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  1. I have to say I don't like the idea at all. First, having a third all-powerful Jedi in such a short period of time would be way too over the top. Th only possible way I see this working would be if the character would be the offspring of either Revan or the Exile, but that would be too similar to the movies. Not to forget: Many, if not most of the people, play these kind of games as a lighsider. It would be kind of dumb to have both Revan and the Exile as darksiders, if you played them as the ultimate lightsiders who would never fall. Now, if you need a new character, you might start of as one of the "true Sith", but that would mean that you start of as a darksider. In my opinion it would be best to use either Revan or the Exile as main character, with some of the two old crews in your new party.
  2. Yeah, Anakin/Vader is the chosen one, Lucas said that more then once. You shouldn't forget, it was Anakin who killed the Emperor, not Luke. Think of the force as the nature. The darkside isn't supposed to be there, it is an abomination in the force itself. By killing the last Sith and destroying the grip of the darkside on the galaxy, he restored the force. That's one of the reasons why the expanded universe doesn't really fit to the movies. They didn't really have a choice as darksiders are the only enemy for Jedi, but the story itself was over when the Emperor was killed, because the movie needed a conclusion / happy ending.
  3. @Drakron Um no, there are quite a few companies which are way richer than LucasArts For me, there was hardly any difference in playability between the two KOTORs. The music was of the same quality as in the first one, there weren't more bugs and TSL didn't freeze more often then KOTOR, so it's down to story and some other content. It's not like KOTOR didn't have the same problems... The story was great in both KOTORs, although TSL had some interesting parts cut, it was still a thrilling story. I'd say KOTOR had the better music but TSL the better game-play, which isn't surprising as TSL was build on KOTOR's gameplay. In the end it's all about how the game compares to other games released in the same year and Fable was the only other big RPG-game, so it's not like the competition was strong.
  4. I have to agree that I don't really like my party members dying for my character, although it's some nice story telling. I'm a sucker for happy endings I'd love to have a slightly different ending, which includes your party members, but I like them too much to get them killed. More important for me would be the droid factory and the goto/remote/hk sequence though.
  5. Um, why would microsoft or LucasArts do that? First, every patch or expansion has to be greenlighted by LucasArts, therefore it would be their decision and they would have no reason to punish Obsidian. Second, microsoft would be very stupid to stop selling LucasArts products, as Star Wars games are top sellers and microsoft needs everything they can get against sony and nintendo. Things that were cut are not included in a product, therefore they were not material that "should have been included in the first place". If LucasArts says "that's the finished version", then microsoft can't do anything about it. It's not microsofts decision on what is included in a game they didn't produce themselves.
  6. Instead of creating a new character you could use an old npc like Bastila or one of your new Jedi from KOTOR II. Okay, you couldn't decide on the looks and the Jed class, but it is kind of like using an old character. As long as there is a good reason for your character and you have some npcs from the first two games in your party, I'll be happy. Having the choice between Revan and the Exile, while the other one will be a party member, plus having Bastila and some others, would be great. Might be a problem with the voices though.
  7. Well, there is more than enough time from December to Februar to implement all languages needed. It's not like they have to wait with the translation, the game is finished after all (for the Xbox).
  8. Why shouldn't they use the "old" name? It's the time period that matters, not one single person. As long as they are Jedi Knights of the Old Republic the name should remain the same. There never was any talk about "the greatest Jedi ever". Revan was the most powerful at his time, that's not even close to being the most powerful ever. And who says that your new character will be as powerful as Revan or even Malak? The game actually does the opposite of what you say. The top guns are dead or lost, now comes the rest, who might be as powerful or could just be the strongest ones left. That doesn't say how strong they are compared to other Jedi/Sith. If Obsidian developes KOTOR 3, then they might be able to use the same party members, because they invented them, but it isn't needed. It might actually prove to be bad for the game, as you already know the history of your crew, which leads to less surprises and less dialog options for the developers.
  9. Lucas actually doesn't decide anything what has to do with LucasArts, they have their own management. He is busy making his movie(s), so he gave control over everything that isn't directly connected to LucasFilm to someone else. Every department has it's own staff, even LucasFilm, ILM and Skywalker Sound. Then there is the head of all departments who reports to Lucas, but makes most of the decisions. As long as they don't run their department in a really bad way, he won't interfere. I don't think LucasArts really wanted to produce KOTOR 3 in house. They probably just worked on a new engine or somethign like that.
  10. The German dub of the original Star Wars trilogy is actually the best dub I have ever seen for an American movie. The voices are perfect, heck I can't think of one voice that is worse than the English one, not even Vader. Most of them I like even better than in the original movie. Episode II on the other hand has to be the worst choice of voices I have ever seen in a movie They went from perfect voices and good translations in the original trilogy to bad voices and horrendous translations in the new ones. They should have given the job of dubbing the movies to Fox Germany, like in the old ones. Now they have given the job to someone else and the voices are choosen by LucasFilm in America, although they have no clue about the German language. At least KotOR was translated quite good...
