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Found 21 results

  1. Hello everyone! I (41) play grounded with my kids (8, 10) and we absolutely love adventuring. I purchased the game on my PC just so I can play with them (both on xbox). I totally understand this game is a work in progress and the sky's the limit as to what could be added to it. I just wanted to share our experience and possible suggestions from all three of us, to the Obsidian/Grounded team. Really hope this post is seen by the team and I welcome any form of constructive discussion. Thank you! Bugs/Issues 1. Both kids are having and issue on an OG Xbox One and Xbox One X with getting "glitched" and not being able to move when standing on grass boards. We've had to reduce three bases to just one as I think many of these grass boards laying around causes an issue with slowing down the game and eventually freezing both my kids out of it on console. We've had to revert to an old save game in order for this not to happen. I'm not having these issues using a PC (Win10). Suggestions From Boy 8 years old 1. He'd really like to see more additions of animals such as: Frogs, snakes, snails/slugs, praying mantis, earth worms. 2. A lot more weapons/armor including being able to upgrading or improving them. 3. Expansion to the world, make it much larger, more areas to explore. 4. Vehicles (not sure how this would be implemented, but I'm just the messenger). Mainly flying aspect or boating on the pond. 5. More variety in missions. Because "Daddy, we have to kill 5 bees AGAIN?" is what I keep hearing (lol) From Girl 10 years old 1. More crafting, building, especially farming options. 2. Ability to do more with pet(s), such as taking them along on missions, maybe using them as a "loot mule" (her words, not mine). 3. Being able to customize her own character, appearance, clothing etc. From Dad 41 years old 1. Much larger world to explore 2. More RPG elements of upgrading your character, being able to gain experience and unlocking ability/skill points etc. 3. Being able to improve armor or having a matching set bonus. 4. Maybe encountering some NPC's? Aside from BURGL Overall, just wanted to say we love the game, spent countless hours on it and we can't wait for the next update (they make me check almost every other day for news on this). Thank you, as a Dad, for giving me the opportunity to bond with my kids. Sincerely, Lou
  2. Hello.. Is the persistant stuttering and frame drop issues on both the pc version and console versions going to be fixed at ANY point in the future? I mean we barely seem to get a patch to fix minor issues once every three months if lucky and you are not addressing folk like myself who have this issue on the pc and ps4 versions. My pc spec.. Gtx 1080 I7 8700k 32gb ddr4 Game is installed on a m.2 ssd Windows 10 Gsync enabled.
  3. some help would be nice nothing works i have tried. no force comands in steam no overley disable. low fps in fights and stutters. DxDiag.txt
  4. Hi, The issues with Nvidia post was made in June of last year. Is Nvidia going to provide support for this product? I still have issues with a 1080 Ti even after the Special K patch. The issues are: 1. Alt-tabbing from Windowed mode, it often takes 1-2 minutes to alt-tab back into the game and often I can see the screen working behind other windows but it doesn't respond to mouse clicks and doesn't come to the front. 2. Choppy framerate issues. Even after following the recommended guide. 3. Huge load times even with SSD + 32Gb + i7-8700K I loved Pillars 1 but am really struggling to enjoy this game because of the technical issues. Is there still hope for seeing solutions for the high end Nvidia cards?
  5. Im gonna keep it short. Deadfire performance is really, really bad. On 1060,i7,16gb ram it runs on my pc between 30-45 fps in most locations and about 60-70 on a few rare occasions. Game also sometimes freeze for 1s when summoning. Its definetly not hardware problem because deadfire use at best 50% of my gpu and cpu (checked it). FPS stays the same on both high and low presets,no matter resolution. And i even reinstalled windows to double-check. Many random people complain about fps, even those with 1080 gtx, just look at reddit and steam forums. Not to mention numerous topics about performance before game launch. Also game still suffers from memory leak, even after patch. Will it be adressed on next patch or AT ALL? You guys at obsidian are comepletly quiet about it.
