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  1. Thanks for the Link OP. Hopefully we will see some of the cultural und historical conflicts in the upcoming BETA and we get a better impression then with the Wasteland 2 one. Seems a little bit unfortunate from what I have read, but I will wait for the final game. Looking forward to Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity and Toremnt: Tides of Numenra. My next two gaming years are save ^^ Also, great screenshots. And what is the problem with the fog? I like it.
  2. Wow, fantastic job guys. It seems like last months, that the kickstarter campaign started. Congratualition to Obsidian! I have a couple of questions though. The reward site from the backers page is only for people who want to add something to their pledge or change their tier, right? So if I already pledged for the tier I wanted and it appears correctly on the first site, I´am ok? Also, I was under the impression, that the Beta Key for 25$ also included possible addons for Eternity, but that doesn´t seem to be the case anymore.
  3. I'd guess they'd like to avoid pulling a Torment. A game getting great reviews and a cult following within 10 years, but is too alien for most players and a total flop as far as sales go. Most players includes me, I liked torment, but I liked BG and IWD setting more. Familiar/boring/whatever. Hey, I'd like a real historic setting even better... Well, Morrowind did it quite similiar (not at the same extent, but it was pretty alien for an classical RPG) and we all know how that ended. I´am a little bit disappointed, that they don´t want to risk too much with the locations, but if they put a couple of places in the game, which are really unordinary and feel completly different like the rest of the world I´am fine with that. BTW, do we already know what kind of role our character will play in the world of Eternity? It would be refreshing not to be the chosen one nr. 1235 who goes out to save the whole world. A more personal story around our character, who starts to get involved into major events which are bigger them him/her while they game progress would be more to my liking, especially considering that Obsidian plans to make addons and sequels, so we have something like a continuing story over a couple of installments. But since Obsidian also needs to sell some copies of the game, they need to catch the attention of the players, so I guess we´ll have to stick with the typical hero story. I hold my judgment on the new stats system until we get more infos on it. They are trying to create their own IP, so it was obvious that the dont just copy the old IE system. From what I have read the new system can have some great potential and I´am very confident that Obsidian don´t plan on dumbing down the game. RPGs for the "not so gifted masses" from BioWare and Bethesda are the reasons why we have this renaissance of the classical concept of RPGs. Atleast thats why I backed the Unity Engine Games. Anyway, thanks for the link OP. I hope Wasteland 2 will shorten the waiting time for Project Eternity.
  4. Except, that she killed a lot of people just for the sake of power. I consider this quite evil. Meh... mostly a bunch of evil people who were prepared to kill her just for the sake of power. She didn't just go around slaying babies and laughing. If she killed someone, it was for a reason. She basically just instituted martial law on her own terms, simply because it's either that or complete chaos in Omega. Did she like what she did? Sure. But she still had a good reason for doing it, and that reason wasn't just to make her feel better. *shrug* I just liked the conversations with her and such, and her general character style, even though you only talk to her like 5 times. Of course, I didn't play the Retake Omega DLC, which I don't understand being DLC and not just an inherent part of the game. But I digress. And now we can discuss, when a killing is justified or not ^^ Sure, her victims wwere all gangsters, but she could also just have them baished from Omega after she broke their powerbase. Most of them would had a bounty on their heads, so she could just hand handed them over to the authorities and so on. About the enjoying thing, what was the story with the Krogan patriarch again? If I remember correctly after she broke him and his followers, she kept him as a pet, purely for her own entertainment and to scare of rivals. But yeah, she is one of the more fleshed out NPC´s in the Mass Effect universe and I also enjoyed the dialogs with her. BTW, don´t bother with the Omega DLC, it is pretty underwhelming, like most of the ME3 DLC´s.
  5. Except, that she killed a lot of people just for the sake of power. I consider this quite evil. BTT: I tend to forget most NPC´s, even though if they are well written and interesting characters, but there are some, which jumped into my mind, like the Dustman who want´s to commit suicide in PsT. Interesting dialog there, like with most Planescape NPC´s. The Enclave officer with which you can chat in Fallout 2. Great reference and a good voice actor. Not really a minor, but Jaenette and Therese from Vampire: The Masquaerade - Bloodlines is somehow memorable.
  6. Just logged in to say, I love your approach on the monk class. It is a great idea not to restrict the class to a predefine role and let the player instead choose the playstyle of a class through the gear. I´am definetly gonna try to build a monk, who will be like an offensive tank. Can´t wait what you have in store for the other classes! And btw. the concept art for the different cultures is really awesome.
