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  1. As long as make sure you never get hit you could feasibly max out Might and Dex for pure raw damage and faster recovery, focusing more on weapon damage+pet damage over any spells or aoe . Put the rest of your points in a spread or all into Resolve? Single target. very vulnerable to melee, aoe damage and mind spells. low Will and low Reflex. *a theory as I haven't played about with a attribute calculator*
  2. maybe not for tanking a boss but you can still smash them with your berserker skills while your companion is tanking. I'd hate to see a Barbarian be as damage resilient as a Paladin or something, goes against everything the berserker is about!
  3. I thought it was joke referring to the Big micro pig pets. People who were scammed buying a piglet thinking it was a micro pig..lol
  4. hmm that sounds pretty good in terms of first playthrough, less focus on my PC and more on the companions/adventurers. Thats awesome to know thank you
  5. Loving the guide Sensuki . Morte on youtube here I noticed in the first video you talked about a chanter tank. This really interests me and I would like to try this as my first PC. Do you have any stat allocation suggestions? As I'm still a bit puzzled how the chanter works with regards to the chant mechanic. Cheers
  6. KEY! KEY KEY! and so forth

  7. Mark the high noises; and thyself bewray, When false opinion, whose wrong thought defiles thee, In thy just proof, repeals and reconciles thee. What will hap more to-night, safe 'scape the king! Lurk, lurk.
  8. haha no keys, like you've had...no keys for 4 years now and 2 days before people go into meltdown. I want the guide or almanac more right now. But I am curious to see how they implement the key choice..purely for intrigue. A keys a key's but the Alamanac could be anything...it could even be a key! Stay cool bonebags
  9. If there was a multiplayer I would like to see something similar to NWN online campaigns and custom adventures. Not a death match orientated core. Although a map pack were that could easily be arranged?
  10. Here us great Keymasters! It would be nice to read the Almanac and the Guide (mainly stuff that isn't a walkthrough) while we're all twiddling our thumbs/paws/claws/giant shears Don't you agree Chief?
  11. Does a completed bestiary tell you a weapon is ineffective or more accurately the type of weapon, blunt, pierce, magic etc?
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