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  1. Entire games are usually created by a whole studio, not by a handful of people in their free-time... I have my doubts that any group of similar size could do it any faster, as long as they don't work on it fulltime. It's amazing enough that they managed to come this far, there have been many groups who quit on much smaller and easier mods. Apart from that, I seriously doubt that it is anywhere near as easy as you want to believe.
  2. There are many ways to be beyond using a lightsabre. The quote isn't meant as "we have this one ability which we can use against someone with a lightsabre", it's meant as "there are other ways to beat an enemy, not just taking him on with a lightsabre". The Sith under the rule of two, culminating with Palpatine, prefered lies and deceit to get into a position of power. Using everyone around them without their knowledge and bringing them to do exactly what they wanted them to do, preferably shoveling their own grave. Of course you can use the force to fight someone who has a lightsabre, but that isn't really the point. Taking the quote as "we use lightning" is especially unrealistic if you look at who Sidious is talking to, Vader can't use lightning because of his damaged body and the armour he is wearing. And if you want to talk about "powers", if such a thing even exists: Dooku used lightning on Obi Wan, and Obi Wan blocked it with his lightsabre without any kind of effort. You need to be really masterful, like Palpatine, or catch your opponent completely off guard, which shows that it isn't the best weapon to use in such a case. Add Sidious putting everything he had into Mace Windu, to the point of being completely drained, and still not being able to swipe away his lightsabre. Dooku picked up Obi Wan and choked/crushed him without breaking a sweat, just like Yoda threw the Emperor through the whole room. It's not the power that matters, it's how capable the user is.
  3. No, nothing is confirmed so far, no one ever said anything official about KOTOR III existing in any kind of form. Judging from Bioware and LucasArts keeping quiet on Riccitiello's comment, and Riccitiello backtracking from "the MMO we are developing with Lucas" in the portfolio-interview to "the other MMO we haven't announced yet" in the next interview, I wouldn't expect to hear official word on it anytime soon. Until someone from LucasArts talks about it, we will have no idea whether this is supposed to be KOTOR III, a replacement of KOTOR III, just a game in the time of KOTOR but not a replacement for KOTOR III or even something completely different.
  4. The One also mentions that Revan used the force to drill basic into the heads of the Rakata. There is nothing to suggest that Kreia was lying or that Revan isn't one of the most powerful. It's not like Palpatine came to power through vast use of the force either. Trying to judge the power of a person by whether he felt the need to show of his powers, is rather pointless. KOTOR describes Revan as extremely powerful, so does KOTOR II, and Path of Destruction as well. That's all the canon source-material about Revan, no interpretation needed. He clearly isn't as powerful as Palpatine, but then again, no Sith ever was
  5. Well, are you? Just because someone owns something doesn't mean that he is involved in everything that is done. Bill Gates isn't developing software for Microsoft, just like the owners of Walmart, IKEA or any other billionaire don't have anything to do with the business of local parts of the company. Lucas is a film-maker, he produces movies, not to mention that he is father of three children, he has no time to lead companies like LucasArts, ILM or Skywalker Sound. Every sub-company has its own management which makes the decisions. Above them, is another management which makes sure that all the managements of the sub-companies are doing their job properly. That is a fact. Just because Lucas gets involved in certain production circles which require the word of the creator of Star Wars, doesn't mean that he is involved in day-to-day business. Why do you think these people are around, because Lucas likes to throw money at people while he is doing their job? What kind of movies ILM and Skywalker Sound are working on, and which games LucasArts is working on, is decided by themselves. The president of LucasArts decides how to handle the franchises they have. He decides what kind of release schedule they want to have (see the change from many games to just one big game per year that they were talking about), whether they are producing in-house or outsourcing the material, and which games have a high priority.
  6. They did ask him for some input on Force Unleashed, but that's mostly things which have to do with continuity and stuff like that. It's mostly because the game is playing between the two trilogies, I doubt that they would have asked him for input if the game was supposed to play during the time of KOTOR. LucasArts has its own management, which decides what kind of games are produced. A decision about KOTOR III would have nothing to do with Lucas, because Lucas is busy producing movies and tv-shows.
  7. Seeing how he has absolutely nothing to do with the decisions made by LucasArts, I can't see how he played his cards wrong
  8. KOTOR was buggy as well. A game being unfinished and a developer getting criticized for it has nothing to do with bombing. TSL wasn't as big as KOTOR, but hardly any sequel beats a successor of such scale. It didn't disappoint either. And? They wouldn't be released at the same time, now would they. Of course they wouldn't put it head-to-head with Mass Effect, but that's common behaviour and done with every game. Every company tries to get their product released at a time where the competition is low. You wouldn't have seen GTA and Halo go head-to-head either. Seeing how the year consists of 12 months, and quite a few RPGs fit into that time frame, Mass Effect would have zero effect on KOTOR. They don't need to look at how profitable Mass Effect 2 and 3 will be, because it has absolutely nothing to do with how successful KOTOR 3 would be.
