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  1. Which one is overall better for a rogue? I'm trying to pick one to pair with Misery's End. Or maybe I should ditch Misery's End instead? Is a spell proc better than the vicious bonus?
  2. Could you possibly list a recommended order for talents and abilities? Nice build. Going to try it out.
  3. I really like the vierina's leaves. It's already got the superb enchant as well as the vicious enchant. It just seems like a natural sneak attack weapon. But the sneak attack damage from it I think has been overall less compared to my exceptional resolution saber. I just like it for some reason and maybe I'm putting too much stock in the fact that it's a superb weapon. I'm also new to the game and am still learning. So that's probably not helping either. I appreciate the feedback guys very much. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. So is sticking with my rapier/dagger combo a good idea for sneak attacks? Or am I better off using resolution/miserys end even if they are a lower enchantment level? I just got to twin elms in the game. I'm just worried about picking the wrong focus and then finding better weapons from another group. I do prefer the sword/dagger type combo as opposed to maces, spears, or going two handed.
  5. I'm on my first play through of the game with a rogue that just hit level 12. I wanted to grab weapon focus as my level 12 talent. The issue is I'm not sure which weapon focus to grab. I'm currently using Vierina's Leaves and Drawn in Spring so I naturally thought I would grab the noble focus. I also have resolution and misery's end though both of those are only at exceptional enchantment level. So I'm just mixed on what focus I should go with between noble and ruffian. Thanks for any guidance.
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