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  1. I trust Obsidian to make the right call on what is implemented in the game and how. It is possible to pay homage to a classic series of games without making a carbon copy of them. Let's not keep things a certain way just for the sake of keeping things a certain way. More importantly, Obsidian can figure out what will work best in their own game. As far as the Order getting something in the game in its honor, I never expected any such thing, nor do I ask the developers to make it happen. If they do throw us an easter egg, then that's cool, if not then that's fine.
  2. Out of curiosity, what exactly happened last night? Can someone point me in the right direction or fill me in?
  3. My thoughts exactly. While I missed whatever went down last night, people feeling entitled and making demands of developers in nothing new with Kickstarter projects. People think that just because they pledged to a project they have the right to steer it in whatever direction they choose. I joined the Obsidian Order of Eternity to show support, nothing more. I may suggest some things, but I don't demand anything. I'm confident that Obsidian are intelligent and seasoned enough to consider constructive suggestions and ignore unreasonable demands. In the end, they know better than any of us what they're capable of implementing with the funds they have been given.
  4. At the rate we're going we'll wind up coming out the other side of the planet.
  5. Pets - They don't have to serve any purpose like fighting or carrying my stuff, I'd just like a pet rat that will scurry around, squeak, and I can pet and love.
  6. Hey don't just stop there, the plan might work. But I can't help, if I don't know it first. /whispers in kenup's ear *barely audible* "mumble mumble mumble suckers mumble mumble they'll eat it up mumble mumble mumble bleed em' dry mumble mumble" //looks around ///notices people off in the distance getting closer *loudly* "So after we get the donations and the support of the good people we'll put all the money toward building that orphanage." Counting PayPal, less than 200k to go to get the big city. That's less than 7k an hour. We're going to make it!
  7. Counting PayPal, we're at around 3.3 million with 32 hours to go. It's going to happen, we're going to get that second big, big city. In fact, I'm already plotting ways to take advantage of the saps living the... What I mean to say is, I'm thinking of polite ways to introduce myself to its fine citizens and contribute to their well being. Yeah... That's what I meant to say.
  8. I think we'll get past 3,5 mil. easily, you can quote me on that I like that optimism. I'm estimating 3.4-3.7 million for the final tally.
  9. I think the overwhelming response speaks for itself. Level scaling is a plague. Avoid it at all costs.
  10. Well, an award like GotY is HIGHLY subjective, plus, as others have mentioned, there's like a billion GotY awards given out each year. As to whether Project Eternity has the potential to be the best game released in 2014? Abso-freakin-lutley!
  11. The way I understand it, and this is the way it went with some other Kickstarters in the past, it doesn't matter what circle you clicked when pledging via Kickstarter (or PayPal for that matter), the questionnaire emailed to you (and any other contributor) will determine what rewards you get. Let's say you originally backed the project via Kickstarter and selected the $65 tier option because you wanted the boxed version. After the Kickstarter campaign ended you changed your mind and decided that you didn't want the physical boxed version after all and wanted the 35 tier plus the expansion (20) instead. You would select those choices in the questionnaire when you received it and that's what you would get.
  12. Aye, I know that. But the titles are being added NOW, not then... If I up by $8,- first for this, then $12,- to raise for the expansion, it's perfectly within the requirements to join here, and the $20 to get the expansion. So, yeah, I think OE is making itself a wee bit to difficult to keep an eye on these things on whats pledged for what... I'll have to think about what I do. Still 4 days anyway . You could look at it as "circumventing the system" or a "technicality", but in the end it would still be going against the spirit of the Order and you would still be cheating the Order. No one else would ever have to know, but your own conscience always would.
  13. Can I come over to your stronghold for a dinner party sometime? I'll bring a nice bottle of Cabernet, or Elves' Blood, if you prefer.
  14. Sometime after the Kickstarter campaign ends Obsidian will email everyone who pledged with a survey asking them what rewards they want for what they pledged. The whole point of the Obsidian Order of Eternity is pledging an extra 8 dollars in addition to what you would have pledged otherwise (i.e. above and beyond the rewards you want), so the answer is no, you cannot use the $20 for both. As far as the forum and joining the Order is concerned, it's pretty much on the honor system. Someone could lie and say they upped their pledge to join the Order but they only upped their pledge to reach a higher tier or add an add-on, but then they'd have to live with knowing that they cheated a great and dedicated group of people. Edit: Ninja'd Turnabout is fair play, I guess.
  15. Are you saying that Ziets will be a companion? What class do you think George would be? I'm thinking Cipher or Chanter.
  16. No, the 8 dollars extra must be in addition to the tier. So for example if you wanted the 35 tier you'd need to pledge 43 total to join the order, for the 50 tier you'd need to pledge 58 total.
  17. I'd like to be able to customize my stronghold with a torture chamber so I can make my enemies suffer.
  18. I'm loving all these new members, I know we can reach 400. In other news, I just upped my pledge by another 20 bucks for the expansion pack to bring my total up to $63 (35 tier + 20 expansion + 8 ). Obsidian is bleeding my wallet dry, but it feels so good.
  19. It's absolutely stunning. I almost had to change my tidy whities.
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