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  1. There would be some question marks about it, but I think they could definately do it. If LucasArts focuses on a game, I think they are more than capable of creating a good one. You can always get some guys who have worked on RPGs before anyway. I'd prefer an RPG-expert like Obsidian or Bioware, but I don't think that LucasArts would fail on such a project.
  2. I guess it's the former. There were plenty of Jedi running around, though they were all in hiding. It was Atris who made the Exile into the "last Jedi" for the Sith. She was the one who got the news out that he was back and that he was the last Jedi, to lure the Sith out of the shadows. Why the Sith really believed that the Exile was the last Jedi it a bit unclear, though I guess it was a mixture of not finding any and being told that the last one was coming back.
  3. Uh, no, the Star Wars prequels weren't made because of money. Well, of course they were supposed to make money, like every movie, game, song or whatever product you can think of, but it wasn't its main reason. If it had been about money, Lucas would never have made a 16 year long break till the next movie, he would have continued making them in the 80s. Not every successful game gets a sequel, there have been plenty which didn't get one, LucasArts has some of those as well. Just because it's an obvious choice to make, doesn't mean that a company will indeed make that decision.
  4. I'm not sure if anyone has written this yet, but LucasArts has commented on this matter: source: http://uk.xbox360.ign.com/articles/852/852342p1.html If you ignore the false statement by IGN about both announcing an MMO, you come to this quote: "Yes, we are working with BioWare. We've announced that we're working with the developer on a project, but it has nothing to do with Knights of the Old Republic." Not sure if it was meant that way, but the way it is worded means that their cooperation has absolutely nothing to do with KOTOR. I guess LucasArts wants to do the 2038484 tie-in to movies or the new tv-series, instead of continuing what is pretty much their most wanted franchise. Nothing new really, somehow they did this with every popular sub-franchise they had.
  5. They weren't really sure though The biggest thread on this topic was closed by one of Bioware's designers, but opened again shortly after that by the community manager. It was only closed again (with the mentioned quote), after the community manager went asking higher authorities. If the community manager, who is responsible for commenting on and closing any topic about rumoured Bioware titles, has no idea how to deal with that, it does seem rather sketchy. Though that kind of goes into the area of really wild theories, using some twisted logic
  6. The question is, if the cooperation between Bioware and LucasArts isn't KOTOR, what is it about? They are definately working on something and I guess they'd rather do something with KOTOR than starting something new. It has to be something that comes from LucasArts, because else Bioware wouldn't need them. IGN didn't write anything new really, it's the same everone has written, that KOTOR is on the list next to Bioware.
  7. Not that I believe that they'll do another one, but companies often say things like that. Remember Bioware saying that they wouldn't work on someone else's IP again? The list is indeed quite weird. One could say that KOTOR is only on it because it's so famous, but then again, why is Dragon Age, a game no one really knows anything about, on the list, when they could have used critically acclaimed and otherwise successful titles like Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights or Jade Empire instead?
  8. There are only two different portraits used in the manual, and the first one looks like one of the male asian faces to me. There are no women with that kind of haircut in the game, at least I haven't seen any
  9. Bioware is working on an MMO for almost two years now, it doesn't have to be connected in any way to the cooperation with LucasArts. There are already two IJ-games on the way, and everybody knows that the new movie will be a success. It might not turn out to be as popular as the old movies, but that doesn't say anything about success. The Bioware-LucasArts cooperation could be pretty much everything. It could be an MMO, but it doesn't have to be, it could be a Star Wars game, but again, it doesn't have to be. Some things are more likely than others, but assumptions won't get you any further, because there is nothing to base them on.
  10. To me he looks more like someone who can't get anything done. He's kind of how Vader could have been if he hadn't developed any sense of brain. Though not as powerful as Vader, of course. In a way, Caedus is like the darkside version of Anakin Skywalker in Attack of the Clones. Caedus makes Malak look like he invented the art of combat-strategy and battle-tactics, not to mention that his leadership is non-existant. Vader had at least some sort of reason to kill his subordinates, Caedus is just a big crybaby. He had absolutely zero chance against Luke Skywalker. The only reason why he wasn't totally outclassed, was because Luke had other goals, like saving his son. Maybe it's just me, but they turned Caedus into a weak villain, who is incapable of achieving anything. The only reason why he isn't done yet, is because they made the Jedi even more stupid than they have done in all the other parts of the EU, which is quite an accomplishment. Maybe they shouldn't have had three authors circling the books between each other. One author who focuses on certain areas would have been much better, even if it had meant a shorter series. Both NJO and Legacy of the Force aren't quite on the level of earlier works (not all, of course).
  11. How could dropping KOTOR II have been a last-minute decision? LucasArts wanted Bioware to do it, Bioware told LucasArts to go with Obsidian. That was way before the first KOTOR was even finished. Not to mention that at that time, they didn't want to do games which aren't based on an IP they own. Why should they stop doing Mass Effect? Mass Effect is a successful game, and was planned as a trilogy, they have zero reason to stop producing the other two titles. Bioware is a creative studio, why should they stop making their own games, just because they might have to compete with other companies? That doesn't make any sense at all. Bioware's own titles are big enough. If they do a game for someone else (like KOTOR or the Sonic-RPG) it is because they can, not because they have to.
