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  1. It's really funny how some people feel the need to attack Team Gizka anytime they can. Did TG kill your dogs, else I can't explain why anyone would be so hateful. If you prefer TSLRCM, fine, if you want to stick with TSLRP that's fine as well. No need to get all worked up over stuff like that. Neither does your life depend on it, nor will insulting someone speed up anything, it's just childish behaviour. This constant whining is really impressive. Normally people would just stop following something if things didn't go their way, apparently not everyone is capable of that.
  2. Duh, of course the game won't look like in the trailer, that was pre-rendered material, not in-game stuff. That is a common way to handle trailers. If the actual game was like that, not many PCs could handle it, neither could any console. We know what the game looks like, it's not state of the art for a reason. The thing is, they don't want to go for high-end graphics, because it would mean less people could play the game. Apart from that, when it comes to graphics, any modern PC utterly destroys the consoles.
  3. Games are canon, just like every other EU-material not labeled infinities. Some things like game-mechanics are obviously not canon, like needing that many hits with a lightsabre, but story- and design-wise everything is canon unless it directly contradicts something superior, like the movies.
  4. I don't know anyone who spends even close to 2k on games every year. Heck, most people don't reach that number with all the games they have bought in their life combined. Even if someone buys a game every other week, he doesn't get close to 2k, and you have to be pretty nuts to buy that many games. Someone who buys that many games must have nothing else to do... There is a reason why MMOs cost that much. One, they cost quite a lot in production and maintenance, two, people pay the price. That doesn't mean that the price is even close to being fair compared to many other games. There is simply less bang for the buck, no matter how good the game is.
  5. Now that is kind of an interesting comment, seeing how you whined and complained about Team Gizka almost everytime you came in here. Read: you are pretty much the last one who should accuse someone of being childish.
  6. Um, no they aren't There is absolutely nothing which suggest that TSL's story will be ignored, on the contrary, the enemy comes right out of TSL, it didn't really exist before that game. Apart from that, did it ever matter? No matter how fast this mod would have been done, in the end, all the cut content wouldn't have mattered. If LucasArts had decided to make KOTOR III instead of TOR, they still would have used the version of KOTOR II which has been sold, the cut content would have remained cut content. The only way things could have been differently, is if LucasArts had decided not to continue the series at all. And even that is only true in the eyes of the fans, officially nothing would have changed.
  7. And George Lucas says the opposite of that, so who cares about what Kreia has to say? Apart from that, how could Kreia talk about the characters from the movies, when those happened almost 4000 years after her death? She was obviously talking about everyone until KOTOR, though I don't think that she was all that consistent in her comments. If Revan was like the heart of the force, how would the ancient Jedi and Sith be that far ahead of everyone? History always tends to glorify people who are long gone. I'd say Kreia is kind of guilty of that as well.
  8. It's private because it's not supposed to be seen until the 4th of April, which was pretty obvious actually. Interesting enough, flaming and baiting only happens by those who somehow think that they have a right to get something...
  9. There is a known bug which prevents you from freeing your companions and thus from continuing the game. Once you enter the base the handmaidens will demand that you lay down your weapons, if you comply immediately, the bug will occur. If you choose one of the other answers and surrender afterwards, you should be fine.
  10. Apparently the press release says that it will be released on PC.
  11. No, they were PC-games. The console version of the first game came years later, and I think the second one also had an earlier PC-release. Don't know where they will go with this. I'd love to get another Max Payne game, but there really isn't much left to tell. Plus, if it's not by Remedy, or at least written by Sam Lake, it will have a very hard time matching up to the first two games. If it's not for PC it isn't really worth it anyway.
  12. Duke Nukem Forever is in development since, well, forever. About three times as long as this project, with a full staff of developers, not a handful of people working in their freetime, and it isn't done either.
  13. Not really possible, Microsoft is pretty much a monopolist, they try this and the fines they will have to pay are beyond what they can think of. Microsoft is already getting into trouble for having the Internet Explorer being included in their OSs. Try to completely take over the market like you suggest, and the company would be history a short time later.
