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  1. @peardox did you end up looking into this? Your item idea seemed interesting.
  2. How about the ability to use more than 2 sets of defaults, it would be useful for multiclass characters who have both offensive and defensive abilities in their sets of skills. And/Or Since the default sets are locked could we get to 'copy' them to an unlocked state to use as basis for a custom script? Both of these would be time savers that dont strictly increase functionality but... significant time saved.
  3. I just found Abraham and its probably a gradual reduction because I tested it with various armor types and the numbers makes sense for all armors overall (it slices .2 seconds for 20% armors, .3 for 35% and .4 for 55% armors when using dual sabers) BUT there's one tiny obvious bug: if youre naked or using robes, then somehow you are .1 slower with this pet equipped than if you used another or none. Do NOT use this pet if you dont actually have armor penalties hehe.
  4. I'd like to report the same problem, its a bit silly my PC is solid and this spell drops me from 60fps+ to quasi-stuttering levels. If anyone wants to make a mod that changes the graphic effect of mirror image to a more functional blur and put it on Nexus till they fix this, I would be quite grateful. Llengraths Displaced Image has no performance hit. I dont want to break my achievements by switching them via console though.
  5. I know this is technically cheating and its quite possible that as such there will be no support provided, but if you add spells to a wizard (I have not extensively tested with other classes) using addability in the console, these spells will be greyed out if you try to empower them. The added spells otherwise work fine, just cant use Empower on them. Tested 1.1 with GOG. No amount of fiddling with it or reloading seems to help. The Empower system just knows they've been consoled in somehow.
  6. preaCor, do you want to share your work? I think I wouldnt mind a mod that let me say, have an ability tree point for both classes every level rather than 1/2/1/2/1 etc. It could be nice when multiclassing classes with huge trees. Just a thought
  7. This is what hurt POE so much, modding it was HARD. If we get a tool that makes it only say, moderately challenging, the mod scene would explode. The game would become way more replayable. Frankly I care about this more than any DLC or whatever. Really hope to see this happening.
  8. I beleive this is because you have DSR (x2.0) enabled in the NVIDA 3d settings, if you turn this off, it will revert to the normal res detection and the fullscreen borderless should kick in with just the native res selected and windowed mode. I already mentioned Im using AMD though, specificially a r9 290. Unless you are aware of a similar AMD bug it doesn't apply to my situation. Its not the end of the world, but it seems to be happening to more than just me.
  9. > If the game is showing resolutions greater then your monitors and you have a nvidia card AMD card here, so I don't think thats why its showing resolutions I cant run. For now I'm playing with a border, you can high it pretty well except one milimeter at the top but still.
  10. That does not work on my end however, the game seems to think my monitor is 4k, it gave me 3200*1800 default resolution (in that resolution it wont display borders) but my monitor is actually 2560*1440 (Dell 27inch), and this is set correctly in Windows. Thats forcing me to either deal with borders or playing in full screen mode which I dislike, I use my other screen often. Any ideas?
  11. Too much stuff changed, the only way to get the full picture is to do some research, google, read old threads and comments here and on Reddit and on Steam after each patch. Nobody will go back every single changed that happened over 5 patches for every class. Or just play and see. Theorycrafting requires legwork. If you want the gist for Ciphers specifically, I can do that I guess. They nerfed mind blades, halved the focus you have at the beginning of a fight, and nerfed draining whip in a way that killed the synergy it had with blunderbusses, for starters.
  12. Generally I'd say it's bad practice to have two sets of patch notes or undocumented changes. If balance changes aren't deemed relevant enough (and that's a little silly because its what many want to know above all else), just put them in a spoiler tag or something. Aint nobody who wants to only read about the highlight features.
  13. 2.0 changes things a fair bit and we'll probably need some time to decide whats best now, but balance changed a lot since the early days. I haven't played very recently either but I kept up with the changes somewhat. Ciphers were nerfed a few times, hit harshest in 1.05. Still decent for some kinds of encounters but definitely not top of the food chain anymore. Paladins, Wizards and Druids perform much better than they used to, got some solid bufs. With this patch, warriors are taking a big hit to their ability to use defensive stance effectively. They're talking about a balance pass f
  14. Josh Sawyer mentioned during the PAX East video that party members will not have AI routines when the game launches Oh, did he suggest that this might be added later? Cause that would be awesome. If they could do it with the IE, why not 15 years later?
  15. Ah, so its by quest objectives, good to know. This means it was/is smart strategy to 'rush' the stronghold, ie go there as soon as you can. This is also a good way to collect the initial companions quickly. Then you can go back and do the early side quests. I can confirm I was able to win the stronghold easily with a lv3 party.
  16. This is my first kickstarter, so out of curiosity, what happens if we get to 2014 and Obsidian is like "Eh, I know we made 3.5M but we ran out and cant do [half the stuff we promised]? Is there a get-your-money-back mechanism?
  17. That places us at ~3.2 mil and I'd say the second big city is looking very likely to happen to happen I think. Actually at this point I'd be surprised if it didn't happen. You may be actually right, this seems to be incrementing faster than the 1,000$-per-hour we need to generously bust this goal. But lets not jinx it: Act panicked and beg your friends, people! XD
  18. Eh, one of the advantages of isometric is that it should be fairly trivial to add creature diversity. I think with 3.5 Million they'll have enough cash on hand to spare to making a wonderful bestiary.
  19. As of the 48 hours mark before the end of the Kickstarter, there's 3,1M collected on KS and nearly 90K on Paypal. 2 days, 310,000$ missing... Can we get our big city?? *prays*
  20. They need to throw in emergency stretches at 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4, that will make the last 500 much more attainable
  21. I hope you'll be immensely generous with us and give us the 2nd big city even if we're a little short :D I'm sure this will at least break 3 million. That's the only thing sad about stretch goals, whenever you fail to meet one, the fans feel like they're missing out! Edit: Oh hey, how about adding small extra goals at 3.2 and 3.35 or something? That might help build the excitement and get us closer to the City.
  22. It wasn't a huge pledge, but I'm happy to let you guys know you're my first time on Kickstarter.
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