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  1. As long as make sure you never get hit you could feasibly max out Might and Dex for pure raw damage and faster recovery, focusing more on weapon damage+pet damage over any spells or aoe . Put the rest of your points in a spread or all into Resolve? Single target. very vulnerable to melee, aoe damage and mind spells. low Will and low Reflex. *a theory as I haven't played about with a attribute calculator*
  2. maybe not for tanking a boss but you can still smash them with your berserker skills while your companion is tanking. I'd hate to see a Barbarian be as damage resilient as a Paladin or something, goes against everything the berserker is about!
  3. I thought it was joke referring to the Big micro pig pets. People who were scammed buying a piglet thinking it was a micro pig..lol
  4. hmm that sounds pretty good in terms of first playthrough, less focus on my PC and more on the companions/adventurers. Thats awesome to know thank you
  5. Loving the guide Sensuki . Morte on youtube here I noticed in the first video you talked about a chanter tank. This really interests me and I would like to try this as my first PC. Do you have any stat allocation suggestions? As I'm still a bit puzzled how the chanter works with regards to the chant mechanic. Cheers
  6. KEY! KEY KEY! and so forth

  7. Mark the high noises; and thyself bewray, When false opinion, whose wrong thought defiles thee, In thy just proof, repeals and reconciles thee. What will hap more to-night, safe 'scape the king! Lurk, lurk.
  8. haha no keys, like you've had...no keys for 4 years now and 2 days before people go into meltdown. I want the guide or almanac more right now. But I am curious to see how they implement the key choice..purely for intrigue. A keys a key's but the Alamanac could be anything...it could even be a key! Stay cool bonebags
  9. If there was a multiplayer I would like to see something similar to NWN online campaigns and custom adventures. Not a death match orientated core. Although a map pack were that could easily be arranged?
  10. Here us great Keymasters! It would be nice to read the Almanac and the Guide (mainly stuff that isn't a walkthrough) while we're all twiddling our thumbs/paws/claws/giant shears Don't you agree Chief?
  11. Does a completed bestiary tell you a weapon is ineffective or more accurately the type of weapon, blunt, pierce, magic etc?
  12. I'd like to see their old Troika boys help them with a new Vampire RPG..you know a certain 3rd person action RPG that is now a sexy cult classic? But sack off the Licensed Vamps
  13. Now, Druid is probably a pretty good pick for a same-class party, I'm not arguing that, but I think you are the first one I hear mentioning "strong offensive melee/shapeshift abiity". Shapeshifting is currently rubbish. :| Generally, I agree with Sock that Chanters are probably the best class for a same-class party. They've got those stacking buffs, they're versatile, and they have powerful abilities. True it's rubbish compared to their casting but you can spec to have one of your party focus on melee to make it more than effective. It's not how I would play the game but for an all class party I would go with the Druid over Wizard or Priest for example.
  14. Agree Chanters have the most potential for aoe bursts and stacking buffs. Saying that any of the casting classes as a party would be pretty powerful if you min max the individual stats and give them all specific roles and pick spells. talents accordingly. But the Druid would be my pick for this. Their potential for mass CC, AOE spam, Single target dmg and damage reduction spells topped with strong offensive melee/shapeshift ability and one druid built as a healer/support could be massively overpowered.
  15. As long as it contains the same level of Detail as New Vegas (and then some) ie reputations, faction quests, variety in enviroments, perks, VATs (maybe an option to turn off if desired..with achievment for doing so and finishing it). I don't care where they place it. Vegas was the best since 2 in my opinion. I think this is the only forum where some ppl might agree though. Why did people who love 3 hate Vegas..apart from the protaganist, it had everything improved upon. But then I am a fan of Kotor ii's massive improvments to Kotor too..
  16. I agree. Have you played the adventure games; To the moon? or the Walking Dead? If that sort of Detail to character can be in an epic modern RPG (To date for me Planescape, Mask of the Betrayer and Kotor are the only true examples of a truely personal character journey in Rpgs that spring to mind as memorable) then I think they would be onto a gaming masterpeice. This kickstarter has made it possible for us to get all the stuff we saw in old games but are lacking in new stream lined games. also Keiich? Would you like to see something similar to planescape torments Text XP reward system, I loved that. Solving puzzles within dialogue. *Pull out this body part* "you found a chicken bone" etc I have never seen it done since. I hope they put some of that in Project E.
  17. Vampire. I think I played that game since its release over 10 times full run throughs over the years. Even though its actually pretty linear compared to other rpgs, something about it just made me want to try it with all the races. I love playing as the Tremere the most I think. And the community mod that added the deleted racial trait bonus and new dialog was also worth it. I wait for a sequel but now I am hyped up for Project E.
  18. HI. new to forum.first post. Long time gamer. love obsidians games currently playing...well as this moment alt tabbed out of Fallout 2 low int run through ahahahaha love it.
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