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  1. He doesn't look like a woman to me at all. Neither in his looks, his walk, his gestures or the way he is standing. Quite frankly, looking at the cutscenes, his build couldn't be more male-looking.
  2. KOTOR, followed by the group of TIE Fighter, TSL and Jedi Knight. I'd love to have a game in the mold of TIE Fighter again. Sadly LucasArts isn't interested in space combat combined with a great story
  3. I really doubt it. Revan was the leader of the Jedi who got into the war, he masterminded the strategy and gave orders. Everything was his idea, not his masters. I doubt that Kreia had any knowledge about what Revan did or knew at that point of time. Squint is just a follower, nothing more. He can't be Malak, either. As Malak was already bald when he was younger (e.g., the vision of the Dantooine ruins).
  4. Well, he needed to destroy Telos or the Sith wouldn't have accepted him. Telos was at least partly a military target, there were Republican ships present. Taris was not, it was under Sith control and they were having quite a few soldiers down there. It is one thing to attack a world, it is something completely different to destroy one which you already control.
  5. I think KOTOR II already considers her alive. Only in one of the four options does she not make an appearance. DS is obvious, LSM has the T3-holo and the dialog with Carth. LSF is the exception, but if LSM already has an appearance by her, even though she could have been killed in KOTOR, it is not far fetched to think of her as being alive in this case as well. It would definately not be very easy to include her as a party-member, though I think it can be done. I'd love to see her in a bigger role in KOTOR III. Not necessarily as a party-member, but someone who gets more than the 2-3 lines like in TSL. The larger the role Revan has in the game, the more important Bastila gets.
  6. Yeah, some people tend to forget that Hoth is a remote system where nothing really happens. That is the whole reason why the Rebels chose it in the first place. I have no idea why so many people want everything to happen in places like Hoth. Seriously, you can use lots of planets, or create all kind of new ones, why use one which isn't supposed to be used for anything but the story it was already used in?
  7. I'd say if someone goes searching for Revan, it has to be the Exile. You can't just send some random Jedi, no matter how talented, on such a mission. Kreia pretty much tells the Exile that he has to go and help Revan. She taught him all she could and he is better suited than anyone else, not to mention that he has a connection to Revan, something only a very selected few have. None of those can make the trip, just like no new Jedi-character could. A new Jedi-character doesn't know Revan and isn't prepared to take on the Sith on his own. Sending someone who has no experience in fighting Sith is not exactly the best choice for a mission into unknown space and enemy territory. Of course, you could always use a Jedi who spent years in hiding and is already quite old, but then you would need a reason why this Jedi dis- and reappeared. Not to mention that there isn't all that much potential in a fully trained Jedi.
  8. The task-manager is rarely any kind of help, it gets shot very easily. Try to get the process-explorer, if you haven't got it already. It's doing the same things as the task-manager, just more and better. Not to mention that no virus attacks it, so it can't be blocked like the task-manager.
  9. I don't think all the Jedi council did was giving Revan some "happy thoughts". His minds was completely broken, they basically gave him a new past. He may have been a Sith, but he also was a Jedi before that, I don't think that there is any reason to suspect that the darkside had any lasting influence past his memory loss. As for why they didn't do it to other Sith. 1) None of them where of any importance to the Jedi 2) They didn't know the secrets of Revan's army 3) They weren't close to death, suffering severe brain damage It is one thing to "restore" a mind which is badly wounded, it is something totally different to "overwrite" an existing mind of a somewhat healthy person. What they did to Revan was already stretching the boundaries quite a bit, but he would have died otherwise, other Sith didn't suffer the same fate, it would be murder. Not to mention that the Jedi had better things to do than spending quit a bit of time on some low-ranking Sith. Nor would it be clear whether you can successfully overwrite a healthy mind. The risk is simply not worth the efforts, Revan was a special case. I don't see any connection between Revan and Plageius, either. Seeing someone as the heart of the force and having someone who can save/create life, isn't really a close connection. One is simply a metaphor, the other is an ability very few, if any other people have learned. Not every powerful person needs to be linked to another one. Besides, if I remember correctly, Darth Plageius isn't human
  10. No, she doesn't. She says "you are not much older than me", she never mentions an age. How would she know about Bastila's age anyway?
