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  1. Can you make these beta patches available on gog?
  2. Welp...made it to raderics hold on my first ironman+hard playthrough. Got wasted in the keep proper. Not being able to run from a fight is a problem for this especially when you have no prior experience with the encounters. Starting over on hard but not ironman!
  3. I think you missed it by.....that much! My backer beta line item used to be on the products page but since the new royal edition keygen show up it's gone. Good news is...only a few more hours til we can play the actual game!
  4. Well obviously things can change and there are delays sometimes but that was the whole reason for the poll they had about shipping the game boxes w/out discs. So you would have all that other stuff on release day (at least in the US). Since we have no tracking info it remains to be seen whether it worked out that way or not though.
  5. The next couple days are going to seem like an eternity! oof, sorry
  6. and...everyone checks their backer page in unison...
  7. Ohhh my god..... I use to have this o_0 This and Heros Quest lol Me too. This pretty much says it all about Hero Quest http://cinemassacre.com/2010/04/14/board-james-hero-quest/
  8. I'm considering this. I played D3 on hardcore and my only gripe was that you only had one chance to lose. If you died that was it. Done. Start over... At least here you have a full complete group that has to be wiped out before youre done. Playing on ironman/hardcore mode brings back the danger I felt while playing Everquest. You need to be aware of what could be around every corner. Be prepared at all times and be sure of your decisions. The stakes are high - bring it on!
  9. But nothing. Throw us a bone here. (To be fair I'm at work and cant watch the video. Cant wait to though - I'm sure it's great.)
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