  14. err, you do know who owns and in the end runs LUCAS arts right? That's like saying he has nothing to do with his film production studio or his ranch where all the FX is done. That aside I see nothing to rebut anything I said about him other then splitting hairs. Lucas doesn't run LucasArts, never has, never will. He doesn't decide what LucasArts is doing, he doesn't decide what Skywalker Sound is doing, he doesn't decide what ILM is doing. They all have their own management, which is controlled by another management that oversees all divisions. They come in handy when he is doing a movie or tv-show, but apart from using them for his own projects, he doesn't tell them what to do. As long as they do their job, Lucas doesn't get involved. He's a film-maker, and that's more than enough work. Now and then he gets involved a bit in story-details, but that's only true for important decisions in regard to Star Wars, all the rest is controlled by some guys at Lucas licensing. As for milking the franchise; it's hardly his fault that people are interested in Star Wars. No company in the world acts any differently. You certainly don't see Marvel stop their comic-franchises just for the heck of it.
  15. She left while under the impression that Revan was a Dark Lord. She went after Revan to confront him. Why? She went into Exile for all the hell that went down on Malacore V. This takes place before she learned about the Jedi Civil War. The Jedi Exile has some unfinished buisness with Revan. Why? She answered for his crimes. Otherwords, she went into Exile for Revan and his war. How would anyone feel if the person who they stood trial for had turned to the darkside, and they started an all out Jedi Civil War. Betrayed <--- The theme of The Sith Lords. The Jedi Exile felt betrayed by Revan. Wait, she left searching for Revan after Kreia had told her the whole story. How could she believe that Revan was a Dark Lord, if he had just killed off Malak and saved the Republic from being overthrown by the Sith? Even she, who was in exile all the time, knew what happened between Revan and Malak. If she knew, there was no way that she believed that he was a Dark Lord. All the guide says, is that she is searching for Revan, it doesn't say that she wants to confront him. Then you have additional content, like the meeting with Carth at the end of TSL, which goes directly against her having any sort of grudge against Revan. It's a thing of the past. Judging from TSL, I don't see any interest in Revan at all, nor any feel of betrayal. There was no hatred, no kind of animosity against him. The Exile returned because she felt it was the right thing to do. Whether Revan did anything bad afterwards doesn't really change anything about that. Yes, she was used by the council as a symbol for Revan and his followers, but she wasn't. Just because the council sees her as such, doesn't mean that she thinks so as well. She claimed that the war against the Mandalorians was necessary, that far she agrees with Revan, but she didn't defend him for what happened afterwards. In fact, she was punished for the Mandalorian War, not for Revan turning into a Sith. She couldn't care less whether Revan turned to the darkside, because she didn't defend him for it, she did the opposite and left the war behind. There isn't a single scene in TSL which makes me think that the Exile holds any kind of negative feelings against Revan. Not even in the past. She defends the tactics used during the war, she doesn't say anything bad about him while talking to Kreia or Carth, she defends him going to war, that doesn't sound like someone who holds a grudge. And again, even if she still was angry, which I don't see, the Exile isn't someone who runs off for a personal vendetta when higher things are at stake. As for canon, both Revan and Exile are supposed to be lightsiders.
  16. Actually, nowhere does it say anything about Naga Sadow being the Emperor, that's the same mistake IGN made. Naga Sadow lead an attack on the Republic, he was utterly defeated and fled to Yavin IV. The "last Emperor of the Sith" isn't given a name for a reason. It could end up being Sadow - if they choose to make the Sith Lord killed by Freedon Nadd not the real and living Sadow - but currently there is no name associated with the Emperor. The funny thing about making Sadow this Emperor would be that he was anything but a good tactician the first time around. He makes Malak look like the most cunning tactician ever, now he's suddenly supposed to be brilliant at it? The problem with your theory about Revan and his reasons behind the path he chose, is that he had a completely different plan before Malak turned against him. If the fight against the true Sith was a fight of believe, which is what Kreia indicates, he wouldn't need an Empire to stop them. I really have no idea how you come up with the Exile gunning for Revan. There is no hint at it in TSL at all, nor anywhere else. The Exile was pissed after Malachor, but that doesn't mean that she wanted to go after Revan once she returned to the Republic. In fact, with Kreia telling her about Revan's reasons and how there is a huge threat to be stopped, I really don't see how the Exile would even think about confronting Revan, especially since she is a lightsider by canon. Even if she still had a beef with Revan, which doesn't seem likely looking at TSL, she'd care about the important matter first, which is stopping the Sith, not handling a matter she has come to peace with a long time ago.
  17. I do think that they will use him in some capacity for the story, but I don't see how one could believe that he would return, when it's mentioned specifically that he didn't return. By the time of TOR he's dead anyway.