  6. I have an i5-7500 with a GTX 1070 and a G-Sync compatible monitor. All other games run smoothly, and so would Deadfire (I tend to get 60+ FPS in most areas) if it weren't for the sudden, intermittent drops every minute or so. Even drops from 90 to 65 are noticeably irritating. I tried changing the resolution, lowering the settings, fiddling around in the Nvidia panel, nothing works. Help?
  7. Hi, i just started with Pillars 2 and encountered two weird control behaviours which i cannot disable in the settings (at least i have not found an option for that): The camera movement has a weird acceleration / deceleration. I would expect it to have exactly one speed (which is adjustable in the settings) which starts and stops abrupt with "touching" the boundaries with the cursor or hitting one of the camera keys. The mouse cursor moves just as expected with my mouse movements, except from when having an item in the inventory attached to the cursor. It suffers from massive lags and its hard to organise the inventory or change equipment. Are these two behaviours intended or "real" problems? I can remember having a similar issues with other games where i had to tweak some .INI files or something like that. Best regards Yahku Edit: After proceeding now, it seems that the inventory lag was only in the intro (when the pirates attacked).
  8. Hopefully, people are still visiting the Pillars 1 forum. I really need some help. I am trying to replay Pillars of Eternity 1 while I wait for the bugs in 2 to be ironed out and I am suffering from periodic stutters every 30 seconds or so. The framerate's almost locked at 60 everywhere but it still stutters. It's quite annoying. Doesn't matter where I am, it still stutters. This and Pillars 2 are the only games I am having issues with on my system. Everything else runs fine. My system specs: OS: Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) CPU: i7 3770K (overclocked or not, it makes no difference) GPU: Geoforce GTX 1060 6GB (I have tried switching this with an older GTX 780. No change in stutter) Storage: 1TB SSD RAM: Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB (2x8GB) 1866MHz DDR3 Motherboard: Asrock Z75 Pro3 I do not have a Gsync Monitor. I have a "Generic PnP 60hz Monitor" Temps never go above 60 degrees Things I have tried: Vsync On/Off Lowered setting to the lowest it was possible to go. Capped framerate to 30 Ran game as administrator Tried running the game with each different compatibility setting Verified game cache with steam Updated nviida drivers Complete uninstall and reinstall of the game Tried the different launch parameters (-force-d3d11, -force-opengl) Double checked that the game was using my actual GPU. Temporarily disabled my integrated gpu to force the game to use of my dedicated gpu Ran with high cpu priority Fiddled with the cpu affinity (disabled and re-enabled the working cores to trick it into using my other cores, which HAS worked for different games before.) Overclocked the GPU Underclocked the GPU Removed any and all overclocking from GPU and CPU Tried to disable any non windows services Made sure everything else was closed with task manager before running the game. Checked to make sure I was using "Maximum Performance" power option. Disabled both Steam Overlay and the in-game telemetry. Turned off all my monitoring software(MSI Afterburner). Temporarily disabled my antivirus disconnected my ethernet cable removed any usb devices removed audio devices (certain older games crash when using certain audio devices) I don't know what else to do. Some people with lesser hardware are getting better performance while others with stronger hardware are getting worse performance. I am welcome to and appreciate any suggestions you might have. DxDiag.txt
  9. I am on Gog Fig backer version macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 2.4ghz Intel Core 2 Duo 8Gb Memory and Nvidia Geforce 320M 256MB I know I am underspeced, but the game is pretty well optimized on the rest of the gameplay and I think that the aforementioned screens should be the least likely to slowdown the performance,so maybe something happens there. On PoE 1 I had no such problems ,if it helps *Also sometimes running the game results in blackscreens where there is limited interaction,tht is to say you can year dialogue going but in black,sometimes it happens in the menu too. * I also found an instance where the enemy pirate ship in the opening battle disappears, its crew standing over the waves attacking normaly. I wanted to report my findings for the optimisation/bug fixing team.
