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  1. The combat system is garbage. So's the new 'story', but I'll leave that aside. Defender: doesn't. Disengage - I get hit. They don't. They target my mage who usually lasts 3 seconds. The AI is artificial, yet unintelligent in the extreme - back to micromanaging and trying to get one sneak attack in so I can prep the group before they're overwhelmed and hope to get in a few summons (usually at least 3 per chanter) to stem the tide of the terrible 2 or 3 enemies I have to face. The Grieving Mother also seems to hardly ever gain focus or do anything much anymore. Enemies now seem very fast whereas my characters are now slow. A basic, ordinary war veteran and brawler can and does mean several restarts: they're harder than the Adra Dragon. Difficulty is set at the lowest: I'm not interested in 'hardcore' and have a low view of those who do. My team is the one that I took into the final battle and won with except that one of it is now lvl 14 already because I sent him off to do a quest so they ought to be able to do something. Extremely poor all round so far and I have little motivation to play the game (hence my coming on here to post, something you'll see I have done infrequently, to gripe).
  2. My apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I couldn't find an answer to my question. I believe I backed the project to the level where I got a copy of Wastelands 2 and the first expansion pack but I would think (expect) that this will require a key because I used Steam to obtain the game. How do I ensure I get the additional part(s) or is this something that my copy of the game will do automatically? Thank you.
  3. Nope. Still can't figure out how to attach so seeing as someone else did this, I'll check back tomorrow to see if it worked: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwlquypCPs2-fmlydUNodXpleXFfQkFjMGJwTDVrRzdqUW5HZGlOQjNRTjM5R0l2dmFUSGc&authuser=0
  4. Ok. Well here's all the stuff I can provide. I had deleted a couple of games because of load/save times and I did a lot of running around and no killing or had easy-ish battles so there wasn't any need to F5 and save other as I had done earlier in the game. I find that: All the items in chests in Brighthollow are gone (got fed up of lugging them grimoires); some doors won't open stating that the door won't open without the proper key e.g. the door to the dungeon in Caed Nua from the main hall and the one to Heritage Hill; I can't speak to the steward (red circle, so cannot even select); the treasury is now empty of cash; all places I had cleared e.g. Od Nua level 1 are now darkened and repopulated; all containers are now lootable again, however. Locations I had found (e.g. bear's cave) can now be re-found. Ghosts re-appear e.g. those in/outside of Caed Nua. Quests/Tasks appear greyed out still so they must still be completed. I have no idea how to reproduce it or if there was a crazy key-combination I hit somewhere (that I know of). Txt and game files will be attached separately when I can figure out how to do it.
  5. That I can't find specifically mentioned anywhere. Eder. Just left the records office and returned to Stronghold. He wanted to speak (icon over his head appeared). I tried every diaglogue 6 times and he still wants to speak. Bug? Heritage Hill. Went in. Cleared the surface. Went away to do other stuff. Now the gate's locked again. The map is blacked out. The guards won't let me in. Wyla has asked how I'm doing on the quest. I did change party composition but can't see that should be a problem (should it?). Maps. Going back to the forests and other unpopulated areas I've cleared and they're now all blacked out. Noticed just after Heritage Hill "bug". Is this a bug or intentional? I'm sure it didn't happen in BG2/IWD. Assistance appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Profiled/followed whatever. Just so I can come back in 6 months' time when something has happened and not spend a lot of time on here wasting life away to no end.
  7. Hate to be the grammar nazi, but it's "ado"; adieu is goodbye. It's Nazi. You capitalize proper nouns. Then shouldn't it be 'Grammar Nazi'? As that's a compound noun, it being prefaced by the indefinite article 'a'. Yes, they really should have known about the 'ado'. Rhymes with 'agadoo', too. And 'blue', but not 'bleu'. Which rhymes with 'bleurgh', but has no equivalent meaning that I'm aware of.
  8. Haven't spent too long on here recently and not heard from OE. I take it that I've not missed anything regarding this? Ta. DM
  9. ^ : Same. The money's gone and don't want to be missed out. "Pebbles are good, rocks are bad."
  10. The Extra Credits demo video was interesting. Basically, there are too many crap games made.
  11. Ooh, just had a thought. The music you hear towards the end of FONV - the one that has them violins and that lovely marching rhythm - that was good. Melodic too. "You probably know me as 'God'. It's a name I've used a bit." - God (not literally)
  12. Decent music? Goody! Where?!* It's a must! *(For those who missed it, 'fraid nothing posted here does owt for me: too sparse and dull and well, crap). Surprisingly, though the instrumentation is non-existant, or was anyway, the music in "Runescape" is actually very good in a lot of places. Edit: meh, still no badge or email from Obs about my pledge. Will return anon.
