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  1. Wow DeathScepter's questions are very interesting! I just hope that while (or if) these points ar discussed the debate isn't stopped by moderators saying we are to deep in KOtoR I content which doesn't belong in these forums. Thanks for the post, refuse, I especially like that last part a lot
  2. That there I think is really interesting. I don't believe I ever managed to unlock that portion of dialog. I wonder whether Kreia said anything else about Revan's career as a Sith Lord, particularly on why he accepted Malak as apprentice. Could he not forsee that he would betray him? After all his plans were almost foiled by him. Had the Jedi not been so nice as to leave him alive Malak's actions would have destroeyed everything. Is there any reason for Revan teaching or befrending Malak or is this simply one of the very rare cases that Revan miscalculated the outcome of his actions?
  3. I never had a choice of playing the record it jus didn't work out at all. After I had moved some files everything worked the way you described it except that there was no Sith Assassin with a lightsabre and I also didn't see a Bash lying on the ground. I didn't know that the cave was conected to alignment. Can you not enter it when you're darksided? I thought I could but it's long ago so I could be wrong.
  4. Sorry, that didn't work. I tried evry configuration: The Source folder with he sub folders containing the files, only the sub folders containing the files and I also tried only the files in the modules folder. This time when I arrived at Korribannot even the G-Wing shutle was there. I'll try that stuff in the Override folder again. One more thing: Should ".mod" generally be put in the lips folder or maybe in anotherone?
  5. Okay, I'll give it a last try if someone here can help me: I just found a couple .nss files in a sub-folder that I put in my override folder. They are seperated in 701kor, 702kor, 710kor and 711kor folders. All of this is probably in the wrong place. Does anyone know where I have to put them? Also I noticed that in my lips folder there are the files "701kor.mod" and "701KOR_loc.mod". Same for 702, 710, 711. I know I put the files without -"_loc" in there myself. Could that be causing trouble? What's the right solution? Thanks
  6. Does anyone know what files the mod contains so I can delete them or move them in the right folder. If you could help me anyhow I would be glad.
  7. So I'm supposed to meet her after completing Ludo Kressh's tomb but before I exit the cave? That didn't work. I left Korriban without meeting her and hus the Enclave isn't rebuilt (I met the others already).
  8. I didn't meet Lonna Vash in the cave. I don't know if the Enclave is rebuilt now because I think that chain of diary enries was left incomplete this way. Changes the mod made on Korriban: - G-Wing shuttle standing near the Hawk. - Dead Twi'lek instead of Lonna in the academy - Twi'lek hologram (not interacting with the console - no option about anything with the hologram. The only thing I could do with it was "type in Lonna Vash" to open the doors) - Dark Jedi standing next to Revan but disappearing the second you meet him Any suggestions?
  9. Am I supposed to meet Sion in the entrance hall? I thought the mod was supposed to change that. Well let's see.
  10. Probably I did something wrong. There was no description with the mod So what I did now is I moved around some files and now I can access the console and open the door. It worked! Thanks! so lets see what happens now.
  11. The only problem is that I can't access the console. Whenever I attempt to do so that box, mentioned above, appears. Well I guess I'll just have to delete the mod. I believe someone posted a link to it on here. That's how I got it. Thanks for the help!
  12. If GO-TO was in the poll the whole thing would be pointless and boring: GO-TO would have gotten 46 votes by now, the Disciple 2 and T3-M4 1.
  13. recently I have installed the Lonna Vash mod for my game and today I first came to the point where it was. When I saw the dead Twi'lek a box with the words "CONVERSATION ERROR: last conversation node contains either END NODE or CONTINUE NODE. Please contact a designer!" appeared. I would check out his dead body and find a data pad and Jedi robes and the Twi'lek would appear alive next to me talking to me in Twi'lek without any subtitles or options for me to speak to him. After he's done talking to me after apparantly six frames of speech (you can press enter six times until he stops talking) the same box as above/before appears. The same thing happens when I talk to him again. Whenever I try to use that computer pannel that usually opens the door for you when you find the dead Lonna Vash, the same box also appears box appears. I have the German version of the game but it simply used English for the diary entries and the data pad that had to do with the Twi'lek, so I thought it would simply use English for all the modded conversations. Do I have to delete the mod now and restart Korriban? Any help would be appreciated!
  14. Nihilus is my absolute fav. The Exile was only able to defeat him because he had tried to suck the force out of her. And because of the wound in the force the Exile is, Nihilus only damaged himself. That way he was defeatable. Otherwise he would have done he same thing to the Exile he did to Sion in the cut fight between them.
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