  7. Wait a minute, didn´t they wanted to send an eMail to all backers first, asking whether you want your stuff digital or physical? Ok, every item I bought was digital, because I wanted to avoid the shipping costs, but I hope I didn´t miss anything.... BTW sounds like a great package their Blazing hero, make some photos and have fun with the goodies.
  8. I'm just not keen on any inherently evil (or even good) race. Please name me one evil culture in the real world. Humanity as the whole? ^^ Just kidding. I agree with you, that there is no such thing as evil or good. This concept is old, boring and outdated. Should we consider a group of people who have a different view on values and morality as plain evil, just because they are different from our culture? I don´t think so. Also, a culture with a similiar moral compass as ours isn´t de facto good. In the end, it is the decision of an individual to do bad or good things, from his/her point of view. Even though, many of the habbits of the drow cultures seems evil to us, I´am pretty sure they don´t view themselves as evil and they don´t consider their actions as bad. It´s all a matter of perspective and since Obsidian wants to make a game whith mature themes, a culture similiar to the drow would be the perfect opportunity to examine the concept of good and evil and to uncover it´s flaws. You simply can´t judge a whole group. You have to look at every individual, keep in mind his/her motivations, the persons background and so on, before you can make a decision, that he/she acted bad or good.
  9. Forgotten realms use the drow quite extensively, probably a bit too much too (we can probably blame R. A. Salvatore for it). Just look at D&D Neverwinter, they got all the really standard D&D races: dwarf, elf, human and half-elf as well as drow and thiefling, but no Gnomes or halflings. I guess it is about the rule of cool. That said though I do not mind having them, it can add diversity to the world and it could make for a fairly different playthough if done right. I just hope they would not just carbon copy them from D&D and actually make it so that it feels like you're playing one and not just an elf where you picked a slightly different colour from the list of skintones. Okay, they are frequently used in DnD scenarios and play a minor role in Warhammer, but besides that, you mostly see High Elves, Wood Elves and Moon/Night Elves in fantasy worlds. So I would still say that they are a rare sight. With the Orlans, we have some kind of halfling race, atleast thats what the sound like to me. Anyway, as Gyor sad, we can only speculate at the moment until Obsidian reveals what they have in mind. Atleast we will have mods to get the races/subraces we want to see.
  10. Care to elaborate why you don´t want to see a drow-esque like race? They aren´t even overused in fantasy worlds. Or do you have any other elven cultures/subraces on your mind?
  11. Well, since it is Obsidians own fantasy world, I´am pretty sure there will be no drow subrace, but it would surprise me, if we won´t see a dark, despised elven race
  12. I will take anything if it does not have something to do with the the colours red, blue and green (especially green!) Oh, and no ghostly child or something like that. A long epilogue involving the consequences of your actions, what will happen to your companions etc would be nice. It should be satisfying, but no over the top happy ending. Give us something to chew on, something we would remember years after playing the game, maybe even a cliffhanger for the expansion/second game.
  13. I would like to see a re-appearance of a drow/darkelf like elven subrace with the same bad reputation they had in the DnD universe. There could be some nice dialogue options with many of the NPCs and maybe your companions have to pledge for your good intentions, or you have to build up a good reputation first to get certain quests etc. Maybe you can even try to hide your culture like Viconia did in Baldurs Gate,
  14. Since I can´t sleep and have no important readings at the university today (2 AM here), I will tune in. Even though my knowledge about PnP Games is rather small :D
  15. May I ask how old you are? This was normal a couple of yers ago Questmarker are one of the things why i don´t like modern RPG. Some of us aren´t brainless and can solve Quests without magical arrows pointing the way to everything we need. Yeah, you can disable them, but most modern journals won´t give you enough informations and you are forced to use these markers. God, I miss the old IE games and Morrorwind Questbooks, where you have to think for yourself. I hope Obsidian won´t implement Questmarker and if so, we need atleast an option to disable them und have a usefull questbook. BTW: There is a rather big sidequest in the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim which you can actualy finish without questmarkers. A Book provides all the necessary informations about the various places, scriptic pictures, which will help you to solve puzzles, disarm traps and so on. In my opinion, that was the best Quest in the whole Game.
  16. I would like to know, if the book will be purchaseble via paypal as an addon?
  17. WOW! This is absolutely gorgeous! The Lore sounds thrilling and I can´t wait for more informations. I really hope, we get to the 3 and 3,5 Million mark. To bad I pledged via paypal... BTW, if I pledge another 15$ through Paypal, would I also get the Campaign Almanac? PS: The Screenshot looks amazing!
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