  11. I don't think that there is all that much to translate, if anything. The local versions have the correct soundfiles. What needs to be done is writing down what is said, which is a boatload of work, but no real translation.
  12. Well, George Lucas ha absolutely nothing to do with the games LucasArts is producing. He is a film-maker, LucasArts, ILM, Skywalker Sound, etc. have their own management for a reason. As if one person has enough time to take care of every part of his company...
  13. I agree with the Juhani-bit, but I don't think that Mira is still a teenager in KOTOR, that would make her only as old as Mission, or even younger, nor do I think that Bastila's age is given anywhere in the two games.
  14. Well, Nihilus still controls part of the Sith and his followers seem to follow the Sith ideals quite properly, so I do think you can still call him a Sith Lord. I agree though, that he isn't all that powerful. Actually, from that point of view, the Exile isn't either, nor is Sion, although to a lesser extend. Their power doesn't come from their control of the force, what makes them powerful is their special ability. That's why Revan, Kreia and Malak are stronger, they gain their strength through the force, not out of what they are. Nihilus can't use his ability against the Exile, which makes him a somewhat weak opponent (although he really wasn't supposed to be that easy, else Visas wouldn't interfere with her little speach). Without his primary power he doesn't really know what to do. He either isn't all that strong in the force, or is simply extremely confused by being shut down. The Exile wasn't all that talented, either. Vrook mentions in the recording on Dantooine that he was rather average. He became powerful because he combined his only real strength (bonding) with the new ability he gained by cutting himself off the force. He has the power to beat pretty much everyone, but it isn't really "his" power. Sion's advantage is that he can't die unless he wants to. He is powerful enough to beat anyone outside a selected few, else he wouldn't be in the position he is, but he wouldn't be all that dangerous if he could die.
  15. I disagree completely, make it one year, five is the absolute maximum for the story to work. TSL already paved the way for the story of KOTOR III. You have a threat which needs to be taken care off and the protagonists who are going to fight it, waiting 50 years leaves the story and the fate of important characters completely open/unfinished. If the Sith are such a dangerous threat, they wouldn't wait for 50-60 years to attack, because by then, the Republic and the Jedi Order have rebuild completely. They spent the whole second game building up the true Sith, it wouldn't make much sense to not finish that story arch. And the only way they can do that properly, is by setting the game shortly after TSL.
  16. It did for me, one attack and it goes down a few seconds later.
  17. How did you end up with a german version? I think getting English soundfiles shouldn't be a problem, the patches for better sound and video quality must be somewhere around. Getting English text is another matter, I don't think it is possible to change it. Your best bet would be to go and bring the game back to where you got it and look for an english version.
  18. I don't think your arguments make much sense, either 1) I don't think that Revan was all that much older, maybe 6-7 years. That's quite a difference, but nothing unheard of. The difference between a female Revan and Carth might actually be much bigger. It doesn't matter whether you think if someone could fall for a person who is "young and naive". There might be a large majority who feels like it could happen, so using this is to strengthen your view is no argument. 2&3) Of course she doesn't want to, that's why she tries to resist all the time. She has one weak moment in all of the journey before her fall to the darkside. That looks like plenty of resistance to me. Besides, there is this little thing called force bond and not to mention Revan's behaviour, which is so totally different from what it was before. A handsome, extremely powerful and charismatic character is certainly a rather obvious choice for someones affection. His past doesn't mean much. There are plenty of women who go out with absolute nut cases who aren't good for them. If someone can go out with people like those, there isn't a reason why someone can't fall in love with someone who treats him/her better than anyone else ever did. 4) And I have seen plenty of characters with worse chemistry who ended up in a relationship, so what's your point? The banter doesn't continue all the way long, once she considers you a friend it's pretty much gone. Besides, you don't need to use the banter to get her to fall in love with your Revan. I really doubt that one of those "couples" ever had the mission - or where the last hope - to save the Earth or something like that
  19. Her mission was to capture him. The Jedi needed to know where Revan and Malak's fleet was coming from. Taking out Revan doesn't help as much as knowing what Revan knew. Whether she thought about that when she saved him is another matter
  20. Actually, the DVD-versions are not untouched, they have much better sound and picture quality then the original versions, although they are not up to par with the restored versions. What's the problem with Episode III's dialog? Now, I might understand if someone doesn't like the dialog in Episode II, but Episode III had hardly any bad dialog, at least nothing worse than the original movies had. Apart from some "funny" stuff in the beginning perhaps, but that's like two or three lines. I don't understand what's supposed to be wrong with Christensen's acting either. He's supposed to play a whiny brat, and that's exactly what he does. Sometimes I think people confuse bad acting with not liking a role.
