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  1. I wouldn't be so sure that they really planned to develop it internally. Might have been just a small crew for some pre-development which was laid off.
  2. I don't think EA has anything to do with it. Just because they will own Bioware in the future doesn't mean that it has any influence on the contract between LucasArts and Bioware. LucasArts is the publisher, they will release the game, there is nothing EA could do to change that. Especially since the contract between LucasArts and Bioware was signed before EA bought Bioware. If anything, it has to do with Bioware currently having Mass Effect on the market and LucasArts being close to releasing The Force Unleashed.
  3. Even if Obsidian wasn't more established by now, LucasArts wouldn't dare to rush them again. They got enough flak for doing it the first time, they would get bashed beyond believe if they did it again. Talk about much speculation in one mag. KOTOR 3, Star Wars MMO and a Star Wars FPS. Somehow I doubt it.
  4. Apart from not being finished with implementing everything, how exactly would a public beta solve issues faster? A bug is a bug, just because you find it earlier doesn't mean that you have the time to fix it earlier as well. It's not like they are sitting around, doing nothing, while they wait for the bugs to come in. They are working on the bugs and on implementing things, that's enough work as it is. Not to mention that they have a real life as well, and can't just spend every minute on such a project. Who expected the bug-count to stay that low anyway? Everyone knew that it would go up once everything comes together and people do QA.
  5. Huh? Dangerous thoughs, what the hell are you talking about? No, letting everyone wonder what this cooperation is about, is much more likely to generate discussion than announcing the title would. If you announce something, you get some talk early on, but then it fades away, especially since you don't have anything new to show. You only report announce something if there is actually something to announce. Disregarding that you completely ignored the possible legal reasons for not announcing something. I don't see any reason why anybody should announce their next project, when the announcement serves no purpose at all. It's actually very likely that LucasArts and Bioware didn't really want to announce their cooperation, it was discovered accidentally, way before they had anything to show for.
  6. There are plenty reasons why you don't say anything about upcoming games. There could be legal reasons, such as one of the company being under contract for another project of the same kind, which won't run out for another few weeks or months. It might also be a bad idea to announce something if you have another project close to being released. In this case, LucasArts announcing KOTOR 3 would take away the spotlight from Force Unleashed, not a smart thing to do. Being vague leads to more speculation, more speculation means more attention, more attention means people don't forget as easily. It isn't really a wise idea to announce anything when you haven't developed anything. The longer the time between the announcement and new stuff about the game gets, the more people forget about it. Unless you go extremely far and take the Duke Nukem Forever approach For the company it's the best if you announce the game once you are quite far into the development process, so you have some things to show and wow the people. You shouldn't announce it too late though, else you waste time to build up hype.
  7. Somehow I doubt that your opinion would influence what the press would write about it They would rip LucasArts apart for it. Now it's way too late for an official patch. Everyone would take shots at them, for their inability to produce a complete game in the first place, for taking years to make up for it or just because they see it as a marketing ploy for a possible KOTOR III. That kind of attention is something LucasArts definately doesn't need. It's much better for them to do nothing at all, keep quiet, let team Gizka finish their restoration and then announce KOTOR III a short while later. No need to bring your old mistakes back into the eye of the public.
  8. They would never do that. LucasArts didn't allow Obsidian to do it back then, why should they do it now? LucasArts would need to spend money on a project that isn't going to make them any money, not very likely. Nor would they get any good press for releasing such a patch almost three years after the game was released. Disregarding the fact that they would never be able to implement all that stuff into the game in such a short time.
  9. LucasArts hasn't announced anything. Well, they have announced that they are making a new game together with Bioware, but that's it. It's definately not coming out anytime soon, heck, they haven't even said anything about the game, that alone should tell you that a release this year would be impossible.
  10. I don't know if anybody has noticed it, but Bioware now lists an MMO, the "new next gen game" and a project with LucasArts as in development. As for the stories, I think both ways can be good, if done right. In the case of KOTOR 1 and 2, it was done right.
  11. Yet another leap in logic. Bio has had MMO under work (prolly just in preproduction tho' ) for years. Only IP's deal/promise was exactly that. Now we see how much we can trust Bio's word. Still, can't said their IP's have been dramatically original to this date either... what a let down. Maybe DA changes that. ROFLMAO! So your logic on topic is disbeleive Biowares word and form your own opinion ignoring the facts??? LOL, WOW, thats all I can really say about that. I now understand why you and Tale and others think so steadily its K3. Hell why stop at K3? Maybe Bioware and LA making a animated SW7 movie and not a game at all. I mean if were going to toss all the info away and just make **** up What the hell are you talking about? I never said that I expect this to be KOTOR III, if anything I expect the opposite. I was merely pointing out a flaw in your logic. If you present an assumption as a fact, it isn't my fault. The FACT is: Bioware once said they wouldn't use the IP of someone else for future games. Everything else is just an assumption on your part, they never said a word about single player or MMOs. Unless you can come up with an actual quote or other proof of MMOs not counting, all you can do is make an assumption. Maybe you should try and check out what th word "fact" means...
