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  1. That is shocking. I hate that I had to visit the Codex (a place I despise and never visit) to get the context.
  2. I got bored with my non-iron solo PotD paladin game, but on my playthrough an Aumaua paladin with Bull's Fortitude (and similar things like Deep Faith that OP took) can just pull the Great Hall spirits to the corner and alt+tab. I think my defense against phantom stun was like 122 or something.
  3. What I'd really like to see is Zealous auras all being baseline (perhaps with some nerfs for *Balance* even though I think ZE and the other not-ZF-one are incredibly underwhelming), make F&C a class ability you can select on level-up with Deep Faith included, and have a separate F&C-like ability that would give you bonuses to offensive stats based on your dispositions (very small amounts of accuracy, attack speed, that sort of thing). Now your paladin provides a similar accuracy buff to priests while being more front-line capable and you can build him in two different directions (off-tankish support or offensive support). EDIT: I also think the order-specific abilities should be baseline with balance adjustments.
  4. Full disclosure, obviously this won't be a problem with most people so this is probably a low priority bug. I've been restarting PotD playthroughs with the intention of playing around with character builds and seeing what exact classes I can get through the Shadow/Phantom packs. After while you get tired of listening to Odema, the animancer hanging from the tree, etc. so you spam spacebar or enter through the parts of dialogue where you don't have to make a choice. If you do it fast enough, sometimes the dialogue will ignore what Master Volume you have set and play at full volume (I'm at 0% MV right now and Odema said his line that ends with "something in the air tonight" full volume).
  5. Shieldbearers are probably fine, but play to their strengths. IMO, grab Lay on Hands and take the Shieldbearer specific LoH talent (+Deflection buff to LoH target). One nice thing about paladins is that they have per encounter healing beginning at level 1. Another nice thing paladins have going for them is Outworn Buckler which provides the paladin himself/herself with 13 deflection and +5 to all defenses without a loss to accuracy (compare to medium shields which give 12 deflection and -4 accuracy) and apparently the "Herald" enchant on the Buckler provides the +5 extra defenses as an aura to other party members (so they will all get +5 deflection, +5 F/W/R). Quite an item for a tank/offtank with high passive defenses (which you can get by roleplaying!).
  6. If you give him the affadavit, there's an option that is damn near identical to "After what I just did for you, you're still going to hold this one over Osric?" that will result in him giving you the breastplate.
  7. Yeah, that ended one of my earliest monk or fighter TCS attempts. It was after that that I started making non-ToI games to test content.
  8. It's disheartening that Paladins are still stuck with the base 2/encounter Flames of Devotion even at level 12. A solution would be that Paladins get 1-2 more charges from increasing their order's alignment. Maybe even give players a choice at level 1 to either add more charges to Flames of Devotion or improve Faith and Conviction through behavior. Another possible solution would be for Intense Flames and the order specific Flame of Devotion improvement talent to add 1 charge each. But there are also other issues that should be looked at when it comes to Paladins, in all honesty. For example the range of aura's is pathetic, even with 18 int they barely cover melee range. They should be base 4.5 meters base or something close to that. There are many more issues similar to that, making the Paladin seem not too hot when directly compared to other classes at the moment. But maybe we should create a separate thread to go into detail? I've considered making a thread about it. They really dropped the ball with this class.
  9. Were you running Goldpact with Fast Runner and Enduring Flames? No, I ran a Kind Wayfarer because I originally thought I was going to be able to use the endurance heal on killing blow to sustain myself (little did I know how much trouble I was going to have just hitting things) and ended up just building the character to try to scrape by the Great Hall phantoms. I could probably come up with a more optimal build now looking back, but it's torture playing that class by itself. The most exciting thing about it was reading the phantoms' stun accuracy versus my (IIRC) 122 defense against it. Act 2 opens things up quite a bit, but not enough for my liking.
  10. You think Priests' level 1 DR spell is bad? Paladins can choose a +3 DR aura at level 3. The only particularly good thing about it is that it isn't per rest and it lasts all combat long. I think it's pretty boring.
  11. Paladins really are neither well-equipped to be counted on for damage, nor can they be built to be particularly effective at it compared to other classes. I think Bleak Walkers and Kind Wayfarers are particularly weak because at least one of each of their order's particular class ability enhancing talents rely upon them striking a killing blow when they're not terribly effective at delivering damage in the first place. It doesn't help that they also have to spend talents to get to that point. (In my personal opinion, Paladins could use a retool). If you're going to go with a paladin, I would suggest choosing Shieldbearers of St. Elcga and buffing up Lay On Hands to save allies while providing passive +Acc/Spd/DR and being able to offtank in a pinch provided you're RPing it in a way that is consistent with the order (Darcozzi and Kind Wayfarers could be okay too depending on how much KW's Flames of Devotion heals and how much Accuracy Darcozzi give to their Liberating Exhortation target, imagine popping cooldowns on a barbarian teammate and they can't be stopped until LE is over).
  12. Isn't it possible to edit your game with IEmod and still get TC Solo achievement? In any case, you'll never really know whether someone completed TCS with 100% certainty, but if you're S/Ling the game why even call it ToI or play with that mode on? Because your fingers might not be fast enough to press Escape?
  13. A little tip for anyone masochistic enough to try a Paladin, you're going to have to go with an Aumaua, and take Bull's Fortitude (probably at level 2 to make the Temple less random) to get to Act 2. I'm reasonably sure you can't get your Deflection high enough to avoid getting hit altogether so you have to make sure you get stunned very little (I got as high as 122 Def against Phantom stuns, I think, and would get grazed very seldom by their stuns). Act 2 will open things up for you quite a bit, but I don't know how masochistic I actually am to try continuing with what I believe now to be somewhat of a subpar build.
  14. Got 'em More specifically the Esterwood locations are far NE corner and far SW corner (immediately to the right around the fence after zoning in from Magran's Fork).
  15. That happened with those backer NPCs at least in the 1.02somethingsomething. Perhaps even launch. edited for clarity
  16. I'll take a bunt at this one. Ciphers can attack every possible defense by level 3 (if not at first level!), scale better (speaking from limited Chanter experience, though, so take with a grain of salt), and get accuracy buffs on a good number of their spells (if not most).
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