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  1. What am I even reading here? So you're saying that Obsidian should keep a poorly balanced ability as is just because you hate change? You should be thankful that they pump out free, high-quality updates instead of crying about it. It's nothing but a good thing that broken abilities and other balance issues get patched so that the game becomes the best it can be. You still know what abilities to pick; it's not like the tooltip lies about the ability. They changed some numbers? So what? The ability still does what it says in the description.
  2. Like the title says, something has broken this functionality. In previous versions, if you used the keyboard for adjusting combat speed up and down, this caused the indicator at the bottom of the screen to move correspondingly. In the current version as of this post's date, this functionality is broken, and the UI indicator doesn't move when the combat speed is adjusted via keyboard. This means that you can have combat speed at the fastest while the UI shows that it's supposed to be set to the slowest possible. I strongly believe that this bug is universal and doesn't have anything to do
  3. I do understand in Monster Hunter World they write "XXX slayed" when you kill a big monster (and boy does that trigger me every time...). I, personally, enjoy the occasional Engrish. "YOU DEFEATED" in Dark Souls was some first-rate Engrish.
  4. And preferably one where you aren't The One in another way, either. That stuff is so played out.
  5. And hear the fan of my PC and other background noise and not hear the music or ambient sounds of the game.
  6. The thing is, though, that there are other people who play this game. That you don't mind the narration doesn't mean that many people wouldn't benefit from and enjoy the option to turn it off. I said the above to state my opinion about the narrator, not to argue against there being an option for turning the narrator's voice off. More to the point, though, I was going on a bit of a tangent myself, as you are about full voice-over (and which I generally disagree with too - I think it added a lot of immersion to the game and was by and large very well performed - and whilst I see the value of l
  7. I see where you're coming from, and I'm sure it would take some effort, but based on the apparent demand for this feature, I think it would most likely be well worth it to implement into the game natively.
  8. So easy to implement that it has in fact already been implemented It says "voice", not "narration". What do you suggest? Every time there's a segment with narration, am I supposed to load the game (because you can't open options while in a dialogue window), provided I saved just before, go to the sound options, and turn down the voice volume. Then, afterwards, I'm supposed to go back and turn it back up? Seems like a lot of tedious micromanagement for something that could have its own universal slider.
  9. The thing is, though, that there are other people who play this game. That you don't mind the narration doesn't mean that many people wouldn't benefit from and enjoy the option to turn it off. As others have mentioned already, it's also a simple thing to implement, so there's really no excuse for not having it—especially considering how vocal people have been about it here on the forums. There's unquestionable demand for it. I'm going off on a bit of a tangent here, but I'm of the opinion that going for full voice acting was a poor choice on the whole. I always read faster than the vo
  10. I second this. If they offer you SSRIs, don't take them. They're poison pills that mess up your brain's biochemistry by overflowing it with serotonin. This causes severe symptoms—potentially permanent, to some degree, after extended use—such as complete or partial sexual dysfunction, among others. Their entire premise is based on a myth that depression stems from a lack of serotonin, which isn't confirmed at all, and their effectiveness has been documented to be dubious, largely depending on a placebo effect. Nevertheless, doctors are always eager to prescribe these pills.
  11. I'd like to see a more tightly focused game with more reactivity, like Tyranny. I've been playing it lately, and loving it. I'm particularly fond of the fact that it gives me authority and lets me boss people around It's also great how it has a strong, convincing motive for the player character. There's always a sense of proper involvement due to how fundamentally the premise, and your role in it, ties to everything that happens in the game. You're basically doing your job. They did much more with much less. Better and more focused narrative, more reactivity, smaller world, less but more
  12. Damn, kudos to you for being such an awesome and communicative dev(s)! Exemplary, really.
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