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  1. Honestly PoE2 seems more likely. All I could ever hear in that game was god this, god that, stuff a god up my arse, someone ate dog god biscuits. GOD The game. If you can't tell I found it just a little... little.. pretentious. It's definitely out stayed its welcome. I hope for Fallout, but expect PoE2. An entirely new RPG would also be cool.
  2. Hey, I saw people say that about Dragon Age: Origins bonuses as well, because "You find better in the first part of the game". Yeah, but you don't get a mountain of it; I was still using some of that stuff on *someone* in the group by the endgame, like rings or amulets that there simply weren't that many good ones of. But yeah, it's been stated, and I trust Obsidian on that, but to the crotchety completionists like myself, balance is secondary to miiiineeeeeeeeee. I remember the Mass Effect cross over armor which was just insanely good. They had to nerf it eventually people bitched so
  3. Does ti release at midnight? Also what time zone is that going by?
  4. I came up with a cool Charr name in GW2 I like. I'm going to use it here. Baalhaan Barca. A phonecian name. Just sounds cool for a smart strategist/warrior type of guy. So we'll see what class I'll make.
  5. Thanks for the quick answer. I didn't pay attention since I backed. Except like once. Now it's coming in a few days and I know NOTHING. Other than that the buzz from people eagerly waiting to break embargo is good. With Arkham Knight delayed and let's be honest, it will be delayed even furhter into the year at this rate. All I got is this and the Witcher 3. Cheers. /hype.
  6. Hi I got a simple no frills 20 dollar early backer copy. Do I get the preorder bonuses? Also is the full behind the scenes video up for streaming for backers yet?
  7. Make a backer vote to release the full video to the public. The documentary would be great free press, and it's very touching. As a backer I say YES! I had no idea things were so bad at Obsidian. If I hadn't backed Dead State in at 100 and Plannetary Annihilation at 110 I could have sent more your way. PA still doesn't have any of the physical rewards I was promised.
  8. A more interesting story. Some RPG's have scratched this, but I want it to be really in depth.
  9. Wait? It only got delayed for maybe a few weeks at most? That's the impression I get. *facepalm* This is just sad.
  10. Wow.... guys need to learn to chill. I've backed a game that got delayed by an entire year. Need to just chill, put things in perspective. Since backing numerous things and even before then I always knew software slipped frequently. With me backing other things it's also given me experience to just be patient.
  11. Finally remembered I backed this game. Good to see the progress. In a few months I'll have the first of my batch of KS games done. Judgement time. I wonder how they will fare. As well as Eternity whenever it is done.
  12. Game of Thrones isn't high fantasy, so no. It's an entirely different genre of fantasy.
  13. A lot, I've been hosting table top RPG's for a long time. Though I think the first time we ever met in a tavern has to count for something, cliche though it is. The ending of my Star Wars Saga campaign where the group sacraficed themselves to stop the new sith invasion from reaching the Republic. It was a 1.5 year long game that weant form levels 1-19. Epic in every sense of the word. My current Deathwatch campaign, they were outnumbered and outgunned by Tau Forces moving in. XV-8 Crisis Suit teams. 3 of them. 6 Mechs in total 30 firewarriors. 2 Krootox w/ Rider. The Kill Team is holed up
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