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  1. Do we know if the expansion will be playable after beating the game, or will you have to load a final pre-ending save? Obsidian have talked about is being an 'add-in' like TotSC for BG, I'm just wondering if there has been any further details regarding how it will be implemented, narrative-wise.
  2. That's because it has nothing to do with Obsidian. Origin and GOG perform short verification processes before deploying patches. Steam simply allows developers/publishers to push updates out at will.
  3. Hi y'all, So I sent Maerwith over, and now Niah has set up the inn. All very nice. But I was wondering - what happens to Maerwith? I can't seem to locate her anymore. Did she make up with her mother? Am I not looking in the right locations? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I have my collector's box, and it came with a blank PoE postcard. I assumed this was the 'thank you postcard from the development team' (disappointingly). However, reading this, http://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-181-physical-goods-i-havent-received-mine-yet-when-are-they-coming/ it appears that the signed postcards are still due to be sent out? Am I correct in my understanding? Thanks for any clarification.
  5. The vocal population were present in that debate. I, for example, have an opinion regarding the issue, but chose not to share it. I highly doubt the forum objectively represents the 'overwhelming majority'.
  6. Is there a place where companion attributes are listed? I have no idea if Eder's are wrong, and I would rather not have to play through the intro in order to check.
  7. I'm disappointed by the fact that you can't even name your enchanted items. That seems like it should have been an easy feature to implement. (But maybe not, I wouldn't really know.)
  8. This is great, thanks! Would it be possible to have the rapier fixed so it reflects its innate 'accurate' characteristic, as opposed to showing 'accurate 1', which is an enchantment descriptor?
  9. The manual has a small form factor. It's compact, but thick. The big issue with the manual is that it's out of date.
  10. Hope this gets fixed. My roguish Vailian loves his rapiers!
  11. Boom! http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71688-will-physical-copy-include-disc/?p=1598552
  12. I believe they clarified further somewhere else - COLLECTOR'S EDITION boxes are being shipped without discs. Regular boxes are being shipped with discs at a later date. The logic being, there didn't seem like much sense in sending an almost empty box with just a manual in it. Ergo, $65 tier people, you will have to hold on a little longer. I'll see if I can find the link and prove (to myself!) that I'm not dreaming this up.
  13. I got mine. It is HUGE. I was wondering - will we basically be getting a copy of the standard retail edition that fits into it? Rather than just having the discs sent on their own, that is.
  14. I think the lore isn't really suggestive of pistols being a gentleman weapon. Firearms in general are new and not highly integrated into society. At least that's my understanding. I agree that the groupings are awkward, however.
  15. I think my issue (as post here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73474-deflection-fortitude-reflex-will-what-determines-their-base-values/) is the bug people are flagging in this topic. However, as far as I can tell, my party's attributes haven't changed, only their defenses. Does that align with what some folks are experiencing? Thanks!
  16. Sorry to keep rezzing this, but I don't want to create a new post and am curious as to if others have experienced this. I loaded an old save and lo, my companions, after being unclothed, had the same base F/R/W as my character (20 each). So at some point, for some reason, Eder and Aloth's base defenses doubled. Does anyone know a fix?
  17. This game is RAD! A few minor features that I would love to see incorporated: Name our pets! House our pets! (For example, a menagerie at the stronghold, or locations where you can deposit them and they'll roam within a set perimeter.) Name our enchanted items! (I don't think you can do this... am I wrong?) Any others? Thanks for the great game, Obsidian.
  18. Okay, I did some proper investigating. When I strip Aloth and count back the +3 per level (he's level 4, so +9 - assuming you don't get a +3 at level 1), he starts with F/R/W 40. That's high! My own character starts with F/R/W 20. Is this a bug, or a feature??
  19. I'm the fool for continually responding to you, but here we go. First off - yes, I was wrong, I thought the link was for generating a Witcher 3 backup. However, I think it's convenient that you do not acknowledge that you were very much wrong about GOG providing a second copy for the Witcher 2 in the first place. Maybe it's because of another incorrect statement you shared - highlighted in bold above. In the US at least, it is not true that boxed copies of the Witcher 2 came with Steam. (CDProjekt and GOG are the same company, why provide retail boxes for a competing platform?) I own the retail boxed version of the Witcher 2, and it does NOT include a Steam code or Steam activation requirement. It did require a one-time server-side activation (boo), as you mention, that was later patched out. I was able to redeem a copy on GOG, however. Your whole point regarding two games in one box is flawed, at least with respect to the Witcher 2. As for CDProjekt stating they won't provide backups for Witcher 3 - well, I guess if they've said that, it's true. I haven't read it, but I don't disbelieve you. Rather, I'd imagine they'll support GOG and GOG Galaxy with the retail copies, but not allow backups for Steam or UPlay keys. We'll have to wait and see. I do love CDProjekt and GOG for their consumer-first approach. This whole exchange is remarkable as I completely agree with you in that I'd like to see less online activation games at retail. However, that's extremely unlikely. Of course, your whole "Steam crashed the PC gaming ship" thing is bogus. I can only assume that you are trying to say, "Steam crashed the PC retail ship", which may be true, I suppose.
  20. As I said, it was retroactive. It still is available: http://www.gog.com/witcher/backup And available for The Witcher 3: http://www.gog.com/thewitcher3 Are you reading the posts? Some of us acknowledge that we want non-Steam discs.
  21. They did it for The Witcher 2, albeit retroactively. You really are coming across silly, you know. Both Matt516 and I have agreed we want Steam-free discs. Yet most of what you say is just nonsense. Particularly stuff like this: Steam, indisputably, equals more PC games sold. I understand that that may not be true in certain parts of the world, but for western Europe and much of North America (two of the largest geographical groups of videogame consumers), it certainly is. The fact that consoles have done well is due to the complexity of the PC-platform. Steam has helped make the PC relevant again.
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