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  1. I'm still trying to settle on a multiclass for my Bleak Walker. Crusader? Basically unkillable. Fanatic? Better offensive, fits in more with the BW aggressive style RP, but lacks engagements other than the one you get from Barbarian passive. Decisions, decisions....
  2. Would a Crusader with Fearless and Mental Fortress (resistance to confuse and shaken) still be affected by Tactical Dilema afflictions?
  3. There are int options, for example, with lord guy there is skill check that requires lore of 4 and high enough int Ah that might have been why I missed it, my lore was not very high.
  4. I tried making a rogue with high Intellect but was disappointed to find that they only had one ability with a duration (Crippling Strike) and none with an AoE, and having a long duration Hobble didn't seem very useful as monsters didn't move around much. Did anybody have any differnt experiences with Int? Are there Int dialogue options? I only found Perception and Lore ones.
  5. When making a female PC during character creation, the "Male" sybol displays at the top of the screen regardless of selected gender.
  6. The last three Obsidian games I played (SoT, AP, F:NV) all outperformed my expectations. The last three Biwoare games I played (SWTOR, ME3, DA2) were deeply disappointing and had marketing campaigns that I felt were borderline deceitful. Between DA:I and PoE I know which game I'd recommend, based solely on the reputations of their respectful developers.
  7. I used ratslayer all the way through the game. It had a silencer which no other sniper rifle had (at least until the Old World Blues DLC was released), a night vision scope and a really high crit modifier which made it great for stealth sniping soft targets. It had a unique combination of properties that no other weapon could replicate. If PoE had items that were balanced around a variety of attributes like F:NV and not sheer numerical supremacy (+2 Sword > +1 Sword) then I think that would be great.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to respond, Mr. Sawyer! Happy new year!
  9. I'd have to agree. Considering the cost of the pledge and how it was advertised on the Kickstarter page, it was to be an epic high level weapon, armour or artifact and one of the best in the game. I'm not really even concerned about the cost. I wanted to contribute to a developer that I believed in for a game I was eager to see succeed. I get that +5 and Sun Blades are too powerful, but Applebane is not really an epic item even by mid-level D&D standards.
  10. When I think of "epic" in Obsidian games, I think of items like Leech, All-American, and Aleema Keto's Robe.
  11. A very powerful item is going to be much more likely to be edited by us because we need a lot more low- and mid-power items. Additionally, low- and mid-power items are much more likely to be found by players since they will often be placed in earlier game areas. Even a weapon like Applebane can be fondly-remembered by players. Not to disagree on the importance of quality low-power items, but wasn't the premise of the backer pledge that it would be an epic, high level item that would be one of the best in the game?
  12. Thanks for the info Mr Sawyer! Epic post is epic. Edit: So we know that all classes can use all types of armor, and that for example a Wizard wearing heavy armor doesn't become a "bad" Wizard, just a different type of Wizard. Can you provide any further explanation of that system?
  13. My questions are: 1. Will we have more info on lore and gameplay mechanics to better integrate our ideas, or do we start off vague and the developers come up with specifics? 2. Will we be able to openly talk about things we are helping to create, or will there be some kind of NDA?
  14. Item design is working for me now. Is anybody interested in doing a spoiler-free comparison of what we're planning on designing? So the game doesn't end up with a few dozen +5 Vorpal Swords of Dragonslaying?
  15. I have the same issue with item design. Drop down menus have no options.
  16. Oghren is awesome. Stereotypical dwarf or not, every game needs a character to point out how ridiculous things are and take the piss out of the seriousness of the game now and again.
  17. True. They can also inspire seeting hatered to the point you jsts want to bash their faces in with a morningstar...and keep whacking. It always seems like the most popular NPCs are the ones who evoke either the greatest fandom or utter loathing from players.
  18. It was never about liking or disliking art; it was about the sanctimonious attitude of some people with regards to artistic license and the moral browbeating that they felt was necessary to "correct" gaming. As an artist, the OP can depict Cadegund in any manner he sees fit, and the merits of his artistic work stand on their own.
  19. With the introduction of the Cooking skill, meal casters will also be possible.
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