  13. Middle path. I do like to collect quests and do them at my leisure, however, often using the side ones to level up until I'm sufficiently 'heroic' to be considered able to partake of the heroic, main, quest.
  14. Not my favourite thing: fora/forums. I do think I should pop back di tanto in tanto just to see if I have my badge yet, but other than that as I see this whole process it's a case of Obsidian getting on with it and letting me know occasionally when anything of note happens or more involvement from me is required. BUT of course I don't want to miss out on anything salient. How does one strike a balance? Ta.
  15. Mature. Nice word. I like mature cheese. Well-ripened, bit of mould in it. Not for the faint-hearted. Strikes me those who seek to be prescriptive are hiding from 'maturity' as understood by the meaning of the word when used in the Western/Anglo-Saxon social paradigm concerning the content/themes/interaction with life that is inherent in being 'mature' which is often meant to be 'adult' i.e. not a child and thus someone who has knowledge, understanding and the capbability to dissociate from the immediate amygdala-rush (knee - jerk) reaction that a less 'mature' person would/could not. Often, by its nature it suggests that one is more comfortable with some things e.g. sex (it exists, people do it, they like it, etc, etc) like the, say, Swedish, than the somewhat prudish English and thus has a more 'mature' attidude. It is unlikely to be used with things such as "I have 10 million pokemon creatures in a box in my room and I had chips and beans for tea" which might well match the criterion for being considered 'immature'. Therefore (to cut to the chase): the 'mature' themes must by their nature include those things that fall within the mental ambit of those considerred 'mature' by virtue of their thought/action processes and perhaps age.It is to be hoped/expected, however, that such themes will also be dealt with 'maturely' i.e. in a considered, perhaps dispassionate even, manner that recognises the subtleties of the 'mature' human existence. TL:DR version. We're gonna have sex. But also matters of betrayal, selfishness, conflicts of interest and conscience, etc. It'll be done cleverly, so your brain might get a work out. Gotta love this: "And the mighty hero crept into the mage's tower, ready for anything! Magic, demons, mazes, vicious bread puddings ...well, okay, maybe not vicious bread puddings."
  16. Just a quickie: Seen many a great story ruined by a poor ending. Remember, that's the bit that often rests in t' memory. While I'm confident that the writers OE have aren't likely to fall short in this regard, I am still somewhat concerned that this might happen so I think the title of this thread should be pinned somewhere until the whole story is considered complete. Have a banana:
  17. My point still stands. Them getting 20+ millions of dollars from sales proves that it's far from impossible to achieve the same amount of budget through crowdfunding. All it takes is for Kickstarter and crowdfunding in general to become more popular and for the awareness about it and its advantages to spread even more. Besides, buying a game after it's released is also always a certain leap of faith - you cannot (legally) "give the game a test ride" before you buy it. No, demos don't count - you have no idea what sort of crap might be cut out in the demo and what the material not present in it is like. Actually, thinking about this were the gaming community to 'wise up' (unlikely given its demographic), this would in many ways be the way to go for the games industry and perhaps other types of art in general. It allows market forces (...) to be applied naturalistically and, allowing for there to be sufficient breadth through the more esoteric niches being able to collaborate - via the www - could mean that art(istic endeavour) can be allowed to flourish without it being subject to the overview of the 'Hollywood Paradigm' (Rocky V, VI, etc). It also, to an extent, empowers (ugh, trite word but there you go) those who have disposable income and inclination (so perhaps the more 'considered' customer).
  18. "Businessmen" know jack, but have purses with too much money because people are dumb enough to give it to them and make silly excuses along the lines of "That's the way it is, so I must comply. Give me my iphone now because I am not a complete person without it". A lot of the better businesses were created (note that word) by creative people and only started to go downhill after the corps got involved and decided to do things to 'improve' business. As someone who's done a lot of sorting out of said 'improvements' once they've failed, I demur with their view(s). Let's look at good old XCOM. The supposed 'brilliant' new reimagining with a huge budget vs the re-doing on a very small budget of Xenonauts. Both have their merits (xeno is still in alpha so I can't really yet comment upon it other than to say the Alpha is actually good) but the fact that one will have cost a great deal more than the other doesn't mean that it's better, just that it cost more. Ignoring the subjective, as much as you can and because you have to, the thing to ask is "Is the game any good?". If you like it, who cares what 'label' is applied to it? I take it that the vast majority of those on here are people who can to some extent think for themselves and do so from time to time just because it makes a nice change from letting someone stupid do it for you.
  19. I'm sure they'll write things in. Personally I think you should fall for the nobody who ends up being killed by the King's Guard or end up a spinster/widower at 20. Will give you more time to dedicate to the arcane arts/swordswinging and less time getting fat and raising unruly children (unless they get eaten by dragons - all kids should be dragon-food).
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