  11. Lucas doesn't set anything, heck, I doubt he even knows that this game is released soon... There is a reason why LucasArts has it's own management and it's not because Lucas is a bad businessman.
  12. This is about your whole crew, not about the numbers of npcs you can have with you on a mission... You can have one more npc in your party than in the first game, but you still walk around in groups of three.
  13. Why should it be HK-47? First, he would never be so stupid to accidently activate a mine, second he was pretty freaky for a protocol droid, so why would the crew complain about their new p.d. when the old one was basically as bad? And third, why should he be a protocol droid for a low officer in a backward mining station, when Revan (with crew?) vanished on Korriban and the Ebon Hawk first has to travel to Peragus? There is nothing in the text that suggests to me that HK-47 is the destroyed protocol droid that had to be replaced.
  14. I don't think it's the original Mandalore. The question was, if he was just a random Mandalorian or Mandalore. You could understand it that way, but I don't think "THE" stands for the original, first Mandalore, just for the current one.
  15. If you answer all questions with darkside answers, you get the picture of MSG with the title of Sith Marauder. Is that just coincidence or does it say something about his prestige class?
  16. Time doesn't matter, it's done when it's done. Having more time doesn't mean a game will be better. There is nothing big they could add now. The story is finished, the characters are all there, the engine was only slightly modified and most of the programming is done. Heck, even the music is ready.
  17. Bioware did what the engine allowed, without having to run for 20 minutes to get to every tomb there is... There is a huge difference between the gameplay of JA und KOTOR. In Jedi Academy you have way more moves you can use and jumping isn't possible in KOTOR. The valley was only a small part of KOTOR, nothing really important, so it isn't huge in scale. Running around for hours and hours wouldn't be very smart for such a game, considering you don't have any real enemies around, unlike JA, were they could throw an endless amount of bad guys at you, because it was supposed to be the grand finale. (which, of course, is in a much larger scale) Having a planet, which you could play near the start of the game, with a large area that does nothing for the story and has no enemies, is not something you want to have. Just like in movies, you can't have a time were nothing happens at all. Changing the valley now would be stupid. It was in KOTOR and this is the sequel to KOTOR. It might not look like in the comics, but continuity with the first game is more important in this case. The overwhelming majority of people who will play KOTOR 2, played the first game and there aren't nearly as many people who read the comics. Changing the valley now, would be more confusing to all the people who will play KOTOR 2, than having two different versions of it.
  18. Yeah, he got that one wrong. Wasn't the Holiday Special released shortly before Christmas, like a month before or something like that? That might be the reason for his "mistake". I actually didn't notice the article saying christmas and not holiday the first time I read it
  19. The word "Sith" already existed in the first draft of the original Star Wars. They were a rival warrior sect and hunted down the Jedi. Vader is called Dark Lord of the Sith in the final draft, it's just that nobody says these words, they were used to describe him. Here is the passage: INTERIOR: REBEL BLOCKADE RUNNER -- MAIN HALLWAY. The awesome, seven-foot-tall Dark Lord of the Sith makes his way into the blinding light of the main passageway. This is Darth Vader, right hand of the Emperor. His face is obscured by his flowing black robes and grotesque breath mask, which...
  20. The EU isn't even close to being as important as the movies. Lucas himself said that only the movies are the real story. He knows about the importance of books, but sees them as a sort of alternate universe. After the movies come the adaptations of the movies in form of books and radioplays and only then comes the rest of the EU. Knowing every single thing that exists about Star Wars doesn't make you more of a fan, nor does it give you any insight about Lucas' thoughts. For Lucas Anakin was the last Sith, he died, they are gone. Everything else is EU and should only be used when discussing EU, not for the movies.
  21. No, the rule wasn't just for Anakin, it was for every Jedi. They are talking about the Jedi after all, not Anakin. According to the EU there were some exceptions, but you don't know if it's meant to be that way. I'd say every being in the galaxy had midichlorians. It's just that some of them have more than others. The Jedi don't need to have children, because the galaxy is huge and there will be more than enough force sensitive beings to supply them with new padawans.
  22. Actually, the part you are talking about is the Force theme (or at least half of it) and is used on many occasions during the movies, not only during binary sunset. To me it was the best piece on the soundtrack, followed by the Old Republic. B)
  23. Who cares about Sourcebooks or homepages? If Lucas or LucasArts decide to change something, than this new version will count, as they are the one's who have the last say in everything.
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