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  1. I have also encountered the same bug. Here is the visible proof for it https://youtu.be/R74OMyAXE_w Plus here are the files too https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3GxoaE2ZQ52R2d1Wk01anBZS2c/view?usp=sharing
  2. In a side quest I couldn't find two hidden items, even though I was in scouting mode, which according to walkthroughs are there. So my question is what is more important for finding hidden items in scouting mode, attribute like perception or a skill like mechanics.
  3. I would also like to have WYSIWYG loot system. I have always had a weird joy when looting dead enemies clean even though most often the loot was very mundane. With the existence of stash, which in my parties will be the equivalent of pack animal(s), there are no problems with logistics. So devs pleasr implemement WYSIWYG loot asap.
  4. First game experience Prince of Persia on a 286 with a monochrome screen. That machine had gigantic 40 megabyte HDD I was so impressed when I saw a game on a friend's CGA screen which had more colours than two I got used to enjoy at home....
  5. For a small change within the existing system. What about removing the deflection bonus from intellect and adding it to dexterity instead. We get two more reasonable skills then the current dex/int duo.
  6. I would like to have a talent/skill system in PoE where I can separately select my skill points to frame the general outline of my character e.g. I want my character to be a strong but agile fighter. Then it's time to choose talents, which also give a few skill points besides the directly assigned ones, to be able to precisely chisel the final design my character eg. he is a strong, agile fighter who excels in combat and is completely useless out of combat or he is a strong and agile fighter who stands his ground in a battle, which is is job but he is also a lore-addict and is a card sharp.
  7. Yeah for me the type pre-buffing when you put on your defensive spells before a closed door was one of the most tedious things in IE games. Plus sometimes it also involves a good chunk of metagaming, since you know what to expect behind that bog standard door which your character naturally can't know for sure. I think this type of enemy specific pre-buffing weakens the RP experience as a whole and I hope the devs won't change their minds about it.
  8. Funny they only train to hit? If we are going with "realistic" then misses are much more frequent as living beings usually have great sense of self preservation and they train to NOT GET HIT as well.... Shields/Armor also are not designed to reduce incoming damage...you know that right...? Hey King Henry how you doing man? I got this new state of the art shield that now reduces damage to your troops by half instead of 75%!!! That's right you've won a fair point with that argument. In my mind I imagine grazes as minor sources of pain or exhaustion which may hurt you characters in the long run like blocking attack after attack with your shield and as a result you'll get more tired which may have an influence on the outcome of the fight. So losing a few endurace points for such events seems reasonable for me.
  9. I also like the inclusion of graze in the game. I have always hated in IE games that my characters who know how to wield a weapon properly missed hitting them so often. I find it more realistic to see that they usually cause a small amount of damage to opponents instead.
  10. It looks and feels like 21st century IE game. Quite happy about the option to choose between GUIs. Ok It's time to go back and finish Throne of Bhaal.
  11. I dislike the idea that save scumming is actually a problem in a single player party based RPG game. I think that the playing styles of people, like me, who tend to save a lot, never harm the gameplay experience of those who prefer a more limited save system. The solution is to have games which let everybody enjoy gaming by including a save system which makes the vast majority of gamers happy by being able to use as few or as many saves as they feel is necessary.
  12. In an ideal case I would love to see a few more new companions to expand my options for my 'ideal' party because I prefer using interesting and well-designed companions above clean sheet Adventurers Hall characters.
  13. I'd like to have a BG2 like solution too, I don't like playing RPGs which push precise HP details into my face
  14. I also fell into the same trap, I was thinking about adding add ons but I wanted to see my shiny backer badge so I quickly confirmed it. Hopefully I will have a chance to do so without buying another digital copy since I don't need another.
  15. I quite happy about this dual approach to health, especially after reading Sawyer's explanations above. It seems it offers a decent amount of strategic choice when deciding whether to engage in a fight or not. I have almost always hated the way hit points are used in IE games, especially when weaker characters had no chance of seriously hurting me when they were able to hit me.
  16. I would like to know a reasonable amount of game mechanics, and general lore, but nothing which may ruin the plot or would weaken the exploration experience. Sometimes I enjoy exploring the world by my party than solving quests if the world is really well crafted. Keeping fingers crossed
  17. A+ update! The trailer made my day, or more precisely my night here in Europe. Well done by the whole development team. I can't wait for launch next year. Actually I'll have to continue my BG II replay session asap to make sure my gaming skills won't be rusty by the time Pillars of Eternity is out.
  18. I've recently started replaying BG1 again and I once again fell in love with the passing of time sysytem which I missed in DAO so much. This mechanic makes the game much more fun/roleplayish for me, because I feel that I play in a real world. So these mechanics would be really nice to have in PE, to be honest I would really miss them. But I find it really funny, whenever I arrive into a town, every shop is open and ready to serve me, as if they only exist because of me and my party. I would like to arrive into villages which have their own daily routines / opening hours for shops / customs so for example I should have to wait till the morning to be able to sell the content of my backpacks. What do you think?
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