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  1. I really like the Dungeon idea. Let's just hope it will not be filled with just orcs to kill. I still have bad memories about NWN 2 orc caves and Dragon Age Deep Roads. Especially since I'd rather make friends with the orcs and stomp some filthy tree-hugging elves.
  2. What's cool about Torchlight 2 is that you can do different builds and actually make them viable because the skill system is flexible enough to accommodate that. For example I play my Engineer as a Support/Summoner Tank. My role is to absorb damage, summon tons of troops, and protect my allies with force fields and heals (via Heal Bot). You could also build an Engineer as an offensive juggernaut smashing everything in sight with a 2-hander and AoE damage skills. You could go all out defense making a Dexterity and Vitality focused cannon wielding Engineer that will be dodging and blocking everything in sight. All 3 of those builds could work well and I'm sure there are other weirder builds that can be made to work, and that's just that 1 class.
  3. I love the bejesus out of Torchlight 2. It doesn't really do anything new, but what it does do it does really, really, really well. Classes and skills are cool and flexible enough to allow for a myriad of viable builds. Loot is well made and balanced. The environments are varied and interesting. Boss fights are badass. Most importantly, every single time I play the game I have a big goofy smile on my face. It's just really fun.
  4. I like elements of all of them but it's memories of Planescape: Torment more than any other that get me excited for Project Eternity.
  5. The fact that, despite differing opinions, every review of Resi 6 makes sure to mention how loaded the game is with QTEs makes it an instant "stay away" for me. I can deal with QTEs if they're used very sparingly or exclusively for mini-games within a game, but otherwise they're just a lazy mechanic that winds up frustrating me. Also, the best Resi game is Revelations on the 3DS, and I'm completely serious. That game is bloody brilliant.
  6. Classify this one under "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too early to tell". I mean they're still in pre-pre-development. This is the type of thread that would make sense in early 2014. If Project Eternity gets close to the projected release date and it either needs significantly more time or some corners need to be cut, then by all means push the release date back, but we're nowhere near that point.
  7. Splitting time between the insanely fun looting madness of Torchlight 2, dealing with GTA 4's horrific combat mechanics so I can enjoy the other parts of the game (the other parts of the game are really fun which is what keeps me coming back, but the combat mechanics are so frustrating bad... ugh), and doing yet another (heavily modded) playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas (I love that game so much).
  8. A - I would like to see mounts used in conjunction with traveling skills to move around the world map. While I also wouldn't mind mounted combat I just don't see that realistically being within the scope of something that could be funded with Kickstarter. It would simply require taking too much time and resources away from other areas of the game.
  9. Apologies if this has been brought up already. I went about 6 pages back and didn't see anything. There will of course be events centered around the player, that is necessary to have a deep and personal narrative. However I would also like to see events that will happen at a certain time with or without the player. For example (I will use real world dates for this example since I have no idea what the calendar in Project Eternity will look like) let's say that there is a tribe of savages that lives some ways north of Dawning. These savages will send their warriors south and on November 10th they will attack Dawning. Now let's say that the player hears rumors of the savages gearing up for attack but decides not to do anything. The battle still takes place. Maybe earlier in the game there was a plot to poison the water supply in Dawning and the player foiled this plot. Maybe the player didn't foil the plot, in fact the player decided to help the plot succeed because some people in town slighted him and he wants them to suffer. If the plot was successful then many of the townsfolk, including guards and militia, are sick or dead and defenses are weakened. Now let's also suppose that there was a den of jackalopes near the town. The player may or may not have wiped out that den. If the den had not been wiped out then the savages, who are in tune with nature, can call forth the beasts and bolster their attacking force. The battle happens and depending on which of these things the player did or did not do either the savages win and burn the town to the ground or the town guards win and manage to drive the savages off. Now let's say the player heard about the savages marching south to attack and decided to intervene. Let's say that at the time he was all the way across the map and had a long distance to travel. Or let's say the player was closer and had less distance to travel. Now this is where travel skills come in. Let's say the player's party has horsemanship skills that allow them to travel faster. Or let's say they have path finding or mountaineering skills that allow them to find a path through the mountains instead of having to go around and lose precious time. Depending on these different factors the player could arrive too late and the battle is over. Or the player gets there during the battle and can choose to help out either side. Maybe the player gets there before the battle and decides to help the townsfolk and with persuasion skills is able to rally the troops and boost their morale. Maybe the player arrives ahead of time and decides to help out the savages because he learned that some of the townsfolk raped the chieftain's daughter and they deserve to pay for their crimes. Maybe the player arrives before the battle and uses diplomatic skills to broker a peace and avoids bloodshed altogether. Keep in mind that I certainly wouldn't expect each and every one of these options to be present in the same scenario, that would be really complex and go beyond even The Witcher 2 levels of branching storylines. I'm just spitballing here. What I'm saying is I'd like to see events that transpire with or without the player. If the player is in the right place at the right time then he can choose to influence the event. If the player is not in the right place at the right time, or if he chooses not to intervene, the event will still take place.