  10. I've been watching some streamers play, most notably itsmeJP who has the best PC money can buy (SLI GTX 1080ti / i7 6800K) and he cannot maintain even 60fps (which is the minimum these days with 120Hz and especially 144Hz becoming so popular), I've seen him drop as low as 24fps and in general he's sitting around 35 - 45fps which is really awful considering his hardware. If the best PC money can buy can't play this game properly what chance do the rest of us have? If Steam is to be trusted the average user is using far, far less powerful hardware so it'll be interesting to see the experience most people end up getting. I'm hoping the build the streamers are currently playing isn't the build we'll receive tomorrow, because if it is I'll have to hold off playing until it's patched.
  11. So I've been putting this game off since it came out because of terrible frame rate in various areas and during every combat encounter. When I pledged for this game it never crossed my mind that a 2.5D game would ever perform so poorly. After checking back every single patch to see if things have improved and seeing nothing, I'm at wits end. During the year or so the game has been out, I have upgraded my PC from a i5 2500k/HD 6950 to an i7 6700/GTX 980 Ti, and to my utter dismay, I saw almost negligible performance improvement. I was briefly relieved that Copperlane began running at 60fps right after the 3.0 patch, but after a little while playing, the performance dropped back to the usual crap (some kind of memory leak at work I'm sure). The thing is, I could probably tolerate certain areas running at 45fps, but the combat in this game routinely drags performance down to the 20s and 30s when spells go off, making the game a sluggish mess and nigh unplayable. I'm almost certain that others are suffering the same performance issues so why isn't anyone complaining here? Obsidian, are you just going to leave the game as is and completely ignore optimisation? Sure, the support you've given the game content wise is admirable but why hasn't something central like performance been paid any attention? As entitled as I may sound, I would like a dev response to clarify just what is going on, as I'm sick of waiting to play this game I pledged hundreds of dollars for and years looking forward to.
  12. It bugged me in the first game and it's still bugging me now that we can't tweak the game as needed to improve performance or just to remove certain PP that we don't like the use of. A preset slider just seems a bit lazy IMO.
  13. https://streamable.com/c54p3 This happens all the time, it's really off-putting.
  14. I only just bought PoE 2 days ago and I'm enjoying nerding out very much, but technically I'm finding it quite poor. The frame rate is really bad during combat, fluctuating wildly from 20 - 100fps. I'm also having lots of audio issues, from voice work skipping to choppy audio while just exploring (I've disabled my VPN and IP6 which helped but didn't fix it entirely). So now I'm wondering is PoE2 on the same engine? If so will it be the absolute latest version of Unity which I know is a little better. Once I finish PoE I'd like to back PoE2 and buy it early, and the only thing that's holding me back is the worry of it running poorly, which is always my worry when a game uses Unity.
  15. So, I'm recovering from surgery at my parents' house and don't have access to my PC. I picked up a compute stick M3 for general purpose use. I would like to play Pillars 1, but don't know if I want to install it if it will just be unplayable. Does anyone have any idea what kind of performance i might get on low settings?? Im sure it's a long shot, but worth asking i suppose. Compute stick M3: Intel Core M3 Windows 10 64GB onboard + 200gb MicroSD 4GB DDR3 Intel HD graphics 515 <--- maybe the big issue?
