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  1. Awesome! I really enjoyed it. Thanks for including the part about how the music was done. I was happy to see it. I use to play the trombone back in the day and liked how you took your "local talent" into account to utilize your resources the best you could. Music in the game is fantastic and really helps set the mood/makes you want to stay. Great job Obsidian! I'm for sure looking forward to future iterations of this IP!
  2. Hello! So the "gold" color for unique items is acting a little odd with 2handers. This is a first load from my quick save, I didn't try an area transition but could replicate below: http://imgur.com/a/HXr58#0 First example "Engwithan Scepter" : Gold unique color is on the wrong side, if you re-equip this weapon it turns to two blues and then if you navigate away from his portrait and go back the colors will change again. Second Example: Guildmaster's Staff It shows two golds for primary/offhand Third Example after re-equipping the Guildmaster's Staff: It shows a single gold for primary and off-hand doesn't have a color. If you navigate away from Durance and re-select him sometimes the colors will change again too. From what I can tell, seems to be an issue with 2 handed weapons in general.
  3. Derr..Thank Elerond, I guess I mainly looked at the pictures in that article. I see it now in Step 5, in-between the snaps. Reading comprehension fail!
  4. Hi Everyone, I tried to follow the steps here but all I get is: I've tried: Restarting Steam Verifying Game files and restarting steam However, I still get no beta option? Do I need to uninstall and reinstall at this point?
  5. **There's a new option to reset newly recruited companions to level 1 (without losing the experience). This will allow you to level up companions to your liking**. Woot, I skipped a lot of my begging quests in order to get my companions ASAP so they wouldn't be too high level in order for me to pick the most skills that I could, this fix makes me happy because next playthrough I can play normally without doing that. Also thanks for the rogue escape fix and the Hall of Reveled Mysteries fix! However in the patch notes, I'm not quite sure what this means? : Traps can now be passively detected at -4 Mechanics. Do you not have to stealth anymore to find traps, or does it mean something else? The "minus 4" is a little confusing.
  6. Johnmr531, I think some key fixes and additional balancing are going into 1.05, so it may be a good patch to play on perhaps. I haven't read anything about adjusting xp though. I think the ideal time to play would perhaps be after the first expansion, which will hopefully be in Unity 5. It would be awesome if they could also update the main game with Unity 5 later, and release as a bundle -- but that's quite far out I'd guess unless they are already planning that as part of the expansion. It's all up to the individual though on what's too long or not. It's worth playing as it is now, but I'd say if you are waiting -- 1.05 may be a good one, but we will have to see.
  7. They said earlier that they plan the first 1.05 beta to be the week of the 20th, so I'm guessing tomorrow. Things are never in stone when "Planning" though.
  8. 9. Dismiss a companion from party resets his/her combat record. Not sure if it's a bug, but I would like to view my companion's combat record from time to time even I have dismissed him I'd really like to see this one fixed. I use the same party members most of the time and like to compare stats and it sucks when it clears out to 0's if I grab another party member for a bit to do their quest, then get the original party member back.
  9. It seems to depend on date in game. I've checked it on the first hidden stash in Valewood, one under the wall you climb to get Fulvano's gloves, and there was necklace +2 Per on 15th every month, Stalker's Torc on 11th and various generic crap like rings and cloaks of minor protection on other days. Though I don't know if this loot-date dependance spreadsheet is fixed somewhere in game resources or generated explicitly for each playthrough. The latter would be more logical for randomizing things further. That's pretty interesting, I guess they did that so people don't try to save scum loot (load, try again) but if the system is that specific and people figure out the workaround they will still scum it - get to x day and loot.
  10. With the IE mod you can toggle between PoTD and Hard, useful.
  11. Ahh..so that must be what happened here. I've only seen it happen once, I reloaded my game and it didn't happen the second time I tried the fight.
  12. MotelOK, you may want to try this if you haven't yet: http://windows7themes.net/en-us/32-bit-use-bcdedit-set-increaseuserva-to-increase-ram-used-by-single-application/ Mentioned here: http://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-182-windows-32-bit-crashing-occasionally-or-on-specific-area-transitions/ It's not the same as process affinity and likely has a higher chance to help your problem.
  13. It seems it's easy to make it go down..but not up. I'm stuck at eccentric even after few + rep quests and the big + for the cinders quest.
  14. KTRan do you also have the bug documented where if you remove a character from your party and bring them back their Party history resets? (Strongest killed, time in party, etc.) ? It all goes to zero.
  15. I tried to recruit Pallegina when I was level 3, and she ended up being level 4. I think level 4 is her minimum (without a mod etc.)
  16. Hehe, if only the guide actually had all the hidden spots. I've learned it doesn't! There is more than that, actually the guide has quite a few inconsistencies and that will only continue to grow as the game updates which is understandable..
  17. My loading times actually increased with 1.03 -- just by a few seconds but it's noticeable. I have SSD's in Raid-0 so not quite sure why. Maybe the extra checks during a save/load is why?
  18. The bug is still there that resets their party history (dmg, party time, etc.) too if you dismiss and then rejoin them
  19. Ouch! Hopefully someone can find a workaround..don't use hired companions or I'd look into it. I did notice lockpicks can stack in the stash now (mine is stacking to 20, don't have more or would try to stack further) Normal Inventory still stacks to 5.
  20. Sorry Quechn, I don't use a Cipher in my party, saving that for next time -- so I didn't think to grab the comparisons before-hand as I was mainly interested in how it affected the party I use.
  21. At leas Durance isn't broken anymore! Mine got over-buffed a bit:
  22. I think they needed a nerf, but not quite this much. it's almost the same as a crossbow now, and the crossbow is a little faster. I think If I find a magic crossbow i'll start using it instead.
  23. Update - April 3 @ 9:45 AM: The team is having a meeting shortly to discuss how testing has gone and barring any issues will release the patch today. Please stay tuned. Looks like they updated the blog with this note in it, about 40min ago -- HYPE!
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