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  1. I waded through Characters.gamedatabundle, Global.gamedatabundle, Progression.gamedatabundle and a few others. Nothing. Especially the large files are very confusing and basically not documented at all. I found out how to literally change every single aspect of leveling up already EXCEPT what I am looking for. I hope a dev can help out.
  2. That file holds the amount of weapon proficiency points per level as well as the power level / resource gains. It does not have any obvious variables for active skill picks.
  3. So I managed to do some tweaks to the game already myself, but one thing I cannot figure out is how I change the amount of active/passive ability points gained per level. (talking spells + combat bonuses, not stuff like Alchemy) Where is that value located? It seems the default is that you get 2 when reaching a new power level and 1 on every regular level-up. I want something like 3 when reaching a new power level and 2 per regular level-up. Can't believe there hasnt been a mod for this tbh.
  4. Perfect - then my difficulty is correct. Way too easy for a premade min/max party, but I'll hopefully get my fill of challenge on my 2nd run which is gonna be PotD/Expert/Ironman
  5. This is no longer occuring it seems, on my newest run the priests only applied their burn DOT when I stood inside their Holy Radiance.
  6. A reload fixed it, now it is back to the value the tooltip says. There was other weird things happening back then btw, such as "Fine" weapons showing +8 Accuracy and Damage x2.35 (!)
  7. So nobody in this forum has ever done the Raedric fight on hard and can tell me if this is proper?
  8. Play on a harder difficulty then and they won't be "trashmobs" anymore.
  9. Since several people reported their difficulty was changed (without it showing in the menu) from Hard to Normal, just to make sure I am still playing on Hard: My Raedric boss fight consisted of: Raedric 2 Archmages 2 Clerics (Beraths Favored or something like that) 4 Paladin Types 2 Archers Am I on Hard?
  10. For some reason Silver Tide restores 211 party-wide Endurance every time it triggers for my Chanter Tank. This makes the game completely trivial at the moment, I assume this is a bug?? My party is level 4-5.
  11. Suppress affliction only affects status affects that you save against with Fortitude or Reflex I think. So Confused, Charmed, Dominated and Frightened (?) cannot be suppressed. The tooltip is not very clear about it.
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