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  1. Can we please get a wall paper of the painting from the main page, eder stroking sagani's wolf sagani sitting on the floor, with other 3 companions sat around fire at other side.
  2. Just finished watching it and thought it was awesome, yes I could have sat through another 1 or 2 hours of it, with more info on why this and that about the game but still loved it, Great job a must watch. And no spoilers for those who asked.
  3. My signed collectors edition came today too arrived safe and sound in the UK, thanks it's awesome, just need the novella, documentary and game disks.
  4. There has already been a rather large bug fix patch and already talk of 1.04, to be honest i'm 20 hours in and haven't came across any game breaking bugs, or to be honest any I have noticed, paradox are only partners, and obsidian have already stated several time there will be expansion/s not DLC's and paradox have no say in this at all. I personally wouldn't mind more than 1 expansion for this game, but i'm just taking my time and enjoying my first play through.
  5. The VO is awesome, and adds emersion 10 fold, and I would have preferred a lot more, but maybe they could make it a toggle for those people who don't like it.
  6. Either way its made way more than was spent on it, so if it was a movie it wold definitely get a sequel )
  7. all shapeshift abilities are per rest shapeshifting is per encounter, but has 18 sec time limit.
  8. http://imgur.com/gallery/CDJeu pics of the collectors edition backers get, its way nicer, just shame mine hasn't arrived yet.
  9. http://imgur.com/gallery/CDJeu Not mine btw im still waiting for mine to be shipped, but loos awesome.
  10. My thoughts are that way too many spells in this game are tied to 'must be in combat'. This is stop pre buffing before a fight, as we know we all did in Baldurs gate etc and was expected you would stand just a small way from a big boss and cast every protection spell you pretty much had before entering the fight, they have balanced POE against this and to be honest it works way better. Some Ai for companions is a huge thing needed for expansion/Sequel but apart from that I quite like the combat.
  11. Hope people upload some pics, so I can at least see what I might get this year sometime.
  12. Does it really matter either way, don't need to bully the poor guy like other have said less than 24 hours to wait anyway, so keys all just be happy backers.
  13. Check the dev tracker it's in there. It's in the official keys 1.01 thread on phone or would copy it etc.
  14. One of the devs has already said they wanted to release the game early to us, but due to steam and GOG it's all or nothing. So the OP is probably correct but it just wasn't possible.
  15. It's not getting the game earlier, it's being able to pre-load. It's not like they can actually play it yet. ...but I do know what you mean. If a backer wanted to use their key on Steam, it'd be nice to be able to pre-load it as well, soon. Kinda treating backers like 2nd class though isn't it.
  16. Only people playing before us are press reviewers.
  17. So my products have gone beta backer and wasteland 2 (hope wasteland 2 comes back, not claimed it yet as had 1 code already) so must be updating soon )
  18. Communication could have been better with the backers with regards to physical items, review streams etc. But they are still on target to deliver us an awesome game on the 26th. I'm sure they are very busy with day 1 patch as well as all the press etc they will have going on. As well as the launch party. So until 00:01 26/03 CHILL OUT.
  19. Via mods but don't think it's standard option plus agree with Lucknan why would you want too, they have dialogue etc which goes with there look. If u want custom companions you can create your own but then you don't get personalities.
  20. I haven't seen any bad looking areas though, just some that have a little extra.
  21. There are differences to areas depending on when they were built, done of the older areas had improvements but there will be a variation throughout the game, also new area always look nicer as we haven't been looking at them for months.
  22. There was talk of pre release game and few other things but keep strategy guide locked till 26th to avoid spoilers.
  23. we don't have access to anything yet, but for the collectors book and strategy guide alone I would go for the royal edition, we have seen previews and I have actually looked though the colletors book in a store and its awesome, all lore and history and art etc, if you just want the game the base is enough, if you want way more info lore art etc go royal.
  24. The full documentary isn't finished yet as it will also cover the launch of the game, which is why it was not realised on dvd as then it would need to be finished before launch, so they are as far as I am aware still filming it.
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