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  1. Want to have wings like Grace, or 4 arms like Nodrom ^_^ Love the NPC animations from PST more than in any other IE game.
  2. When i think about it, it seems to me that IE games like BG\PST have even less reactions from world to your choices than in TES. All reactions that they have is only main plot based, or from party members. Only in VtMB i can remember cool background oriented reactions, but it had setting based on that background.
  3. I think hardest thing is to make game to react to your choices like becoming Archmage, or becoming someone else. Because it is RPG that grants you many many choices of who you want to become and it is starts on character creation. Basicaly - game have 10 classes in the beginning? Make 10 different reactions for many events and an a lot of different dialogs. But when 10 classes can become 10 different important\famous persons it becomes 10x10=100 possible different reactions So when game is complex and with many choices you must make some simplification to that or your just need 10 times as many writers to develop it in time, or 10 times as many time. And it will never be an ideal which reacts to every choice possible. But oversensitivity is also bad. So there will always be some degree of balance with major choices with reactions and minor not.
  4. pretty much every strategy game that gets made has a minimap and they are nearly identical to a cRPG in terms of camera angles and basic controls. A Dragon Age or NWN "radar" style minimap that is zoomed in close and shows a vision cone would be pointless. A full area minimap like you see in the Warcraft/Starcraft games or LoL/DotA would be great. Strategy games is based on fast map strategy decisions so full area minimap is needed. In roleplaying isometric games you play role, and solve tactical challenges. So tactical minimap is needed, but when you already see all your surroundings on screen, tactical minimap is just occupies place in interface. And you can use strategical full area minimap in such RPGs, with fog of war where you cant see, just only to move around and make notes for moving around, and you don't often move around all map. So to hide such one purpose full area map in 2nd lvl of interface or backpack is good decision. And also helps to play role of not having some floating area map in front of your party eyes, but taking it out of the backpack to make some big travel decision or to make notes.
  5. More thoughts on the matter: Progressively harder monsters at each level and all 15 lvls of dungeon in one go hard mode, are things that justs imposible to achive in game where dungeon is not all content, and not even its biggest part. Without autoleveling system. Because it can be well balanced for only specific interval of character levels to begin this dungeon. And when i come there with endgame character this dungeon will be peace of cake from begining to end. Opposite way of making my character to superlevel in dungeon to make it possible to defeat superhard monster will break all other game contet. So basicaly people who want "no exit" option railway, wants to play some Dragon Edge with autoleveling and no variants where we can walk of their railway. So making dungeon harder by degrees with exits to come back later is the only way i can think of without autoleveling that will not break the game in two independent games. And autoleveling is stupid
  6. I think that minimap is no use for 3rd person isometrical view, which itself is minimap already. It only for first person games.
  7. Ah... example of wrong mechanic in late IE: Learning\erasing the same scrolls gets tons of experience.
  8. Yeah when i come home, will post some examples of nice realistic armor from Dark Souls
  9. I don't care too much about mechanics and its small aspects, just that it is not broken in core places like arcanum. Turn based and real time at the same time was garbage. If i get new interesting storyline and rich conted, any nice logical mechanics will be ok.
  10. i think that when i done talking to random NPC #42, i need to get updated my journal!
  11. I like it to be as huge as all BG, as story and characters oriented as PST, as original as Arcanum, and with as interesting megadungeon as in ArxFatalis but bigger.
  12. There wasn't any dungeons that you went to explore, there was TRAVEL from places to places. There was antagonist which traped you in the begining of that travel. There was your character oriented game. When we come to optional megadungeon, there can't be some my evil nemesis who wants to trap me, and to whom i need to go to the last flor to kick his arse imidiately. So you basicaly play for a fool who just went and got himself traped in random no exit trap. That megadungeon was build by undead to begin with? Or do undead rebuild everything to make no exits? Still no logic...
  13. It was your argument for no occupied state of dungeon. And if you yourself believe this description than i cant think of anything but that your are some evil bully and like to go and fight the only inhabitants of dungeon the plague victims souls Or that you also dont believe this "known to all" desription, and believe that dungeon is occupied, but in this case why this description is your argument in this topic if you dont believe in it yourself?
  14. Occupied? You're kidding, right? We're talking about an ancient structure that's been abandoned for centuries here. Who said that ancient structure that's been abandoned for centuries by someone known, can't be occupied by some one unknown. And really - another unlogical point - if it is not occupied, than you cant fight anyone there because it is empty.
  15. no no no, your forgot earthquake and collapsed exit after defeat of final boss. So no exit. Really. Sorry but you go and start new game.
  16. I was really sad when none of developers on stream happened to play ArxFatalis This one dungeon complex game is great to get the feeling of what such megadungeon can become.
  17. Hey what is it has to do with "mega"? It was simple liniar standart (not even big) oldschool size dungeon with no variativity at all. You must multiply that couple of hours of expiriense by minimum 15 to get to the begining of feeling what megadungeons is in oldschool
  18. Sigh.... And just how can THIS be logical? You know it is GAME, and EXPECT threre to ALWAYS be an EXIT. And you talk about your something that you call "immersing" and want something that grant you with no exit and some points of no return. Because exits ruin your immertion to something you know is GAME WITH EXITS. Oh my... really....just go 1 step deeper and just make yourself to ingore exits like usual your immersion feeling ignores your knowledge of exit which is always there.
  19. And that is not an option for me because: What an adventurer are you, when you go in the part of dungeon that you know cant be escaped, and there are known point of no return? You go there simply to get traped? Realy....answer on that - stupid dead anventurer If there will be known point of no return, than i realy realy want obsidian make that such way so there realy is no exit. You come, fight your no exit dungeon kill the boss, and in the end you DIE THERE from hunger and no exit and go for new game. This will be superb and right way to deal with such andventurers that go through known points of no return without backup plan but with hearts full of hope for obsidiadn to gift them second railway - exit at the end
  20. If exits are only hand holdings and cant be, that it can be played both ways and so railwaing to points of no return are also hand-holding and cant be. If you cant wrap in immerse storyline some hiden exits, why i must agree with your railways that feel immersing when they are as much as game experience ruiners for me? A want no point of no returns in such many level dungeon like as "your exit collapsed and no options" i want wraping such ideas in story with variants which won't contradict some hard to find exits that i even may not find on first try, because i didn't see some quest for it. It is just cheap move of story when you have to go to that dungeon second time in new play and can't escape that exit collapse even when you know of it. It is much worse immerse breaker than 2nd hidden way in.
  21. And so "no point back" it is not hand-holding?... Hm, i think yes, it's not, it's a railway I don't see what is wrong with a little railway once in a while, as long as most of the game is non-linear. There are certain things in life that just require you to sit them out. It can make the achievement all the more rewarding. It's just not logical. You don't see wrong in little railwaing once in a while, but what with wanting at the same time AND no hand-holding with exits AND railwaing to no turning point situation. (as Piccolo says)
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