  12. I'd try a different video card driver. For some weird reason both KOTORs run into problems with the drivers now and then. Sometimes even an older driver can solve the problem.
  13. I never heard someone from Bioware say that they weren't interested in doing other companies single player IP games anymore. They said they wouldn't do any games from outside-IPs. Sure, at that point they only produced single player games, but that still can't lead you to the conclusion that it was meant only for single player games. The only fact in that point is that they once said that they wouldn't use IP from someone else, everything else is just speculation.
  14. I guess the features are in grey, because they have nothing to do with the release. They are done after the first version is out.
  15. Actually, if you follow this link: http://www.bioware.com/games/ You will see that there is a MMO and a "new next gen game" listed. Now, such a list doesn't prove much, and it can be twisted in pretty much every direction, but the most obvious conclusion would be that the LucasArts game is not a MMO. Unless they are developing two at the same time, both games are actually the same or the LucasArts game is the MMO and they have another next gen game.
  16. I don't think that Mass Effect would have any effect on whether there is going to be a KOTOR III or not. If there is one game which keeps KOTOR III from the public view, it's Force Unleashed. They are not going to say anything about KOTOR until FU is out. If there still isn't anything about KOTOR III a few months after Force Unleashed has been released, then I would wonder about whether KOTOR is in the short-term plans of LucasArts.
  17. There's already a second Bane novel on the way, and quite frankly I couldn't figure out how to make a game out of that time anyway. The Sith went in hiding and didn't re-appear for another 1000 years, that doesn't look all that appealing to me.
  18. That wasn't really done by the new movies, now was it? The new movies didn't really change anything about the force, it added a small part, but nothing about forms or styles. That came from the EU. Now, one could say that those EU-stuff never would have happened without the new movies, but that's just speculation
  19. Hey, isn't that something new about KOTOR III? It went from "we aren't developing it right now and I don't think anyone else does, either" to "can't talk about it" Nice interview, and some very interesting answers.
  20. I don't remember any comment from the game where Revan and the Exile were considered equal. Kreia made the heart/death comparison, but she never mentioned anything about them being equal in any regard. I don't think that there are all that many all-powerful characters around, and even if they would be, it's not that unreasonable. As a comparison, think of sports. I don't know how many of you have any idea of hockey, but the two most dominant forwards of all time were around at pretty much the same time. Things like that can happen, nothing can stop talent from coming up at the same time. There is no reason to expect the best in some regard to be distributed equally over time. Though I have to say that many EU-authors came up with some really stupid ideas to make their characters more powerful. KOTOR III wouldn't need such a badguy, nor such a main character, both can be powerful without giving them extreme powers, see the first KOTOR.
  21. Isn't that exactly what they do? They take care of the bigger bugs, while things that are only considered features are coming later. Not to mention that they aren't just fixing bugs right now, they are still restoring content and the translations aren't finished either, so it's not like you would get this mod earlier if they would stop fixing bugs.
  22. I wouldn't call the Republic pacifist, they went in to fight the Mandalorians after all. The way I see it, Revan's tactics against the Mandalorians were already questioned by some, but he needed full support in a war against the Sith. No one will ask any question if the Supreme Ruler decides that for tactical reasons losing an entire system is the right way to go. The Senate would hardly accept such a behaviour. Nor would all the military leaders accept it either. Revan thought that he needed full control over everything. It's easier to do the things you want to do, if there is no one beside you who has a say on the matter as well.
  23. Uh, did you somehow miss Force Unleashed? They have one big title they are concentrating on, with lots of new inventions. Why would they announce another one, if that game would just take away the spotlight from their main project? Right now, LucasArts has zero reason to announce KOTOR III. They have a big Star Wars title, plus two major tie-ins for the new Indiana Jones movie. LucasArts isn't EA, they don't bring out 20 games per year. This is a different LucasArts, they don't develope as many games as in the past anymore, and they concentrate on one big SW-title at a time.
  24. This is the second time I have heard someone mention that with the mask, though I have yet so see it myself, where does it come from? It's not in the game anyway. Nihilus has this one special power, without it he isn't exactly unbeatable. I don't think that his raw force-abilities are as good as Revan or Malak's, though he would likely beat both because of his hunger. Unless Revan knows something against that power, you never know what he's really capable of, being the former Sith Lord and all.
  25. They didn't announce a single game at E3, does that mean that they will stop making games at all? The E3 is not what it used to be, there are plenty of other events they can use to announce new games, both in the gaming world and in Star Wars conventions. The last thing they will do, is to announce KOTOR 3 while Force Unleashed isn't out yet. It is possible that KOTOR 3 won't happen in the near future, but LucasArts not showing anything at E3 has absolutely nothing to do with it. Nor is it any prove for a lack of interest.
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