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  1. Actually, i've pledge 750 :D Maybe it's just me... but i did not expect DVD, there are lot of other cool collectibles PS at least you don't expect CD or floppy... jk
  2. not sure about "most"... i haven't been using CD/DVD for at least 5 years now o_O
  3. and even cleaner solution is change launch options in Steam to SDL_DYNAMIC_API=/usr/lib64/libSDL2.so LC_ALL=C %command%
  4. oh nice!!! deleting .config/unity3d/Obsidian Entertainment/Pillars of Eternity II didn't help, but that link did!!! I can start the game with "MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=4.5 MESA_GLSL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=450 LD_PRELOAD=PillarsOfEternityII_Data/Plugins/x86_64/libSDL2-2.0.so DRI_PRIME=1 ./PillarsOfEternityII" I wonder, why is it only happening with 1.2. Previous versions were ok
  5. can't find anything similar on linux=( only separate folder with save games
  6. Hi, I'm getting black screen when starting the game. Nothing displayed, no messages, no errors, no nothing. It was working perfectly fine before 1.2 =( I'm on opensuse42.3 with nvidia 1080 No output.log generated
  7. yeap, i'm waiting for potd fix. Don't really care about bugs, but can not play it on easy
  8. maybe just buy an SSD, and install the game on it. It would definitely speed up the loading times
  9. is it possible to turn off these skulls completely? I don't really want to know the difficulty of upcoming fights
  10. i played beta on 1080 (not ti), 1440p, no sli or overclocking and it was 80fps in average or even more... not lags what so ever. And with g-sync - no stuttering, amazing picture. not sure why this dude is getting so low fps
  11. yeah, but the question is whether we can choose the adra dragon's fate during start game if i am not importing the save game.
  12. i wonder if i can choose whether i've saved adra dragon's life or nor, and if it's even metter. Or other optional super bosses, like arch mages.
  13. Public beta has suddenly appeared in Steam for linux o_O I clicked install but the download size is 0. Now i can click Play, but obviously am getting an error. So maybe there is going to be a beta for linux?=)
  14. yeah! when when when!!!????????????? waiting patiently!!!!!!!
  15. how's it understandable? I mean they are going to release it for Linux anyway. Why not give it to users for testing? It's basically free QA. Anyway, i just hope this does not mean that we get later release for linux =(
  16. Nice idea, but i'm not really passionate about it. But if you are missing $100-200, msg me
  17. i don't think your math is correct. Even if the power level progression is linear, overall effectiveness is not, since not only power of spells increases but also amount of spells. So I would say (with doing all the maths in my mind ) that 5lvl wizard will be 40% effective as 10lvl wizard. And if you add another 5lvl class which is also 40% as effective you would get 80% effectiveness. But... i'm not quite sure what does he mean by effectiveness=)
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