  9. How did KOTOR 2 bomb? If someone hadn't found out about the cut stuff, it wouldn't have gotten any bad news at all. It got enough RPG of the year awards and sold enough copies to be far from a bomb. Why would LucasArts care about how good Mass Effect is selling? This is Star Wars, and it's KOTOR, they know how successful this franchise is, no need to look at others at all.
  10. Revan's whole point is to fight the true Sith, why would the true Sith have an agreement with him? The Star Forge was hidden, no one used it for millenia, the true Sith would be incredible stupid if they knew where it was and told Revan about it. He was a Jedi, they had no reason to trust him. They simply could have used the Star Forge themselves and no one would have found out about them. Having any kind of agreement between the true Sith and Revan simply doesn't make any sense at all, at least not till he left for the unknown regions again.
  11. No, the KOTOR III part is definately from a former employee, it's the connection to Bioware that's just their conclusion.
  12. The Exile isn't someone Revan had an attachment to, plus if Revan had no interest in someone helping him, he would never have let T3 take the Ebon Hawk and return to known space. Either he agreed to that, or he is in trouble, in which case he wouldn't mind getting some help. I really can't see Revan having any trouble with it, especially with the Exile coming from Kreia and all.
  13. Vancouver prospect Luc Bourdon died in a motorcycle accident this morning. Dead at age 21...
  14. Maybe it's just me, but TSL's storyline was thought out. It had way more depth than the first one, which was kind of a rehash. Whether you prefer the more Star Warsy storyline with a big twist or the darker story of TSL is up to you. I for one like both. What needs to happen though, is that the story is actually complete, don't cut things to get an earlier release date. As long as the developer gets the time they need, the story should be fine.
  15. I don't think it's that simple. Many people will indeed don't buy a game just because they can't download it illegally. Just like people won't suddenly go watch a movie in cinema if they can't get it for free on the internet. Of course there will be people who would buy the game if it's the only way to get it, but I wouldn't bank on it being the majority. There are many people who will try out something if they can get it for free, but have zero interest if they have to pay for it. In my experience, those who use pirate copies aren't the ones who rush out to get a game they were dying to get.
  16. The real tv-show isn't likely to start in 2009, last word was 2010 at the earliest.
  17. You might have missed it, but all the recent discussion here is NOT about the restoration project.
  18. Ching and Weaver definately had the best art of all. Flashpoint was perfect in that area. I really dislike those rough designs which lack detail, like the "Daze of hate" part. Vector isn't much better, though that's mostly because of the faces.
  19. Now that I think about it, that sentence could also mean that there will be an announcement about the Force Unleashed, though it would be rather weird to write the same information in two consecutive sentences, just in different words.
  20. Since we already are offtopic, I thought I could mention this as well : http://geoffmk.gametrailers.com/gamepad/in...&id=272180#
  21. Anybody interested in some fishy information without proof look no further than here: There was a big Star Wars convention this weekend in Germany. Among the guests was Steve Sansweet (for those who don't know him : http://www.starwars.com/bio/stevesansweet.html ). He was mostly talking about the Clone Wars series and some Star Wars encyclopedia which he is writing. What he also mentioned, is that you can expect some sort of announcement for either KOTOR III or Battlefront III in the next six months. Now, that sounds pretty weird. I can't tell you why it was worded that way. I guess it isn't really direct quote, more of a roundup of what he said, or he mentioned both games but didn't want to spell more than necessary, I don't know, I wasn't there to hear it Maybe I can find someone who can confirm this. I wouldn't question that he really said something like that, but I have no idea what exactly he said.
  22. Nothing earth shattering, but Drew Karpyshyn has updated his Star Wars blog like he had mentioned on his website a few days ago. Since he does comment on the most recent KOTOR rumours, I guess it kind of fits in here. All in all, it's nothing new really, as he can't talk about anything we don't know already Anyway, if someone wants to read it, here's the link: http://blogs.starwars.com/DrewK/14
  23. I guess the second major will be gone soon. It's about the conversation which turns Bao Dur into a Jedi. The report mentions that it doesn't trigger even though the influence is high enough, but it can only trigger on the Ebon Hawk. So it isn't really a bug, more like trying to get it in the wrong spot.
  24. Since there aren't any changes made to Peragus, you wouldn't notice any mistakes until quite a few hours in the game... Besides, the text is already there, all that can happen is a small slip up, nothing you need special help for.
  25. Well, my manual has asian male for all the pictures until page 20 (the second portrait after "mullet man" is used). Page 24, the close up, uses the (almost) bald caucasian male, only pages 29 and 30 use the first blond woman. Plus, the concept design of darkside exile used in the manual is male as well (I don't think that there is a female version of that picture anyway). If there are multiple versions of the manual, it's suffice to say that they didn't have a canon exile in mind. If every single version of the manual only used female pictures and portraits, then you may have a point, though it would still be an enormous stretch to see a prelude for canon in it. The way it is know, there is simply no way to use anything from the manual as a sign for canon. I might as well say that the canonical versions of all your teammates are long-range fighters, because there isn't a single picture showing them with a melee weapon. Not very likely, now is it.
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