  21. Obsidian was starting to work on KOTOR II before the work on the first one was finished. Even if you take the PC-release of KOTOR as the latest date they were working on it, which is too late, you are still talking about at least one year of work on KOTOR II. The first one had a much longer development circle, at least two, maybe up to three years. The game was supposed to be released in late 2002 for xbox, and spring 2003 for PC. They announced in August 2002, roughly one year before the final xbox-release, that the game would be delayed until summer 2003. The official site on that project already had screenshots, concept art and models online in march 2002. You don't have an own site for a new game right away, not to mention that there is quite a way from concept art to screenshot, especially if you have to develope/change the whole engine for what you need. Hardly any games takes a year or less to produce. Unless it is a yearly product, or only half a game. I haven't seen a big release done in a year for quite some time. KOTOR II had the advantage of an established engine, which took away the need to work from scratch, yet it was pressed in a schedule that was way too tight, and it still took over a year to produce. That alone should tell you, that a one-year development circle is not even close to being the norm.
  22. The current DVD-release has the laserdisc-version as bonus. So while they are not completely unchanged, they are on the level of 1993. They are only available until Christmas or something like that, so if you want the pre-special edition movies, you should look at these DVDs, as they won't be released with next years 6-movie-box or any further DVD-release afterwards.
  23. Um, yes, Sidious does come close to all the most powerful Sith Lords, he actually surpasses them Just because some authors played the "my badguy is soooo much stronger than your badguy" game, doesn't mean that their Sith are indeed the most powerful. Besides, you never saw what Sidious is capable of. He was already in power, something no other Sith ever achieved, he had no need to use any extremely powerful abilities. In the end, the word which counts comes from Lucas, and if he says that Sidious was the most powerful Sith of all, than he was the most powerful Sith of all. Though Vader would have ended up more powerful, if he hadn't lost against Obi Wan. Anakin's force ability passes everyone else, he was the chosen one for a reason, yet he wasn't as strong as Sidious when he lost to Obi Wan. Now, if even the chosen one hadn't passed Sidious yet, why should some ancient Sith Lord have done it?
  24. I'm pretty sure that some parts which are restored in the restauration-project weren't supposed to be in the final game, even before the excessive last minute cutting happened. Not everything that was cut at the end of the development circle was necessarily cut because of time restrains, either. Without word from a developer no one will ever know whether this certain part was supposed to be in the game or not, although it is somewhat obvious in certain cases. That said, having more content than originally planned for the final version sure beats having an unfished version Although I have to say that I still enjoyed KOTOR II immensely. It's close to the top of my favorite games, and I would love to see Obsidian finish the story in KOTOR III.
  25. The story is the most important thing in the KOTOR-games, so I'd like to have a reason to be on a certain planet. Would seem a bit strange, if you are supposed to fight over the fate of the galaxy, most likely not having much time, and you go hunting some gizkas on a backwater planet instead of fighting the war. As for being able to play as a non-Jedi, I don't think so. The game is called Knights of the Old Republic for a reason. Your character wouldn't be able to beat the real badguy. A strong character might be able to beat a random Jedi, but when it comes to the really powerful ones, they have no chance whatsoever. Just look at Jedi Knight II, if you want so see what happens when a non-force user fights a powerful force-user. Besides, if you have Jedi in your crew, they would be more poweful than your character. That might be nice, from a certain point of view, but it would lead to the question why you would fight the main badguy instead of them.
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