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  1. What's that? An argument about semantics? Yeah, I can't resist The word had that meaning long before SF2. "Cheesy: Meaning 'cheap, inferior' is attested from 1896, in U.S. student slang (https://www.etymonline.com/word/cheesy)". I guarantee it was used a lot for games in the 80s. Exploit is easy, the definition is in the name. Some exploits require extra skill to pull off while others require zero skill whatsoever. That's the line between a fair exploit and a bad one to me. Some good exploits that come to mind: The hunter behavior for wall climbing and wall bouncing in Left4
  2. Stop overthinking it. Whatever you pick, it probably won't be all that interesting until you've leveled up a bit. So don't expect your characters to be awesome right out of the gate. Rather than deciding on everything before the game has even begun, I think its more satisfying to let characters progress naturally. First, through roleplaying, "What makes sense for this character?" Asking this will make your characters feel real after a while. And also tactics, "We're really struggling against these enemies/types of attacks, what will help the whole party be stronger?" You can discover a lo
  3. I don't have a druid, ranger, paladin, cipher, monk, or chanter. I assume druid or paladin are probably useful against poison. Off the top of my head, the amphibian people use poison. Various rogues and archers. There is a spore attack that eventually dominates anyone infected that the antidote cures. Lots of fortitude ailments, including sickened. Your party will call out when they've been poisoned, which is nice. The antidote suppresses all negative effects for a long time compared to most consumables.
  4. Yeah, I use a lot of antidotes too. I bet it has to do with party composition or spells available. At some point I realized that poisons kept wrecking my team so everyone has a stack of antidotes in their quickslots. They come in handy from time to time.
  5. I had the same thought after a few hours of playing my first time. I wasn't quite happy with my first character's build so I decided to go back and change a few things and try turn-based. The intro-fight on the ship convinced me there was no way I was going to play like that. It was going to take an hour for a fight that only lasts about 10 minutes in RTwP. Later fights do go on for at least an hour in RTwP so I can only guess they last all day in turn-based mode. As far as it being too chaotic, I recommend adjusting the auto-pause settings. Too many auto-pauses are annoying, but there ar
  6. I felt similar to you about all of the complicated PoE lore. I wasn't all that interested in learning yet another universe's history and theology. I played all the way through, skimming over the more esoteric stuff. I found that PoE2, while still heavy on the gods, is much easier to follow. It turns out that I learned a lot of the lore from the first game in spite of myself. You seem to remember it pretty well, so I think you might enjoy PoE2 more too.
  7. I really dig this spell. It goes so well with the Gaun lore. I get a kick out of harvesting the souls of people who've tried to cheat death. Xoti has finished off death knights, a vampire lord, an undead dragon, the Beast of Winter, Concelhaut, the list goes on... I imagine they all got sucked into her lamp.
  8. I don't know the odds, but Wormtongue cannons do start fires. To test, I equipped 1 side of my ship with 4 wormtongues and 1 hullbreaker. In one fight, the first volley caused "loose cargo", the second started a deck fire AND a sail fire, the third caused flooding, and the last two did regular damage. All specials were caused by wormtongue cannons. I use hullbreakers because they do twice as much damage and reload faster. The specials are effective because all crew comes topside to make repairs, exposing them to grape shot, but they complete the repairs before the wormtongues are ready to
  9. I try to control the field. I'm playing with a tank (shield) and off-tank (no shield). They grab 2 or 3 each. I've got a little spellblade in the back who seems like a soft target for backstabbers, until they miss and she blinds them. If there are a lot more running free, Aloth or Xoti can summon something. Eder is SC Fighter, Xoti is SC Priest, and Aloth is SC Wizard. Eder is so tanky it's almost overkill (underkill?) but it's nice not having to worry about someone.
  10. It dawned on me last night that turning level scaling up helped smooth out PoE2's difficulty curve. It was challenging the entire time because I rarely out-leveled anything and was often under-leveled. I experienced that spike in PoE so I understand how its frustrating. There is harder content in PoE2 outside the main quest though, and I think it's fair to make you play it. You have to 'gear up' for the DLCs. Now if you do all that and still have no chance it might be unfair. That's true. It's really easy to die in Gorecci Street so if someone is playing on Ironman I can
  11. This describes me pretty well. I've found Veteran mode with full scaling (upwards only) to be a difficult, but doable challenge on my first playthrough. I have lots of experience with these types of games though. I've finished the Beast of Winter, I've almost finished FS, and I'm about a quarter done with the SSS. They are hard, but honestly I thought the game was tough all the way through. That's why I laughed at the thread about Gorecci Street being the hardest fight in the game. It might be the first hard fight, but there are a lot more to come.
  12. You can buy all the ship upgrades from the "resupply" option on the town map. This works for every town.
  13. Oh wow, I was fooled. His first 2-hander was WotEP, which like you said does have extra reach and I started thinking they all do... I'm glad you told me!
  14. My 2 cents: My barbarian started out dual-wielding and switched to 2-handed halfway through, and the extra reach from 2-handed weapons made a big difference with how many enemies he can hit per swing. It also prevents him from whiffing when the enemy moves. I eventually settled on Willbreaker+Lord Darryn's Voulge.
  15. You got all that from a single fight? Okay. Not really, I never used a cipher, chanter, druid, or paladin in my playthrough, but they're essential. I think the fact the PoE2 was a direct continuation of PoE's story probably hurt it. It almost makes it a requirement that you played through the first game.
  16. Not to me, I think the ship combat is fun and wish there was more of it. I cleared most everything with the sloop, but then I bought the biggest ship available with all upgrades so I could fit more crew on board. You made your judgement based on 1 fight? And that's a lazy assumption. Pirates were popular long before Johnny Depp.
  17. I like Dragon Age Origins too. I never touched another DA after Dragon Age 2. I recommend Wasteland 2. It's much uglier than PoE, but the writing isn't bad and the combat is good. I haven't played WL3 yet.
  18. In Wasteland 2, for the first half of the game there's a quest to turn in scrap metal you get from breaking down weapons. For the second half of the game you're in another location and there isn't such a quest, but I figured I'd be a hero when I returned from my mission with 1000s of scrap metal pieces to supply the Rangers for years to come. To avoid spoilers, I brought home my mountain of metal, but there was a plot reason that this wasn't helpful. Completely related, I really like the unlimited weight limit in PoE2. Saves me crawling across the world map with 5 encumbered characters an
  19. Alpha Protocol was criminally underrated. Critics all played stealthy pistol builds and complained it was broken and boring. I played Shotgun Action Hero and it was so much fun. My favorite Obsidian game is Fallout:NV...the best Fallout since FO2. The PoE games are modern classics. They'll probably become my favorites over time.
  20. You can go into Preferences, Video or Graphics settings and increase the Gamma value. This might make the colors look a little washed out - if so, turn it down again for the brighter areas.
  21. I do this too. I let every companion join the group, but I only use a fixed party. I don't really like switching teams in and out in RPGs. I think of gearing everyone up as payment for sticking around and guarding the ship. Also, I figure it reflects better on me as a leader if my followers are dressed to kill.
  22. Well, people have unrealistic expectations. Breaking even in game development means you've paid off 50-100 highly skilled people working full time for 3 years to make art. That's a success.
  23. Not me, I waited 2 years to buy it because I already knew it wouldn't be finished. Also, people were calling this a flop way too early. I doubt most people had even finished PoE when the sequel was released. These games are meant to be played for years, so what's the rush? I think that's the tail. If it broke even six months ago, it's a success now. I wish Obsidian would keep polishing it so that in 10 years it could be a classic.
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