  10. Yeah, that was my thought. The prestige class system was a way to compensate for limitations of the core D&D system and it worked but it made character planning, creation, and advancement quite tedious. If the skill system in made flexible and robust enough and there is, as you wrote, good multi-classing, then prestige classes become completely unnecessary.
  11. I hope Project Eternity stays away from something like prestige classes. If the skill/feat system is robust enough I think it that would be enough rather than splitting into a multitude of super-specialized sub-classes or hybrid-classes.
  12. I meant perma-death for companions as a separate option from Trial of Iron mode, likely part of Expert Mode, so you could reload a save if you chose to, it would be up to you whether to accept the companions death or go back and redo the scenario that got him or her killed. I personally would likely accept the death and try to deal with it unless it weakened my party so gravely that, as you wrote, it made the game pretty near impossible. Of course you would be able to activate companion perma-death, whether as part of Expert Mode or seperately, AND Trial of Iron, then you would have no choice but to accept the consequences.
  13. I think perma-death can really add to a game, it adds physical and even psychological consequences for failures. It was one of the many many things I really loved about X-COM. I'd wind up getting really attached to my troops and when one of them died it really hit me hard psychologically, not to mention the tactical loss on the battlefield. Having to deal with loss and rethink tactics because you simply don't have certain party members any more adds another layer to the game. I know this isn't for everyone which is why it should be an option that can be turned on and off.
  14. I don't think there is any limitations and the Order doesn't say no to possible recruits. Nice. I'll be joining your esteemed order on the 3rd then.
  15. I think one way to handle this is to make penalties when fighting multiple opponents steeper. The penalties can change with difficulty setting so defensive penalties for multiple opponents, flanking, and such could be relatively soft on "Easy" and downright brutal on "Hard". That way if you're playing on "Hard" even at high level being outnumbered 5 to 1 by goblins would be a fight you would go into sweating bullets, as it should be.
  16. October 3rd it is. Will I still be able to become a member of the Obsidian Order of Eternity if I make my PayPal pledge eight bucks above the tier I want to get?
  17. Actually most of the peeves in this thread seem reasonable to me? What do you object to specifically? Yes, most are very reasonable, but for example things like semi-permanent companion death are just creating unnecessary reloading, or if you don't want to do that then you just walk to nearest priest and after formal fee, your companion is revived anyway. Some might say this is immersion. I would say it's just waste of time. Deaths should be made unwanted in some other way and (I know some won't like this) I think DA:O did great job by making revived characters "wounded" until you could cure them. Companion perma-death could be part of Expert Mode like it is in Hardcore Mode in Fallout: New Vegas. That way everybody wins. If you want to use it (I would) you can, if you don't want your companions to have the possibility of dying then you can not play in Expert Mode, or disable that sub-feature (if you want the other features of Expert Mode but not companion perma-death).
  18. 36 years old Planescape: Torment Baldur's Gate 2 The Witcher 2 Those are my top 3 RPGs, in that order.
  19. I think that's where I stand. I'm used to, and welcome, companions interjecting and possibly providing success through those interjections. But I'm not comfortable with SoZ style picking and choosing who says what to get the maximum benefit. Unless the conversation system becomes Alpha Protocol levels of complex and companions replace stances. That's an interesting idea. The conversation system in Alpha Protocol was brilliant and my personal favorite part of the game. However with the number of companions available and assuming each of those companions can develop different dialogue/influence skills to various degrees I fear that may produce a system so complex and involved that it may fall outside the scope of what could realistically be funded via Kickstarter and/or would take serious time and resources away from other aspects of the game.
  20. I would prefer to have a more warrior-oriented ranged class somewhere in there rather than relying only on rogue-type characters for archers/gunmen.
  21. I'm definitely a proponent of the OP's companion interjection idea. I think that would make conversations quite interesting and would add a good degree of variance when going through the same conversations with different characters or the same characters but with different dialogue skills and at different levels.
  22. I'm an Orc-O-Phile. In any game where there is an option to play as an Orc or even a Half-Orc I will almost certainly play as an Orc, at least for my first character. I would be very happy if there are Orcs, or something that sort of resembles Orcs is the game. Green skin FTW!
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