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  1. JFC! I thought Obsidian's goal was to relive the olden days of Infinity Engine days, and now this? Turn-Based? WTF. They want jump into the bandwagon because of the success of DoS:EE? lol AFAIK, people helped fund this game because of the IE games. If Obsidian switches to Turn Based on their next PoE titles, then this is like Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 all over again. Sigh.
  2. 2.03 said Armored Grace was change from -15% to -20%. However, in Eder's page Armored Grace still says -15%.
  3. I wonder if they're going do a Baldur's Gate where they'll let us import our characters in PoE2.
  4. I had to drop Azureths near end game. Base damage is low compared to Misery's End and Bleak Fang.
  5. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/77528-your-end-game-character-record/
  6. DW Rogues are great. The only problem about DW Rogues, and probably what most people bitch about, is the micromanagement. With its low endurance and sneak attack mechanic, he'll need babysiiting more than the Fighter.
  7. Deep Wound's 3-4 damage per tick is so sad. Would it be good if they removed the reapplication thing?
  8. As long as you didn't ask for a boon. (getting stat bonus)
  9. seriously ? .. Wiki is open - not run by Obsidian - everything is on the wiki is to be taken with buckets of salt .. The game IS run by Obsidian and is still full of inconsitencies .. Aren't there other special attacks that bypass tohit checks ? Retaliation attack is autohit .. There might be others .. You guys just cannot get over the fact that paladins are awesome I think it's a bug. The youtube video you posted btw, I made that. I tried using Deprive the Unworthy alot of times while making the video and it never missed Thaos. NERRRRRRFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. It must be a bug. Thaos has very high Will save. If this is fixed then we have a problem.
  11. I've run a quick test vs tutorial wolves .. Wanted to check if zealous focus and sworn enemy would up the chance to deprive the unworty will check by 6 + 15 accuracy .. (could maybe get more from racial wood elf // fighting spirit human ) But there was NO will check displayed in combat log .. Think the talent might be AUTOHIT . Hovering over ability says it targets will .. Maybe is just bugged to autohit .. Info card doesn't mention anything about vs will either.. It says it suspends buffs no buts no maybes .. Uber paladins http://i.imgur.com/VIIEVbn.jpg PoE Wiki says it has Will check though.
  12. Well, Cruelty 1 *and* the machine is not destroyed. Bit of a downer on the last part. Bad enough we have to feed someone to that zombie guy on top of the tower... For RP purposes, especially if you're playing as a goody two-shoes, I suggest not getting it. You don't want to see the ending slide for Heritage Hill lol. As for me, I took the talent for the +1 Might. I wanted to get another +1 Might from the Blood Pool sacrifice but I couldnt lol.
  13. Maybe they will add new areas and quests. It's something you have to do before jumping to the final area. They never really said it will be like TotSC, but an expansion with the same size (area wise) as TotSC.
  14. Its one xpack in two parts. I'm expecting 6 to 10 hours per part. Sounds like a frigging DLC-length to me.
  15. I'm concerned about this 2 part expansion. According to howlongtobeat.com TotSC had almost 20 hours (completionist) ToB had almost 40 hours (completionist) PoE expansions better be 20-40 hours per part!
  16. Why would the Engwithans create three gods of death each different? Why would they create one god that had grandeur and possibly greater powers than the other gods and put him at odds with the other gods? The gods are split into factions. Magran hates Eothas. Why? I'm not sure why they hate each other. Maybe because it's in their nature? Eothas is a god of rebirth, redemption, etc etc. While Magran is a goddess of fire, purification, trials, war, etc etc.
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