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  1. Yeah, a permanent vessel companion much like ranger animal companion makes sense lore wise.
  2. I’ve been playing Poe 1&2 and I’ve heard throughout the two games how significant animancy is to the overall story in Poe 1&2. I recently viewed Artificer of D&D Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, and this is a fitting description of Animancer. Animancers doesn’t function like the Wizards but they are more like engineers or tinkers. Instead of electricity, the animancer use anima or essence to power their animated vessel summons. The animancer doesn’t to be only a summoner. They can use essence to charge and enchant weapons and items. Animencers could have spells but since they are tinkers, they use spell slots to recharge items and discharge for spell slot. Poe world already had an artificer-like class minus the alchemy. Animancer would be the 12th class in future.
  3. I never thought I would ever say this but... This Artwork is METAL!!!
  4. Which will come first Russia Invade of Germany and Sweden or the White March expansion. place your bets NOW!
  5. Mmos are overrated except WOW! maybe multiple player at best.
  6. Wow sensuki your childhood much like my our youth. I was very much in to AOE 1,2, rise of nations, AoM, TW series and Warcraft 3. it wasn't til recent I started get into to the IE games (sadly after The Kickstarter) three and a half years ago, I stopped playing Diablo 3 because it didn't bring the same vibe the game I play as a preteen, then I was surf and hear about PoE kickstarter from youtube channel Forcefeed. At the time all I heard was "isometric", "rpg", and "story-driven". During the starting of the Kickstarter Campaign, if someone had ask me if i heard of Blackisles and Bioware early IE games I wouldn't have known a thing. I did a lot of research IE games and I have play Star War Kotor 1 & 2, so I because well aware of the real-time with pause system. When I realize that there were rpgs that use real-time with pause AoE 2, I said to myself "where in the hell was Blackisles hiding these games". At last days of the Kickstarter I was going through some tough financial problems coff coff college coff and unfortunately I could spare 5$. As I get my feet on the ground, I bought BGEE 1 & 2 just to see what I would be get in to. At first, it was brute (**** that bear outside of candlekeep), then after weeks of play BG I fell the game thank to Mike RPG Center. the tactical and rpg elements in the game fell like I was reliving my childhood all over again. Since then I have beaten both BG 1 & 2 and I'm currently on a IWDEE play-through. I even slacker back PoE for $84. I feel like past two and a half was very enlightening seeing all the updates from 1 to 90 and all the forum members comments from your input and opinion to Lephy fun comments. PoE game isn't only a game, it was journey for both the Developers and us. On March 26, I hope this journey "echos on to eternity"
  7. the nature godlike's racial's a bit underwhelming among the other godlikes. the whole no helmet is a good trade off for "actual godlike powers" but with the nature godlike I feel like i would missing out on good helmets that give better passive bonuses.
  8. can anyone solo this game at their own risk? those Beetles man
  9. I just thought we should have little fun before "Pillars" comes out So let us share our IE moments through funny memes and GIFs
  10. I kind of imagine this class as an inventor much like Jan Jansen from BG2 and alchemist from pathfinder advance player guide. A grenadier or potion maker sound but every other class in the game use their soul or others' souls to some extent which why i add the adra. maybe the turrets is too much.
  11. This Might come off a bit later but, it seem like a good (less to me) I have been read up on wikia and something just hit me A new class: The Mechanic I know it seem a op at first, because when mechanic comes to mind people jump the steam-punk. What I thinking is more Adra-punk (The game hasn't come out yet, so I'm only using the information that is currently available). the mechanic I'm think of inspired da Vinic and some of guild wars (Kill me XP) I don't know too much about "Adra", but I know its is a living mineral, and that it is ORGANIC (much like animals and plants). In the world of Eora, would be ethical or (even possible) to use Adra as a power source for machines and trinkets without the shunning for the uneducated . some nations are going through a renaissance period with "animancers" and i'm probably guessing adra is use as recipe for foul... I mean progression magics Mechanic would fit the role well as the amour use mob ruler, and mechanic's abilities can focus around gun, adra-powered traps, mobile and immobile turrets (or some mechanical construct some kind) . Mechanic can be skill oh yeah Mechanic and Survival or lore. adra acts as pool of soul magic to power the trinkets of the mechanic. comment
  12. @stun Baldur Gate 2' s story was masterpiece and it wasn't simple neither. it's not every game you play will have a good/bad guy chasing a mad wizard with asperger's disorder Irenicus was actually refreshing villain for bg 2 time, and even in bg 1 you could see irenicus was a well flesh out character in BG universe Just go to the cloakwood in Bg 1 and speak to a fat lolth wantobe Even if irenicus wasn't part of Aluando's prophesy, it 's not like Gorian ward didn't have a life outside of the prophesy and Irenicus didn't have hidden motives.
  13. In BG the schools of spells added some depth the to wizard and It maybe have been the reason was overpower Spells like Mordenkainen's Sword may sound mundane but when you are in a room full mindflayers is critical Summoning Spells being limited in the wizard spells rosters I get sometime spamming fodder is the quick strategic solution hard fights (and chanter seems to be have satisfying summons in it's roster) What happen to my some illusion spells like invisibility and the divination spell clairvoyance, far sight, some detection spells and my favorite true seeing (and even if these aren't suit for the wizard, the cipher as op as it is can use stealth and strategic) some spells that aren't even meant for combat but dungeoneering spells like knock and find traps Although, these spells weren't OP as greater malison and death spell, they offer way to approach a situation with wizard both in party and solo Anyway I love how the game looked and keeping up great job polishing the game thx obsidian
  14. I wanted plant shape druid that use spell like: barkskin adds to the druid's amour improved barkskin where thorn and poison or corrode damage Thorns spray poison or corrosion dmg in a cone and finally a plant summon But I'm still happy with POE druid. it isn't Jaheira or (cough cough( Hashirama) cough) but it will due.
  15. Nov 18 would be awesome, but I like well polished game so I would meant early next year.
  16. I know I'm going to get trolled for this Question but is PE going to be on steam early access or greenlight?
  17. Gorion's Ward either gives his/her divine essence or becomes a god/goddess. there is on point of continuing the Bhaalspawm saga.
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