  16. By moving across any map, I encounter short lags every 10-15 secs. Now I found that quite a lot people are posting the same issue on different forums since the game released. None of the patches since then addressed it. My Specs are: win 7 64bit gtx 460 amd phenom ii x4 8 gig ram
  17. Hi everyone, I'm posting on behalf of my girlfriend. We bought Pillars of Eternity on the Steam sale (aww yiss) under the impression that it would run on her laptop. For reference, here are the minimum requirements listed on Steam, alongside my girl's laptop specs: | | minimum | laptop | |-----|-------------------|-----------------| | OS | Vista 64 or newer | Win7 64 | | CPU | i3-2100T | i5-2450M | | RAM | 4 GB | 4 GB | | GPU | Radeon HD 4850 | Radeon HD 7450M | So clearly, we exceed the minimum requirements everywhere but RAM. At this point, I should mention that we can run e.g. Borderlands 2/Pre-Sequel at a smooth 50-60fps on low settings. I don't believe for a second that Pillars is more graphically intensive than a 3D game. The problem we face is an extreme amount of "lag" in character creation. The frame rate is low... like maybe < 15 fps. Input takes a long time (> 1 second) to register. I don't want to return this game, I really don't. I've been following it since the Kickstarter was announced. We've already spent an hour in character creation, and with diagnostic tests and stuff that duration is going to go over 2 hours and we will be unable to return the game and get our money back. Please help! I've got the AA set to minimum. I've tried running as admin. I've tried running in borderless. All our network adapters (except the one we actually use) are disabled. None of these issues occur in the main menu - only once we enter character creation. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  18. One thing I did encounter quite often in this game is that if I'm on a map/scene with a lot of particle effects (like fog, rain, biawac in the beginning, ...), the framerate drops tremendously. On native resolution (1920x1080) and AA off I run this game around 45-50 fps, but everytime the weather goes to rain for example I can be lucky if my fps stay above 30 fps. The same applies for scenes like the biawac in the beginning and every other "flashy" scene only that it goes down to like 19 fps and thats quite annoying in my opinion. I don't know the exact reason for that, but I guess it has to do with the particles in the game and how they affect my CPU. I'm curious if I'm the only one with this problem and I also wanna ask, if an option to turn down particle effect may solve it?
  19. I'm playing on a 27" iMac with 3.4 GHz Intel i5, GF 780M GTX, bootcamped to Windows 8.1. This is well past the recommended requirements, and I'm generally getting really smooth framerates. Graphics setting "high." However, whenever someone casts Chain Lightning (e.g. adra beetles), the game turns into a slideshow until the FX finishes. I don't have a framerate indicator up, but I'd eyeball about 2-3 FPS. Not a huge deal, but nevertheless something that should be addressed.
  20. I've noticed that frame rate drops in larger areas like Copperlane in Defiance Bay, especially around groups of NPCs. Frame rate returns to the normal 60fps when the game is paused, so it's definitely not a graphics card bottleneck but a CPU one. I also get dramatic frame rate drops in combat when certain spells are used. This seems purely a graphics bottleneck, but I feel I shouldn't be getting such poor performance from my reasonably decent hardware. Also, most of the spell effects are WAY too heavy and overblown, obstructing characters in combat more often than not. Perhaps tuning them down will also result in better performance? Two birds with one stone? Is this happening to anyone else? My system is above the recommended specs: i5-2500k 3.3Ghz 8GB AMD Radeon HD 6950 2GB
  21. Okay, so I've had this problem on and off with the game since I purchased it on release. I have actually finished the main campaign and am looking to pick up the expansion to tide me over until D3's release. Perfect timing right? But this is ruining my plans! It's a very odd problem which I have no explanation for. It seems now for some reason the problem has gotten worse. Let me explain what happens. So basically, when I run the game, everything runs beautifully. I'm maxing everything except for shadows which are on normal. Smooth, running at about 50-60 FPS the whole time all good. Resolution is 1920 x 1080 - full screen. Very happy indeed. But then suddenly, for NO apparent reason, my FPS drops, drastically. The game becomes unplayable. Sometimes, if I wait around for a while, the issue will resolve itself, but the problem will come back after a while. Previously, my gf and I would be able to play for a long time without this happening...SOME times. Now it seems impossible. I did a graphics card driver update recently and what is most frustrating is I feel the game does run smoother, when it runs well, but the problem seems to happen more frequently. Here are my system specs: Dell Studio XPS 1645 Windows 7 Professional 64 bit Intel core i7 Q740 8GB RAM AMD Radeon HD 5730 Graphics card Driver version / date: 8.951.0.0 / 8-03-2012 If I start the task manager during one of these drops, the CPU is running at only 29%. DungeonSiegeIII.exe is taking up about 330k K in memory. I want to also note, that while I am using the MotionInJoy DS3 tool to use PS3 controllers, the problem happens irrespective of this, even when using just mouse and keyboard. Could this be an overheating problem? Is the game able to run, but too taxing for my graphics card causing it to overheat? In comparison, I was running Dragon Age Origins at close to max and never had this issue. I also ran the D3 beta at all max except shadows and never had this issue. Any help would be really appreciated, I want to play the expansion!
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