  12. What makes you think that they make less profit now? Their two most successful titles both came out after the last movie. What about the "secret project" is so laughable? Bioware is developing something for them, so it's not like they have to use a full crew for that. They have to make sure that everything goes in line with Star Wars continuity, are responsible for sound any maybe a few other things, but that's hardly something you need to have a big team for. LucasArts wouldn't be responsible for designing, so why would it matter whether they have any great designers? If the cooperation with Bioware doesn't have anything to do with KOTOR, than I'll doubt that we will see another KOTOR-game anytime soon. If it does, I really hope that it's not an MMO.
  13. Again, they haven't finished implementing all the stuff yet, so no, they can't release it. Besides, they already have a group which will do the beta-testing. I really can't understand why people find it so hard to wait some days or weeks to get all those bugs done, when they already waited two years. Team Gizka have done the job properly right from the beginning, no need to get sloppy near the end. I don't know how often they have said that the bug-count is not meant as a release-countdown. There is more to this mod than taking out bugs. Just because not all that much happened on the bug-front, doesn't mean that nothing happened, as working on a bug or implementing stuff doesn't show up in the list.
  14. Not everything is implemented, there still is some stuff left which needs to be restored, so no, they can't release it now. They already have minor bugs which will be taken care of after the release. The few remaining bugs do damage the game, so why release this mod, when a few more weeks will get it done properly? They are working on this for something like 2 years now, no need to get sloppy at the end of the development circle.
  15. Uh, maybe you should have read their site, then you would now that half of what you wrote is wrong There is no reason to doubt them I don't see why people feel the need to bash them just because they take care of the last stuff instead of throwing it out right now. If KOTOR II should have taught anyone, releasing something before you are done with it, is not the greatest idea in the world.
  16. What do you mean, great writers, their writers are almost always the same, though they don't always work the same amount. The lead-writer of KOTOR was also the lead-writer on Mass Effect and writer on Jade Empire. The Bioware-MMO being KOTOR is pure speculation. There are some hints that it might be the case, but as of right now, there is no proof for a KOTOR-MMO, heck, there isn't even proof that the MMO is the same as the LucasArts project or that the LucasArts project is even a Star Wars game, much less a KOTOR-game.
  17. I can't see how that would have worked. As she said before the fight, you have to kill her, or she kills you. She was "redeemed" as far as she could be redeemed, it would have weakened her character significantly if you could have convinced her to live.
  18. Actually, the game mentions that it was a trap by Revan. He put a part of the Republic forces which he couldn't turn to his side as bait for the Mandalorians. They fell for it and launched an all out attack, outnumbering the Republic forces by quite a bit. In comes the mass shadow generator, and Revan gets rid of both the enemy and many people who wouldn't follow him in a war against the Republic. Kreia admired the Exile because the Exile can exist without the force. He can use it, but is no part of it, like all other beings are. As the Jedi masters say, the Exile is leeching of other beings, which makes him a threat to the force. That's why they attacked him. No, I think it's supposed to be the opposite. If the Exile hadn't cut his connection to the force, he would have felt all those deaths and died because of it. I guess the Exile saved himself, because as a lightsider he didn't have Nihilus behaviour. As a lightsider he is only leeching of the other people in a small part, unlike Nihilus, who is actively sucking the life out of everything. You could say that a lightsider uses this feeding-ability only in a passive way, while a darksider like Nihilus is using it actively. Not to mention that a lightsider sees less death than a darksider, at least that's what you would expect. So by keeping to the light, this special ability has less chance to fullfil it's real power.
  19. There was blood in the game, though only in one instance. Quite frankly, I could care less whether there is any blood or not, it simply is of no importance to the game.
  20. I can't see how Revan and the Exile wouldn't notice each other, they aren't some weak-minded fools. Especially since Revan was already in the Sith's territory for four years, by that time you know who your enemy is. One shouldn't make the enemy artificially powerful by making the good guys stupid.
  21. No, they can't. First, they already leave the features in, to patch them later on, second, they haven't implemented all the stuff yet.
  22. They already worked on this for something like two years and are close to finishing it, so why even think about something like that? The only chance that this mod doesn't make it, is if LucasArts gets a brain cramp and tells them to shut down, or all their data plus the backups being lost. Neither is likely. If I remember correctly, all the features will be done once the mod is released.
  23. And the graphics were criticised all around. The game plus the add-on got great reviews despite the engine, not because of it. You don't keep a weakness just because the other parts of the game saved the day the last time around. Not to mention that I really doubt that anyone would consider Neverwinter Nights 2 plus add-on anywhere as successful as Mass Effect when it comes to sales and critical acclaim. Apart from that, LucasArts is gunning for new inventions, see Force Unleashed and the new Indiana Jones game (DMM and euphoria). That kind of new stuff can't be used in combination with such an old engine.
  24. There is no way they would even think about using the KOTOR-engine, it was old when KOTOR II came out, even though they already improved it, by now it's ancient. If you want to have a game which is considered among the best of the year, which means more success and more money, you need graphics which can keep up with the rest of the games. In times of games like Mass Effect, a game with the same engine as KOTOR won't get you anywhere. It would be KOTOR II with a new story, something they could have done two years ago.
  25. There are lots of engines available, they don't need to develop a completely new one. Just take one of those, improve it a bit and you are ready to go.
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