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  1. Well its confusing me a bit theres a history page where you fill out a bunch of stuff or a bit later you chose a generic 1-8 i guess start. so still a bit confused on this if you can clear this up it whould be great. And no i didnt play the first game if that answers your question.
  2. If the is the right place to discuss this I tried a save game from a youtuber on the net but it dosent show up to load. so some instructions whould be helpful like where to put it and comfirm its there so the game reads it. Thanks in advance.
  3. I was trying to import Chocarnage save game into poe2 its not finding it i watched his playthrew like his choices but i dono where to put the save so POE2 finds it. I dono about the history at the begining so i chose Benovelnt. I bought the big edition becuse i love balders gate icewind dale. But now im seeing bugs posted over at steam fourms and theres seems to me its going to take more than 1 patch to fix. jjust my 2c
  4. I was wondering the same thing on mobs health bars i saw them in the POE playthrews on Youtube.
  5. I have a 2560x1440p monitor and i have steam i have tried command lines i have tried the windowed ingame. I use 3 monitors when i play so it annoying to have my mouse locked to one screen. from what others have posted over at steam it seems random wether it works or not. Any help here whould be appriciated..
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