake arms" so I think of it as melee, but that makes it even better. You can tag several enemies with it before it goes away. My thief/illusionist hireling uses it, and she's also wielding the Eye of Wael, and wearing the Effigy's Husk and the Whitewitch Mask, which I think makes her terrifying. She's got a Scarecrow vibe, but with snakes.
  12. I suggest the Snakeskin Grimoire for Nannasin's Cobra Strike. That is one powerful melee spell against anything susceptible to poison.
  13. I understand where you are coming from regarding the stretch goals, and I know I'm in the minority on this, but I think the Stronghold, the Endless Paths, and the ship combat are all awesome. There would be no PoE or PoE2 without crowdfunding. For decades, no publisher would touch a 2D, isometric, RTwP RPG. Now the market is "saturated". If you like the genre, you have crowdfunding to thank (and I have you to thank for being a backer). I felt like a lot of the development quicksand in PoE2 was rewriting half the mechanics from the first game. If they make a third, they can (and
  14. This happened to me on version (latest build). Unfortunately, I knew nothing about the flail at the time, so I didn't reload.
  15. Right after I won a battle in the Drowned Barrows against some Scrivener Warlocks, my FPS suddenly dropped to single digits. I saved and quit. When I reload, my MC is in his underwear and all equipment except weapons and pet are gone. He also has active combat only buffs even though we're out of combat. I suspect this happened because he was polymorphed with Form of the Helpless Beast at the moment we won the fight. I can upload my Save file if anyone cares, but its over the max size limit.
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