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  1. Not something I thought I would read on this forums.
  2. You can only use it to connect male to male. That means you could use it to connect two computers, if they happened to be 10 cm apart. It won't extend two USB cords. Remember one end of a USB jack is a dud, because it ends in something else. A Minijack for power, at device. etc. Or you need Mini USB to Micro USB, but you only have USB to Mini USB and USB to Micro USB.
  3. Ravnica is Meadow in Croatian, but can be used as place name. You mean plain, and I think Sarex is aware of that.
  4. On the response, someone from Obsidian recently stated that they do actually have a complete map, can't remember who.
  5. There are larger countries on that map with fewer dots on them than Hungary. What gives? an example? Belarus
  6. He also delivers one hell of an ultimatum. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKHihAPr2Rc
  7. Mr. Junta got an answer about this on the frog place. http://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/156515213986/congrats-for-a-great-start-to-the-figstarter-its It seems them not making a world map pays of already.
  8. The issue with priests and druids is a compound one, lots of spells and all of them learned instantly.
  9. The Eastern Reach is supposed to be be the size of Iberia.
  10. A new 40k game Sanctus Reach is coming in November, one you would've expect to have been made long ago, a turn-based squad level strategy.
  11. The circular line with an arrow is reloading weapons, empty circle is doing nothing.
  12. There is neither way nor need to do such a thing.
  13. That's some exiting combat they got there.
  14. Apparently there will be some new stuff about the game on the PCGamer twitch from E3, which starts in 2 hours.
  15. The command is AttributeScore "Character reference" "Attribute of choice" "number", no need of underscore between the two, also without the quotation marks. To find the character reference use the command FindCharacter "name of the npc", in your example FindCharacter blue. The game will return the designation used for the npc in the log, then use that with the AttributeScore command.
  16. Hahha! Nosferatu's expression is like "Huh, what am I doing in this thread".
  17. My sources say she spent those 4 years on a "research station" in Antarctica, officially.
  18. It's not just a Kickstarter award, they also selling it as part of the Royal Edition.
  19. What seaside town are you talking about? If you mean Stalwart, the map makes it pretty clear that the water body is a lake.
  20. Get out of here Infinitron, go back to the Codex to the other fanboys Also, "20% faster" can't ever be clear. "20%" of what? Speed.
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