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  1. Clear Out is so nice for crowd control. I was using it here to push everyone back after Eder got picked up, but it pretty much obliterated everyone instead.
  2. I disagree. Maybe he thinks he's being silly but what he's parroting is that old people are worth less. Okay. PoE 1 and 2 were crowd-funded and never would have existed without all the people who missed old-school RTwP RPGs. Y'know those games made by "boomers" for "boomers". Also, your mistake is reading RPG Codex.
  3. Nothing like hating on huge numbers of people for things they have no control over, like when they were born... Not only that, you are hating on your own parents/grandparents/great grandparents/future self at the same time. Maybe your family are a bunch of morons (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree), but mine aren't.
  4. It would be boring if there was a perfect answer. CON is the stat I try to get "just good enough". I favor RES because of the reduced duration on negative effects. How often do I find myself barely outlasting some nasty ailment that completely disables the character? Frequently. I don't know how duration is handled in TB mode though.
  5. Oh dude, that's like a real life Gouging Strike... Sorry. Edit: We're not doctors. He's been through it a few times. Edit: Trying not to spoil the mood. Edit: Spoiler tags are hard.
  6. You help keep these boards alive, entertaining, and interesting. More than that, you're not an ass. Thank you!
  7. I'm a simple man, so I like to drop a Pull of Eora on the back row of the enemy, then use Clear Out to knock the front row into it. Then the berserker spams Barbaric Blow on the blob while my two wizards and the priest nuke them and the fighter chucks grenades.
  8. Wizards are versatile. Self-buffing into a melee monster is an option, but I rarely use because I've got a melee heavy team already. They've got interrupts, damage and afflictions for single target or aoe, summons, battlefield control... They can pretty much do it all and you can tailor their abilities to any particular fight, its just a matter of picking the right grimoire for the situation.
  9. Yes, I'd limit each character to ~2 roles. It's a party-based game, so you'll still get to play every role. For example, my party is Berserker/Fighter (DPS, offtank), SC Fighter (Tank), Illusionist/Rogue (DPS, afflictions), SC Wizard (DPS, crowd control), SC Priest (buffs, heals, fire).
  10. What's that? An argument about semantics? Yeah, I can't resist The word had that meaning long before SF2. "Cheesy: Meaning 'cheap, inferior' is attested from 1896, in U.S. student slang (https://www.etymonline.com/word/cheesy)". I guarantee it was used a lot for games in the 80s. Exploit is easy, the definition is in the name. Some exploits require extra skill to pull off while others require zero skill whatsoever. That's the line between a fair exploit and a bad one to me. Some good exploits that come to mind: The hunter behavior for wall climbing and wall bouncing in Left4
  11. Stop overthinking it. Whatever you pick, it probably won't be all that interesting until you've leveled up a bit. So don't expect your characters to be awesome right out of the gate. Rather than deciding on everything before the game has even begun, I think its more satisfying to let characters progress naturally. First, through roleplaying, "What makes sense for this character?" Asking this will make your characters feel real after a while. And also tactics, "We're really struggling against these enemies/types of attacks, what will help the whole party be stronger?" You can discover a lo
  12. I don't have a druid, ranger, paladin, cipher, monk, or chanter. I assume druid or paladin are probably useful against poison. Off the top of my head, the amphibian people use poison. Various rogues and archers. There is a spore attack that eventually dominates anyone infected that the antidote cures. Lots of fortitude ailments, including sickened. Your party will call out when they've been poisoned, which is nice. The antidote suppresses all negative effects for a long time compared to most consumables.
  13. Yeah, I use a lot of antidotes too. I bet it has to do with party composition or spells available. At some point I realized that poisons kept wrecking my team so everyone has a stack of antidotes in their quickslots. They come in handy from time to time.
  14. I had the same thought after a few hours of playing my first time. I wasn't quite happy with my first character's build so I decided to go back and change a few things and try turn-based. The intro-fight on the ship convinced me there was no way I was going to play like that. It was going to take an hour for a fight that only lasts about 10 minutes in RTwP. Later fights do go on for at least an hour in RTwP so I can only guess they last all day in turn-based mode. As far as it being too chaotic, I recommend adjusting the auto-pause settings. Too many auto-pauses are annoying, but there ar
  15. I felt similar to you about all of the complicated PoE lore. I wasn't all that interested in learning yet another universe's history and theology. I played all the way through, skimming over the more esoteric stuff. I found that PoE2, while still heavy on the gods, is much easier to follow. It turns out that I learned a lot of the lore from the first game in spite of myself. You seem to remember it pretty well, so I think you might enjoy PoE2 more too.
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