  18. You don't play a role in the movies, books and comics, now do you? As long as you aren't directly involved, this can work. Which is a given in books, comics and movies. Games are completely different. Where is the sense in playing something if the result doesn't matter? The ending has to be of importance, especially in a game that would close out such a trilogy. In KOTOR you have to save the galaxy, or conquer it, in KOTOR II you have to stop the Sith, get the Jedi Order back running and have the true Sith looming in the background. There is a reason to fight in those games, if you didn't the galaxy would be screwed. In such a KOTOR III, it doesn't matter what you do, you can't win. There is no purpose.
  19. I don't see how that is supposed to give hope for a KOTOR III. Yes, they leave it open, for now, but what purpose would a KOTOR III about that story have? You know what is happening afterwards, there is nothing really thrilling about that part. Unlike KOTOR and KOTOR II, where you didn't know what lay ahead, everything is set. It would only be a filler, completely unimportant, that's nothing you can base a game on, much less something with as high expectations as KOTOR III has. This isn't like the prequels, where you also knew the result. In the prequels, the result was unimportant, the way towards it was what mattered. In the case of a game, that simply doesn't work.
  20. I seriously doubt that. Right now there isn't anything that could connect Revan and said Emperor. Unless Revan was Sith Emperor for hundreds of years, then suddenly turned young again and became a Jedi Knight, before leaving to become the ancient Sith Emperor again.
  21. Don't see it. It looks like they are completely in line with the story of KOTOR II. There are 300 years between KOTOR II and TOR, that's more than enough time for the Republic and Jedi to return to strength again. In fact, KOTOR II is the basis of the rebuilt Jedi Order. Still a completely stupid idea, the fact that the design does look like the movie era doesn't help either. There is nothing redeeming about this idea. All they did was use something for the 66454th time. Sadly that stuff wasn't good the first time they tried it.
  22. Does he control LucasArts? I thought someone else was in charge. Yes, someone else is head of LucasArts, he's got hardly anything to do with LucasArts apart from allowing or nixing some story-details now and then. Quite frankly, the story sounds stupid. It's the 684th rehash of the people turning against the Jedi for no particular reason at all. There is zero closure on KOTOR II, just yet another Sith Empire which never was supposed to take over Coruscant. The only somewhat interesting part of the story is the "Emperor" missing since the treaty was signed and all the Sith fighting over power. The design looks nothing like KOTOR, instead it's somwhere between the Clone Wars, Empire and Legacy. If they absolutely needed to make an MMO in that timeline, the least they could have done was to keep it somewhat in line with the KOTOR-games, both in story and design. It's bad enough that they ruined this series by going for an MMO anyway. Oh well, LucasArts pretty much screwed up their games in the recent past anyway. So did Del Rey with the books. Only Dark Horse and the comics are left now...
  23. Maybe it's just me, but I don't see how you are faring any better in that regard. Reading this topic, you were the first person who went on "teenager-level", just like you were the first person who showed disrespect for the opinion of someone else. Volourn tends to use an "interesting" style when it comes to discussions, but there wasn't anything wrong with his arguments, nor was he insulting. I agree with what's good and bad about Obsidian, but disagree with many things you write about Bioware. They can be somewhat repetitive in certain themes, but then again so are most of the big gaming-franchises. Bioware has zero reason to go for drastic changes, as their games are highly acclaimed and very successful, as long as that keeps up, changing too many things would be foolish. As for similar stories, well gues what, that happens. You can count the truly innovative story-ideas on one hand by now. Pretty much everything has been done in a similar way by now, all you can do is change the surroundings and style. It's not like people got bored by their storylines or characters. KOTOR is about as popular as it gets, and Revan is one of the key figures of the EU. That game alone spawned a sequel, books and a comic-series, because it's so beloved. Looking around the internet, you will find a majority of people think KOTOR is vastly superior to KOTOR II, I don't agree with that, but it shows that Bioware did deliver something that many people care about, something that hit the right notes when it comes to those who played it.
  24. EA will blame it on a weak PC gaming market, and it is getting weak because of DRM. Or, in the case of the EA Sports series, because the games are bloody awful and an insult to every pc-gamer. This year they release the fourth version of NHL06... I wasn't aware that a company can stop someone who legally bought one of their products from using it. No one has the right to tell you what to do with a product you bought, as long as it's for private use and not going against public interest. Unless it's a continuous product, like an MMO, you can't take a game away from someone without giving him his money back.
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